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Kei-kei Yuki chapter 128 . 9/22
Re-reading this again as it always makes my day, especially when I'm having a bad one. Thank you, author, for taking the time out to write this wonderful fanfic.

P.S.: But after reading this, a part of wish there was a Naruto version of behind the scenes of the show but with Jiraiya as the director. Lol! ;)
twindrake chapter 175 . 9/13
How about a challenge? (I'm usually into yoai, but this sounds fun)

A Gin/Ichi side joke (because honestly I always thought Gin and Ichigo would become good friends if they were on the same side) or...

something involving Ichigo saying "Did you honestly think I could be related Shiro and NOT be at least a little demented?" (Seriously, think about it)
Guest chapter 98 . 9/10
I honestly hoped for the Uryu Cirucci scene to go how you made it, but with her as a girl.
Guest chapter 96 . 9/10
Why Cicrucci?! I honestly liked her!
Speedyquader chapter 171 . 9/3
I think the first line break or two is on the wrong spot.
kwerli chapter 168 . 8/24
Poor Urahara things never go his way
Speedyquader chapter 168 . 8/22
... I'm not entirely sure what you meant with Shinji and Gin...
Speedyquader chapter 166 . 8/17
Apparently so; I just looked it up, and her jumpsuit really is that tight XD
Speedyquader chapter 166 . 8/17
Lol was Mashiro's outfit that tight in canon?
TheWheelOfFate chapter 164 . 7/26
Thanks for the double update this week. Loved the shoutout to Chester *cries hysterically in bathroom*
MyOwnUniqueWorld chapter 1 . 7/26
LOL Poor Rukia. This is very fun to read. Made my day! Awesome work! *thumbs up*
Speedyquader chapter 162 . 6/26
Didn't Gin get brought in by Zaraki? Some sort of member of the urban underbelly, or something... don't think you ever mentioned any real specifics.
twindrake chapter 161 . 6/18
I noticed how everyone treats Ichigo better after he enters fake Karakura Town, so let's go with the most likely explanation, blackmail. You know how Ichigo can be almost scarily observant in battle, like picking up attack patterns in one or two strikes, well how about the actor has picked up dirt on everyone, including Gin. Gin goes through Ichigo's stuff in a fit of boredom, not expecting to find anything interesting, and finds a journal with the word "Dreams" on it. Hoping to find descriptions of dreams with dirty implications, or at least an interesting nightmare, instead he find dirt on EVERYONE, along with how to mentally cripple each person. Gin offers Ichigo lessons. (Actor Ichigo originally wrote all of that down after Harribel told him that writing things down can help with stress. He refers to it as his "revenge" book.) Actor Ichigo starts having a good time with Gin and Ichigo, oddly enough, begins to act in a much calmer manner. When his older brother shows up for the "post-dangi Ichigo" role. He says "Well, you seem relaxed. You usually act like a half-witted twerp around people." to his younger brother. Aside from the public image issue, they have an actually functional sibling relationship. In the hell hole known as the Bleach studio, a perfectly friendly platonic relationship is pretty terrifying. (NO INCEST! If a character accuses it, which they probably will, just make them look at each other and gag.)

You don't have in corperate the idea, I just thought it would be funny.
Kyuubi-dono chapter 4 . 6/17
Etherniti chapter 161 . 6/9
This is basically the Bleach cast if they were American... I love it! xD
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