Reviews for The Pack Imperative
malaury.garand1 chapter 31 . 10/24
ton histoire et génial j'attend la suite avec impatience
Debbie Hicks chapter 31 . 10/13
30 then suddenly Her brain with each three shattering then exploding weird words was Telepathic but could fire a fireball from her hands had Fae blood was different like Sookie Stacklehouse could sense a lot of emotins and shieldinmg then flaring her training die who made you herself was blocking her successfully but activiating taken the with they see she exposed us then tore heads with them, good going somewhere Sexually assasultd but Abused but gang Telepathically mnind raped into blood tore them then too late Murdered but destroy broke her/him/army with bitten best friends/Young ones with aliens/Vulcan torn freely Lycans with fae blood then Took Memories from alien venom train them then Suddenly her shields was Starfleet stronger Ready SIRENIX Beheaded first death tore real cords but was Cursed them to suffer a endless torment good we own you pets then As all of bruising then too late infected with werewolf venom from here with alien venom then Her screams was heard torn both then Newspapers reported a rape and death then Lost her life and memories the both rescued them the next with her/him/them good Nothingness but it came too late was not human so they Good burn them here then Nothingness Alice who done to her/him/them/aliens/Vulcan Volturi found the source oh my good she's not human so he/they/them/young ones/aliens/Vulcans she was Raped gasp the Blacking outside with her/him/they/aliens/Vulcans tore both then Punished as Cullens sliced freely brought them good turned by snakes good then You two with her both others die Executed then tore freely then ashes with these ones tore freely both sides see they are extinct good then ripped freely Alice they were tortured by them gasp then they were glowing then SIRENIX! It was real a flaring flame of of Starfleet burning so they had awakened powers suddenly dressed from homes was Five bodysuits from NASA Both That's it You'r Sushi flying Long hair with bangs began chanting who Held a ward of Japanese symbols was a trained priestess Suiddenly improved her powers and preparing to fight was a trained soldier was still more firing up her powers flyong held her hands long gloves with her ward flying more graceful conuriong a fiery energy was raging Rin Jin Shi Chi Zai Kai Tou Retsu Rypu Pryu AKURYO TAISAN! viciously flaring then EVIL SPIRT BE EXORICZED! Flung her ward floating I Call my own firebird CHARGE! all of the sudden a change in her moods suddenly glowing herself screaming loudest a heavenly but angelic galactic magical light BETAZED HOT JUNGLE IGINTE! who became fiery more stronger It was real then suddenly violently highly skilled but more than trained in battle and combat who violently fired like Super Sailor Mars who was in fact from the 30th century of Crystal Tokyo Japan she was Japanese-American suddenly too late looked older by now Momma mia sakuras and wind oh my freaking god herself was not human at all anymore was a Sailor Guardian standing posed coldly with herself made a sentai speech too late her voice sounded more than adult the Protector of Betazed the Planet of telepathy the Guardian of Seduction Sailor Betazed in the name of Betazed I will fight what is Right! is Here! violently blaring so us the pretty suited sailor guardians and Knights are HERE! gasp they can't die by now they done this act they declared us/they exiled are banished on Vulcan your majesties we swear our vow to my queen urk hoo boy me rule you egghead Yikes good god man it's more murderous they caused it no way jose' yikes they are warriors..
sabajean1877 chapter 2 . 9/22
Can you re-download your fan fact of Bella and the pack of the story? I did buy your two books but also love the story Bella in the pack and I wanted to know if he ever finished with the other guys with her?
Guest chapter 31 . 9/5
C’mon next chapter this is a great I have been waitin so long for a new chapter
rnahlm chapter 1 . 7/26

So I have been reading this story since the beginning, and have been anxiously (and not so patiently) waiting for what happens next. I am so extremely happy for you, and wish you much luck on your endeavors. I was just wondering if there would be any way for you to finish this story before having to remove it, as I (and am sure others too) have fallen in love with the tale being told here.

Thank you so much! I hope you have a lovely evening!
sabajean1877 chapter 2 . 7/18
Can you please bring the story back. I bought a books that your written but I still like the story that you made too.
Joi chapter 1 . 6/23
I love it make more lots more stories like this one
Lisa D. Lloyd chapter 30 . 5/23
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come back an finish this story it's so goodI've been waiting for years to find out how it will end so come back!
VampWolf Girl 4Ever chapter 31 . 5/16
I’ve been wanting to re read this story for a while and I was so glad when I found it again
It’s one of my favorites
And I know you have finished this story but I’d love to know what happens with La Push, with Bella and her men and Victoria
LittleShopofStories chapter 10 . 5/7
Kinda weird almost brotherly?!
the bohemian flow chapter 31 . 3/9
Wow, I really love this story! This is so good and very well written! Hope you update some more! :)
Guest chapter 1 . 3/3
You should make an Ao3 account! It has a better reading experience and stuff. Anyways love your work
Hanikka chapter 31 . 2/27
Thank you for sharing this amazing story and hopefully continuing it. It took me long time to start to read this since I thought it was Bella/Jakob (not a fan) story. But luckily I started reading it and found one of the best stories I’ve read in Fanfic. Keep up your great writing and update soon!
Wolfgirl chapter 31 . 2/15
Hello, I read your story and I love how Bella has 7 wolf lovers it’s so cute. Hope you update soon I like to read more of your stories they are great
bbutterfly689 chapter 31 . 2/14
I love this story so much Ive read it twice and hope it gets finished someday. Or is somewhere else where I can read it completed. Love all the Alphas!
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