Reviews for Family Meeting
Althea Vestrit92 chapter 1 . 8/21/2016
I re-read this AGAIN. I was actually looking for Kako Mo Mirai Mo Ima Mo Kakenukero, which I've started re-reading yesterday, but saw this and got pulled into it again. I miss all those fanfics... I had tears in my eyes when Jen mentioned finding out he's not alone.
KinomiyaHiwatari chapter 1 . 12/15/2015
Omg, the story is fantastic I was not expecting a Kenta/Jianliang story and it was a little predictable but it was really good anyway.
rrm chapter 1 . 2/23/2012
Damn, THAT was unexpected. And funny! I can only begin to imagine how embarrassing that was. I couldn't stop laughing!

You should do more fics like this. Maybe with Ruki, too?
Kohaku-Koneko chapter 1 . 5/24/2011
I feel so bad for Jen. And the fact that I can't stop laughing.
Riku Murasaki chapter 1 . 5/24/2011
Very good. I'm glad to see the ellipse problem is once again taken care of. I don't believe I saw a double ellipse anywhere in the story.

The fic had a wonderful flow to it. I found it a very fluid read, and genuinely believable at that.

On a side note, an idea: with all these fics including Lianjie as a role-model to Jianliang, and the... I believe two now, where his sexuality has come into question only for him to be discovered straight, what if you were to write one where he was, in fact, gay? I feel like that would be quite amusing. For the situation that uncovers it... Ooh! Plot idea:

~One weekend, Lianjie and Jianliang have the house to themselves.

~Lianjie goes out partying with friends, and comes home late.

~Jianliang notices, but ignores him in favor of video games. However, he does not notice the guest his brother has snuck into the house.

~The next day, it reaches about two in the afternoon, and with Lianjie still asleep in his room, Jianliang decides to go wake his brother up.

~Jianliang knocks, walks in, and finds a sleeping Lianjie in a shirtless embrace with some guy.

~Lianjie slowly wakes to see his brother in the doorway, and realizes he fell asleep before he could sneak his guest back out.

~Hilarity ensues.
Ian R. Moros chapter 1 . 5/23/2011
And here I wasn't expecting anything new until the re-release of MNK. Guess I'll have to put on my reviewer hat and get to work!

Once again we're back with the Li family, which always means fun times for all. Well, fun times for readers I should say. For the Lis it pretty much guarantees a little bit of humiliation for just about everyone. The plot is certainly distinct enough from what you've worked with in the past that the story feels new, even with the characters being more or less the same as you've shown them in the past. In fact I think the most unfamiliar character in this whole thing has got to be straight Takato. Believe it or not I can imagine Takato as being straight, despite his "sensitive artistic-type" personality. Besides, if Takato had been straight here then it would have been a sad ending for Kenta who, no matter what, will always be gay. So yeah, good news for Kenta and good to see an unusual pairing. The characters, as usual, are developed nicely and come off as very human. Although I would say that Janyu didn't seem as developed here as he should have been for how much dialogue he had, and Mayumi and Shiuchon sort of faded into the background. They're not pivotal characters here, but doesn't it seem like a shame to have a family meeting where not all of the family members seem all that involved?

Rinchei once again proves why he's the best brother in the whole world. His reaction to his parents' accusation is absolutely priceless; rarely do I get to laugh that hard. That scenario actually reminded me a lot of "Dude! That Thing Just Talked" in Rinchei's reaction and especially in how, once again, Rinchei gets treated like a madman when it's actually the rest of the family that completely lost it. At least this time he feels a little justification in the end, the satisfaction of everyone knowing he was telling the truth all along. Mind you he would eventually get the same feeling in the aftermath of the earlier story as well once Terriermon's true nature is revealed, but getting to actually see Rinchei's vindication is immensely satisfying, not just for him but for the reader as well. But once things are sorted out we see Rinchei's kind-hearted brotherly side. That he can, without a hint of irony, give Jen a hug back and mirror that speech back is just amazing. He supports his brother with whatever Jen needs to lift his spirits at the moment, whether it's that hug, a few jokes, dating advice, or even a beer.

Come to think of it, Jen is a pretty damn good brother too. Jen really wants to help and support Rinchei. Sure, given Jen's own situation he'd be hard-pressed not to be supportive, but it's more than that. Even though he would have preferred not to, Jen would have come out to his family to help Rinchei out. He didn't want Rinchei to feel like he was alone; he wanted to lift his mood, to offer his help and advice. Jen would have done everything for Rinchei that Rinchei actually did wind up doing for him. In fact that idea of belonging, not being alone, that's a nice theme running throughout this story. It's clearly something on Jen's mind a lot, as he had to deal with his own sense of isolation in the past until by small degrees he got more and more open. First it was with Takato, who couldn't return Jen's affection but was definitely someone Jen could finally talk to so he wouldn't feel so isolated. Then it was Kenta, who was not only finally a friend who was dealing with the same thing for Jen to talk to, but became his boyfriend as well. Then, when Jen thought Rinchei was gay it looked like his circle was about to expand once again; ultimately it's not just Rinchei that Jen can open up to, but his entire family. By the end, Jen gets to talk openly with his family and his friends; it's those relationships in all their forms that conquer his sense of being alone. Jen belongs in every way a person can belong. Of course it should be noted that Jen was so excited by the prospect of being able to talk to his brother about this that he fails to realize just how embarrassing this family meeting would be for Rinchei. He didn't even seem to consider that aspect until the spotlight finally did turn his way. He probably should have had a bit more empathy for what this confrontation would feel like, but at the same time he was so looking forward to being able to talk with his brother about this that he was blind to everything else, including important details like "How do you know Rinchei is gay?" When the truth comes out and Jen is about to get his wish for that sense of belonging, even knowing that his family is completely supportive, he suddenly turns into a complete wreck. I sympathize; no matter how well it is likely to go, that fear of rejection never goes away completely. It was the same fear Jen had in his earlier admission to Takato, except this time the revelation was out of his control.

I have to say, I saw the journal reveal coming after Jen mentioned writing about Kenta in it. The question was lingering overhead about how Janyu and Mayumi knew Rinchei was gay and the mention of the journal seemed just a little bit conspicuous. So in the end it wasn't much of a surprise when they revealed the journal, but even without surprise there's still the suspense of how Jen will react to this discovery. Actually, between this story and "The Paperweight and the Journal" I'm thinking the Tamers need to stop putting their innermost thoughts to paper. That or leave their journals out more often, since the results have turned out for the best. The journal actually does bring one question to mind though. The reason why Janyu and Mayumi want to have this family meeting is not simply because they've learned Rinchei is gay and want to confront him. Rather, they feel the need to tell him it's okay because they are worried he is not dealing with it well. What did they read in that journal that led them to that conclusion? I don't think they would have outed Rinchei to the whole family unless they really felt it was imperative that he get all of their support to deal with things, which suggests there was something in that journal a lot more depressing than Jen's attitude would have us believe. Is Jen not as happy with his situation as we are led to believe? I mean sure, he's not thrilled, but at the same time there wasn't a sense of desperation about him. Do the answers lie in the journal? In what the family talked to Jen about after he was outed? Well since we get neither of those things we'll just have to leave it to our imaginations I suppose.

Great work as always, Ori. Take a break and enjoy your latest triumph.