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Darian chapter 4 . 12/16/2013
Hey, just wanted to let you know this is really good! im crazy excited to read the rest and i hope you see it through to the end, thanks for writing such an entertaining story, cant wait to see whats next!
Ben chapter 5 . 2/22/2013
A very tense nudge by nudge chapter. We never get this kind of tension in the DS games and reading about it was very entertaining. Good work
Ben Smith chapter 4 . 2/22/2013
I am a huge Dead Space fan and this is a great piece of fan fiction! I applaud you for writing such a great story from a very interesting point of view. Keep up the good work!
JbJonesIV chapter 7 . 11/5/2012
We have yet to hear of the Engineer and Pilot from... Chapter 5 or 6, I believe? Anyways, it would be grand if we could se what they're up to, what with there orders and what not. Also, I really enjoyed reading this story. Keep it up. Seriously.
Maphisto86 chapter 7 . 10/22/2012
Glad to see the story being updated after so long. Was quite a pleasure to read this chapter and I thought what you covered in this chapter made sense based on what came before.

One aspect I have found refreshing was your take on Director Hans Tiedemann. In the game we only see him become a more fleshed out character near the end. What empathy we may have felt for Tiedemann is quickly evaporated when he ambushes Issac at the base of the Marker. Not that I see him as a misunderstood character, but rather more of a sympathetic villain so I liked how you continue to explore Hans Tiedemann at the beginning of this chapter in the form of an isolated, inner monologue (especially after he get's the note from the shadowy 'Overseer').

The interaction between Scott, Tyler, Beth and company remains spot on with how they were depicted in prior chapters. You wrote solid characters though I hope we get to see more growth as the story progresses, especially with making Scott and Tyler more unique from each other. Not to say that both men come across as carbon copies as they do have their differences in personality, I guess I just want to see all of the main cast continue to be fleshed out (or at least I consider them the main cast). Love the banter between them and the degenerating state of Lauren. I thought you also did a good job of introducing the cysts as a "character" in a way and how the battle showed Scott to be a model police officer and leader but still human (his fear was described well).

Only part I found odd was how Lauren could pass through the organic minefield of cysts without setting them off due to the Marker's influence. It is at odds with how they react in the game since they will readily blow up other necromorphs though to fair this could just be considered a game mechanic. While in both previous games of the franchise have shown that the Markers could protect humans from being attacked by necromorphs (like Mercer in the first game) I find most people who descend into madness because of the alien sculptures primarily end up killing themselves and/or others to "become whole". It makes Lauren being spared a glaring exception though I admit you could be doing this for future plot details so I guess I shouldn't mind.

On a final note, I expected the stress and the influence of the Markers would start to get at the police forces and civilians at the transport hub of the Sprawl but the third act was still surprising. Of course the dementia suppressors (some kind of drug?) described in the game were probably only handed out to personnel in the Government Sector facility and not among the general security. While I love the idea of security members hallucinating due to the Marker purposely using them to create chaos, it is odd that the members of Team Eight would hear Tiedemann's voice instructing them since the Marker usually only ever could impersonate dead people those hallucinating knew. Only exception in the franchise I know of was in the Wii game prequel "Dead Space: Extraction" but in both the main games and books such as "Martyr" and "Catalyst" illusions brought on by the Marker were exclusively dead people. Unless of course the Marker was causing the members of Team Eight to misunderstand Director Tiedemann somehow.

Sorry for poking at a couple of minor plot holes but other than that this chapter was well worth the months long wait. I look forward to seeing more chapters of this story Tayta no matter how long it takes ;D.

Jan Lee chapter 6 . 8/14/2012
Loving it! I like the grouping of the officers and the three girls. Good for all of them with their quick thinking and super-shooting skills. Also, congrats on beating DS 2 on Hardcore. I'm looking foward to the next chapter and I'm hoping it comes out before too long. :)
gundamfanaticmp2338 chapter 5 . 3/13/2012
Really like this story I just finished playing dead space 2 and got the riot security rig box it looks the coolest at least to me. then I wonder what happen to all the peels sure you see some die but, everyone can just die like the two guards that get stabed early in the game or how quickly the guards with the sheilds got over run. Anyway it makes me wonder why I dorky see more gaurd shooting or at least hear them in the beginning really like this story how old are the characters
Alex chapter 5 . 1/25/2012
Your stoers are cool and keep up the good work
Maphisto86 chapter 5 . 1/19/2012
Just to be clear this is more than a review of Ch.5 but the whole story so far. So far it is very well done! A few spelling or grammatical mistakes here and there but your knowledge of the Dead Space story is admirable not to mention how you capture the canon characters well in your writing. Your original characters do not feel tacked on either. Being a super geek about sci-fi toys I also enjoy your attention to detail about the surrounding, futuristic environment of the Sprawl. You did your homework about the weapons, ships and gadgets of the Dead Space universe. Not to mention you throw some appropriate techno babble to describe the surroundings (such as the type of glass on the station).

