Reviews for Still Another Universe
Jestrbob chapter 10 . 4/16
And like the time traveler, jumping from place to place, condemned to be a face of the external hero.

Until he destroys the balence which only exists only by allowing 'evil' and 'good' fight in constant battle.
DarkChampion chapter 10 . 1/30
Just going to act like the last paragraph didn't happen
Ariadne Venegas chapter 1 . 1/14
Poor Harry I hoped he could have traveled with Amy at least!
Silvanon of the Orchard chapter 10 . 12/29/2015
I liked it! Thanks!
T51b Moridin chapter 10 . 12/26/2015
Damn that was cruel. About to get some. Obviously he needs to get some before he finishes off voldemort. Maybe hold onto the amber next time and put it somewhere. Live for a few years of time and a life maybe some kids. Then as age approaches toss that shit into the veil. Then he'll probably be 18 again like he was when he left the first time.
T51b Moridin chapter 9 . 12/26/2015
Its fine with it being so easy. I mean really how can it not be when you already went through the super challenge the first time.
T51b Moridin chapter 8 . 12/26/2015
Well that was again interesting. I find reading about watching the going on events within the Wizengamot to be interesting.
T51b Moridin chapter 7 . 12/26/2015
Yeah the thing with Gellert is a big reason Dumbledore just isn't able to finish his enemies anymore.
T51b Moridin chapter 6 . 12/26/2015
Yay a plan of action. Always nice.
T51b Moridin chapter 5 . 12/26/2015
Hahahah! That was highly entertaining.
T51b Moridin chapter 4 . 12/26/2015
Well as for Sirius he probably wanted some mourning time.
T51b Moridin chapter 3 . 12/26/2015
Ah this is already rather funny. Enjoyable!
T51b Moridin chapter 2 . 12/26/2015
Ah the pressures and pains of being a interdimensional hero.
T51b Moridin chapter 1 . 12/26/2015
Heh that's funny. Sirius's flat in Cardiff huh. Good idea.
PaC chapter 10 . 12/22/2015
So mean, poor Amy.
Though I did have a worry for a long time, that Harry would "pull out early", offscreen, and Amy thinking he'd dumped her.
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