Reviews for I'm Diving In
Guest chapter 1 . 10/5
I like the story, but somehow Bella annoys the hell outta me. I hate it when people decide to the 'adventurous' stuff like diving, when they are terrified. Being terrified while diving is the worst thing ever.

I don't think my diving instructor would habe given me an open water license when I first started diving, if I had shown any signs of uneasiness like Bella did in the story.

I always assumed that learning what to do if you have water in your mask is the first thing you do. If you cannot handle it, you should stay in a confined pool.

The stuff Bella did is basically what you should not freakin' do, if you value your life and the safety of your dive buddy.

But aside from my 'Bella is so reckless' rant: I really did enjoy reading it, and you did an amazing job when you were describing the panic.
biblepam chapter 1 . 7/29/2014
Laughed a lot reading your story especially since my hubby, both kids and myself are divers. (my hubs was at one time an instructor)... Beside mask on the forehead meaning distress, it also meant if the person was not in distress but simply "forgot", they had to buy everyone a round of beer. Loved the part where Bella called the class 'how many ways you can die underwater classes'.. SCUBA stands for 'Some Come Up Barely Alive' after all, so she was partially WE ride motorcycles and often use the diver's "Okay" sign to check on folks in the group. (some were fellow divers and the others were informed of what it meant)... You writing about the instructors using slates to write on reminded me that we found out magnadoodles (remember those?) worked great underwater. We had a mini one. Hubs would write instructions on it then slide the bar across to erase.. it did perfect. My daughter did not weigh 100 pounds, but always was the first to run low on air. I had to buddy breathe with her on more than one occasion during decompression stops. You did an awesome job with your descriptions in your story.. enjoyed reading. Pam B.
OrphanAccount123 chapter 1 . 3/27/2012
This story was great! I think you captured the emotion of the dive perfectly! I'm not exactly experienced when it comes to scuba diving (a handful of resort dives), but everything seemed very clear to me. Especially Bella's relaxation and awe as the dive began; it's amazing how calming it can be. The connection between her and Edward was great, and who doesn't love some boat sex, huh? I only wish this was a full (or short) story so I could know more about the characters (why Edward left school, etc.), but that's a testament to how great it was... I want more!
coachlady1 chapter 1 . 7/2/2011
You so deserved the win on this, bb! You did awesome! I just reread 'cause it's been a while & it was worth it! Loved all the diving info 'cause I'm a total 'tard in that area. Always love when B&E are both oblivious to the fact that they're secretly in love with each other. Makes me feel like I'm in on some big secret ;) Oh, and the sexin' was totally hot too!

Yanno, this is open-ended enough to continue it...

Lulu M chapter 1 . 6/21/2011
Aw. That was very sweet! I liked the whole diving side to it. Even though I've never gone diving or even entertained thoughts of diving cuz I'd probably be a lot like Bella lol, it was really interesting to read about it. I liked how you didn't get to technical with things, and instead gave us enough to keep our attention. Good job and congrats!