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Guest chapter 21 . 10/3
You updated?! I haven't been keeping up with the Transformers for a couple of years now so I decided to spot check some authors. I'm glad you're still writing this story. I didn't realize until this reread that it was turning into "Days of Our Bots". I like it anyway. I hope you can update the AO3 version. Thanks for writing!
liliCartMan chapter 2 . 7/13
mmm a quiet scene, in spite of what we knew in the past chapter. So sweet Optimus towards his child, in spite of having Valour been born because of rape, but Valour has no faults. Not a real plan now, but going far from that warmonger is already much

Hey, here is a thing. You said Megatron had other partners and the Sparked only femmes. Are these ones and their children some canon characters of Animated in your fics? Are you showing them?
XanaduHawk chapter 21 . 2/13
I am so, so happy this story hasn't been abandoned!

Preceptor should not be allowed to raise kids/sparklings. Or be left alone with them.
Mariah chapter 21 . 2/8
wow perceptor is pregnant and maybe will love his sparkling alongside starscream.

also valour met his brothers.

will sari be in the next chapter and will she met slipstream and her baby brothers?

i am sure they will love her as she will love them.

also if megatron finds out about blackarachnia declaring optimus as her mate he will surely go after her as well?

also not sure if you saw my other post but for megatron dominated i wrote maybe prowl and barricade but i don't think he was in the episode so maybe skywarp or thundercracker?

anyway you update what you want or whatever you want.
beastwarsqueen chapter 21 . 2/7
Excellent work, nice to see you writing again
a sexy monkey chapter 21 . 2/8
I never get tired of this story.
tiedwithribbons chapter 21 . 2/7

By the way, could you please update Protector, The Decepticons Revenge or Optimus's Mistake soon?
Primus'-Child chapter 20 . 12/27/2020
the consequences of Star's "betrayal": Megs not pleased...Megs in cold berth ;)
Cliffjumper03 chapter 20 . 10/23/2020
Please update I love this story️️
liliCartMan chapter 20 . 8/13/2020
Mmm the interface scene :D :D so sweet and a little funny for the lost of Energon and especially Sentinel's reactio and about Elita's changes in habits (the matter of getting animal blood can be a way to connect robots to the city, see my older review)
Ok apart from this weet note:

Oh man, with the arrive of Wasp here is another mess to be solved: what if Megatron learns about him? he could suspect or dscover that Shockwave lost his cover. Or Autobots could keep him in their base: Megatron in this case could feel safe, thinking thay caught him as a spy; while they are trying to calm him and explain the situation, while they call for a Medic on Cybertron, with the "excuse" of the psychiatric hspital (not impossible, to cover their real intentions or simply treat him) (and up to you if Longarm overhears anything or not). WOuld humans notice Wasp's ship and demand for exlantion? would this be noticed by Decepticons?
Plus, Lockdown that managed to catch Optimus, even for little and the most worrying parts are these: what could Optimus remember about all his meeting with him and possibly the consequences? he could say "maybe I self-serviced" or suspect he was forced to erection, see what is more probable. And if Autobots keep Lockdown with them, will he manage to learn something? he wondered how many robots were after Optimus... (side discovery: Elita's pregnancy? her betrayal?)

Second element, as important as the previous one. Poor Screamer what a shock, I had believed too Megatron really was falling for him, no, Screamer is a pleasurebot and a Carrier for him as Optimus was, and their children count only if they are "compliant" enough for an adult, as Slipstream was. What to say? horrible, but maybe not impossible. Not impossible too for Screamer to accept Perceptor's courtship (?): the latter seems more sensitive and clever than Megatron, Starscream could like himm even if for one night... But after all, if Perceptor contributed to build a sentient "war machine", a "slave" like Omega Supreme, why could not he consider Starscream just as a code donor? a mean to make the conflict with Decepticons weaker? (see if it is IC please)

Last but not least: Slipstream that wants peace as much as Valour wants is good, so precocious ok (if she is the smartest of his "clones" in the cartoon too) but what about her "ancient" Spark? (ch.12) and what did Magnus witness about Valour and the Hammer, that could be explained?! please please update soon! (up to you for some ideas that came to me in reviews for past chapters...)
liliCartMan chapter 19 . 6/11/2020
oh dear -.- Megatron forgot Slipstrea how many days? a week, plus the time Slipstream insisted for him to follow Starscream, and now ALL THE FAULT is OPtimus'?! What could his warriors think now? that he is neglecting the matters of war, either if Megatron is doing or not? that he could call any Decepticon to stop Autobots and is too idiot to do this? and will Starscream tie this neglect on his finger? will he suspect that Perceptor is testing Slipstream to let Autobots use her?
Speaking of Starscream, he had 8 males: so, are these all his clones? (that in the canon could be considered his children like Slipstream, created by him): Thundercacker, Sunstorm, Ramjet, and then? Skywarp? Dirge? Thrust? any one borrowed from G1?

