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Wandering the Arid Sea chapter 27 . 6/24
Very nice
animeXmangalover1401 chapter 137 . 6/23
He point a finger at Aizen. 'Taco Aizen is trying to take over the Mexican Food Business!'
'What the..that not-'
'It's true.' Aizen say simply.
'I KNEW IT! XD Great job Urahara now we know the really truth on Taco Aizen XD
Great as always...
sanaa11 chapter 137 . 6/22
Keep it up! I need more! :D
Drakky28293 chapter 135 . 6/19
GUEST APPEARANCE BY J-LAW! Wut wut wuuuuuuut! :D
This is why I love you! :*
Drakky28293 chapter 134 . 6/19
Oh haaaaayyyyyy! I'm so happy to see your updates! And all the chapters continue to be as hilarious as always.
BTW, I love the way you cut to the regular cast on a tropical vacation. Huehuehue
Mashiro as Orihime's friend! PERFECT :3
TheWheelOfFate chapter 127 . 6/14
Ashton Kutcher?! I'm dead. Hahahaha
Natsu is Awesome chapter 136 . 6/15
I just wonder how things will tone down when Gin dies, or maybe he does his best/dozens of things to mess with that scene.
animeXmangalover1401 chapter 136 . 6/15
'Yes, Urahara agrees. Then his eyes widen. 'I mean,no! I mean-!'
'What's up,cutie?" Shinji purrs as he leans against a wall next to Aizen.
'This is wrong on so many levels,' Hiyori mutters
Well that turn out...amazing XD Oh great Urahara what have you done! I just ship them ;P

Best like usually :D...
Chem-Death chapter 136 . 6/15
You can really learn a lot about these characters like this (as well as funnies~!)
TheWheelofFate chapter 136 . 6/15
Haha the two Gins together omg XD
TheWheelOfFate chapter 135 . 6/12
It's been so long..I must go to the beginning of your story and reread it! Lol
animeXmangalover1401 chapter 135 . 6/12
'A whole new woooorllddd!' Urahara sings as grabs Tessai's hand and starts prancing across the studio 'A dazzling place I never kneewwww!' XD Now if he had a pink tutu it would be perfect... XD

Perfect like always :D
sanaa11 chapter 135 . 6/12
Continue :D
The Phoenix Wraith chapter 135 . 6/11
Hang round Urahara long enough, you learn to predict that shit.
animeXmangalover1401 chapter 134 . 6/9
'Uh...Shinji's gay'
'That's even worse! It's a love triangle!' XD the best line...

Great job on it even though I am not that far into the Bleach series(just gotten to the 4 season though...-.-') but I will get it is still funny even if I don't want it is about XD I just love how you wrote again great job :D
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