I like were the story is going so far. You are covering unseen events from the Dead Space 2 storyline very well while adding your own characters to it, exactly what fan fiction is all about. While Tyler, Scott, Beth, Yvonne and Lauren's story is front and center I am also looking forward to Matthew and Andrea's story as the unseen crew of that troublesome police gunship. It really changes the dynamic of the scenes we see in the game (especially the Daina - Tormentor cinematic). The game designers also used a few log entries in the final chapters to humanize Hans Tiedmann but you are helping that big time by showing how he reacted to the threat. I would love to see more references and possibly cameos from characters of Dead Space 2 and possibly the spin off stories like Ignition (maybe finding Sarah's body) or a reference by Tiedmann to Vandal's actions leading to the outbreak in Dead Space iOS. Check Youtube and .com for more info if you decide to reference the cause of the outbreak. A little Nolan Stross before he meets Ellie and Issac or Ellie and her crew would be a welcome cameo as well.

Great job and I look forward to more chapters. Take your time though OK?
Jan Lee chapter 5 . 1/16/2012
Heh, you're welcome. The Dead Space fandom needs some juicing up, so I'm only too happy to spread the praise where it's necessary. And speaking of, I am so loving Tyler and Scott as characters thrown into a situation beyond their belief, but not beyond their capabilities. I like that two of the girls are going to be useful- -Beth with the plasma cutter, and Yvonne with whatever else they'll find along the way. I'm hoping that the journey to the Transit hub is rife with danger so you can showcase some more of that fighting that I know and love, and I'm look forward to your next update. )
guccileopard chapter 5 . 1/16/2012
I'm not sure why this story doesn't have MORE reviews. It's intensely creative and your grammar/spelling are excellent. I liked this chapter. I didnt really mind the slowness of it since we get to see the plasma cutter, an audio log,'s fun to see the things you know so well! I also like Beth. I can totally relate to her and Yvonne - how many times have I teased a friend/been teased about a guy I think is attractive? Lol Keep up the awesome work!
guccileopard chapter 4 . 1/14/2012
Fantastic! I hope you continue to enjoy writing this story because I'm definitely enjoying reading it!
guccileopard chapter 2 . 1/13/2012
I wish I had more time to finish this but its 2:30am where I am, haha! I'll definitely be back tomorrow to finish it so far; your writing is awesome, I feel totally immersed because of all the technical aspects you include. Wonderful job so far!
Jan Lee chapter 4 . 1/11/2012
I think this gunship subplot makes sense in the context of the story you're trying to write. You're writing from the point of view of EarthGov employees who are trying to cope with the Necromorph outbreak, and that includes ALL EarthGov employees engaged in the Titan Station. My warning is this, however: don't leave all your subplots loose for too long or otherwise, your story might become too unmanageable. Right now you have three going on: Tyler and Scott; Fairbanks and Andrea; and of course the Command where Tiedemann and Machette are located and watching everything going on. This doesn't include all the other subplots you may or may not have planned. I don't mind reading about all these goings-on simultaneously, but I do mind when a plot is forgotten and not resolved in a timely manner. I hope you get your inspiration back, and I look forward to your update. )
Jan Lee chapter 3 . 1/11/2012
I guess I didn't notice your use of those small filler words as much as you did. But, of course, I was following along with the action. I think those girls were the smartest civilians of the lot...while all the others went pell-mell into danger without weapons, the girls not only went to weapons, but to people who had the training to weild them. I was half-laughing at the suspense you created with the door malfunctioning and running a stupid diagnostic at the most inconvenient of times. I was certainly thinking maybe Microsoft had designed the doors there. Hurray for Tyler and Scott surviving round one, WITH scared, clingy girls to boot.
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