Reviews for Dead Man's Gulch
CSKazaam chapter 1 . 5/31/2011
I really like the beginning of this fic, with the little intro about the ghost towns. It really helps to set the stage! And I like the twist with both Kolchak and Tony doing some of the narration.

LOL. I love Tony's impatience with no one answering him when they first step into the dance hall. XD

That poor girl! Finding her there must have been horrifying, especially so soon after her being alive to scream. I really like how you described that scene, though, as awful as it is.

Yikes, Mel Barnes is horribly creepy. I shudder at the thought of him possessing someone! That would be enough to give you a few nightmares.

LOL. When Kolchak was doing the whistling, I totally heard the whistling that occurs at the beginning of every episode. XD Totally creepy in this fic. And ouch, poor Tony and Kolchak! What a horrific thing to experience! I particularly like the mention of Kolchak praying against the possession - it seems like such a realistic thing that someone would do, and so awful that he was unable to prevent it!

Good old Tony, still insisting that everything is insane, even with everything he'd experienced shortly before. XD I love his banter with Kolchak.

I like how you decided the curse should be explained! They're lucky that Tony had studied to be a priest, otherwise everyone would have been stuck there. o.o

I'm a little amused at the idea of different holy waters not working the same. XD I'd always thought that holy water was holy water, regardless of how the denominations use it.

The ending was really intense! And so interesting that the entire town just vanished like that. Though I wonder whether Barnes should have made a last appearance at some point before the end, other than just the chill wind. He's such a unique, horrible character that I almost feel like he should have gotten one more scene!

Ha, chocolate milk. XD I should get some of that.

Awesome story!
Cruelest Sea chapter 1 . 5/24/2011
Crystal Rose of Pollux chapter 1 . 5/22/2011
Ooh, this was everything I hoped it would be! I love Tony inserting his own commentary in the beginning-priceless! You should have him do that more often.

The Gunsmoke/Bonanza references and Tony knowing about western... yes. Oh, yes.

The back-and-forth teasing and banter in the beginning is hilarious, especially the snarking over the name of the place and how loud it is.

But, ooh, it gets creepy fast, doesn't it? The chill, the unresponsive dancers... And then the disappearing and what reappears.

"One of you is quite enough." LOL.

But, man, Barnes is awful! There's something about a sneering, taunting villain that chills...

Carl and Tony's discussion about that previous adventure was intriguing, too.

And ooh, the newspaper, and then finding that girl.

...I was about ready to yell at Tony, too, when he said to split up. Carl's outburst is well-warranted indeed.

I've got to say, you've got the Old West dialogue down great, particularly when Carl confronts Barnes on his own. I love Carl's unbridled disgust.

And, of course, the next scene... so incredibly intense and chilling! The whole struggle, especially Tony trying to reach out to Carl... amazingly written.

And the aftermath of that scene, with Tony thinking that he'll never forget the haunted look in Carl's eyes... But eee, I love Tony saying that he knows Carl wouldn't have done that of his own free will.

LOL, the tulip thing again. Loved that bit of banter...

I also loved Carl trying to convince Eliza that Tony is Barnes. LOL, "Not quite as trim..."

Oh, wow, and Carl's idea for the cleansing ceremony-and having Tony do it... wow... And Carl calling him Father priceless. And the actual climax... also amazing.

And I loved the conclusions-and what they saw. And that last line made me giggle.