A good description put in Red Alert's mouth about sex and a good idea that she did not speak about protection: if two kids knew protection immediately this would feel them safe in interfacing once adult, think if they were relatives like Valour and Starscream! I LOVED when Red scolded Megatron so much for this attitude about sex, from self-servicing in public to intercourse in front of his daughter. And wait, Megatron suggested red to reach Decepticons too? ONLY to care about the children or for WHAT else?!

Ah, a little thing in this scene (and others): you do not need to change the row if it the same character that is speaking. Such as: again..." She said "Sparklings like us cannot play"etc. I could suggest you also put more punctuation, please, to let us feel the sentences better. See ch. 20: "if anything to say about it was that said part of her body had a had a little hole..." . Maybe it could be easier to follow if you wrote: "if a little hole, in said part of her body, that started lubricating quite fast and dripped on their berth was proof enough..." Or separate the two sentences: "if there was anything to say about it, was that said part of her body had a little hole that started lubricating quite fast and dripped on their birth; and if this was proof enough..."

Poor Valour, no chances to have a pacific family meeting, now that he knows not only what Megatron has in his plans for Optimus but for all Autobots too. He must feel he could die from misery, again... Here we are, in a stalemate.
What to do now? what if you put a filler scene to show us how the new robots wait on Earth? If they have been there for (how much time?), they may as well to know Earth. Such as
A) Valour or Prowl that describe Detroit and what can be useful to them about earth: energy sources, animals (maybe a hint about what Elita eats being a techno-organic) science, the relationship with the humans... maybe Valour could be excited in telling how they defeated Headmaster, or Meltdown on the island where he kept his lab
B) Sentinel could still frown for the matter of living in contact with organics, or hear by Elita what she can do as a half-spider: Valour could call her a super-heroine, Sari could compare her to Spiderman maybe
C) Perceptor could be interested in Sari as a techno-organic child
D) Jazz could offer to help the team against some criminals by his ninja techniques: Angry Archer, , Headmaster, Meltdown
E) and what if Meltdown appeared? he could persuade Elita to ask him for a cure, or would it be too a damsel in distress? or try and use Blackarachnia for his purpose without a proposal?
F) or Perceptor could explain Valour the effect of Decepticon CNA and describe something about Cybertron and its science
G) a fancy from Elita and Optimus about their wedding, even if they know it would be difficult: elements of a rite, a place for the honeymoon... just to feel less distressed. or maybe a flashback of the academy and their feelings, in Optimus' or Sentinel's or Elita's POV
liliCartMan chapter 18 . 5/8/2020
I am pleased to see Sentinel having his own desserts, I would like to see especially how he will be treated by all the members of the Steelhaven in the following days (and by Bumblebee and Bulkhead too: their Minor being revealed as a liar and coward...), really? why do not you put a scene in which Elte Guard discuss what to do with Sentinel once they can go back to Cybertron? And with Elita and her loyalty and faction?

Oh man Starscream pregnant again and sadder than usual because Megatron is focusing on Valour? interesting :-) and with 2 good, realistic drama elements that are 1) a possible complication of pregnancy (he risked a miscarriage!) 2) Slipstream who is feeling neglected. But hey! so clever to deceive them like this?!
Perceptor XD XD he is quite a character, cold and apparently lacking feelings, with his own way of seeing Elita as a matter of study and Slpistream too. But here this shadow: he was raped too but Magnus at least did not condemn the Jettwins as "bastards". Not bad this bittersweet side of MAgnus: a mech that subordinates the descent to utility in the army, he did with the Jettwins and maybe is doing the same thing with Valour, even if sincerely understanding that Valour's Sire does not make a Decepticon by "nature "of the child

What about Starscream? WEEKS: so much time passed from Slipstream's birth? in what month of the show are we? (Along came a spider: Halloween; Nature calls-Megatron rising 2: winter; Garbage in garbage out: spring?) how much does a TF's pregnancy last in your canon? and how has lasted Elita's one til now?

Plus: OK, Sari is going to his father's and not appearing any more? why? is it dangerous for her to visit Optimus&co. on Omega Supreme or the Steelhaven? is there the risk that Decepticons track her key until the Allspark? and what about characters not related to Megatron (Meltdown, Powell, Masterson, Slo-Mo, Prof. Princess) ? not a chance to be seen and fight our heroes in all these weeks? nor to be noticed by Megatron?
destinynvh chapter 20 . 7/8/2019
Starscream x preceptor is so far one of the best ships ever in my opinion. Please I need more chapters it's to amazing! I am lucky to be reading this fanfiction,I just need more! Keep up the good work!
Stardragon26 chapter 20 . 6/22/2019
Update! Update! Update!
Update! Update! Update!
Guest chapter 1 . 3/9/2019





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