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evemiliana chapter 458 . 1/15/2012
Matagalpa: *hugs Panama*
Forgotten Cross chapter 457 . 1/15/2012

You know, we can't see you only because we don't know you in person. But we would. I'm sure.

"You guess?" she asks.


((Yo llevo un tiempo leyendo, sobretodo ffs y ahora que lo pienso tienes razón. Pero no me gusta abusar de los adjetivos. No soy nada detallista. Supongo mi escritura se quedará estancada por una larga temporada '))
solitarycloud chapter 452 . 1/14/2012
Dear Cocle,

Yeah... *sigh* The weather nowadays is so unpredictable! If this goes on, I can imagine the number of crops and properties that'll get destroyed.

No, he didn't last year... But he did many times before. That's why China now has a strict rule of no bringing fireworks (lighted or unlighted) indoors and he also sometimes does "inspections checks" on Hong Kong before they enter someone's house ;;

Umm... Around 90 million people live in my place but I think only 70 million have phones, I think. Personally, I have two phones, one for work and one for personal stuff. I'm not exactly sure why me and my people text so much but I do love the fact that it gives us the opportunity communicate with people even if they're far away without being to hard on the wallet :D

To be honest, I actually owe a lot to whoever created cellphones. During 2001, texting actually helped rally up the people to overthrow my REALLY REALLY CORRUPT boss at that time. Without it I'm sure the whole process would've been a lot slower. :)

With love,


The Philippines

P.S. ...Invisible? Like... Like Mr. Canada(?)
prittymiddy chapter 446 . 1/13/2012
Dear Panama,

Well, no one expected him to do that.. I mean, one second he was halfway across the room eating crackers and the next he had my effing laptop. Everyone expects Sweden to be super good at computers and stuff, but I doubt he even sent an email before, too.

Anyways, despite stupid su-san's rules, you can come to Ladonia any day! Yea, I doubt he would do anything even if he knew you were here, which he wouldnt. I hope. HAHAHA

WELL, thats all for now! How has your life been? :D

Sincerely, LADONIA
Forgotten Cross chapter 455 . 1/13/2012

Lucky? Why? Everybody says "Being invisible sucks". I got used to it, so it doesn't matter to me, since I have Valencia. But I don't feel lucky.

Valencia asks if you're okay. You saying I'm lucky worried her a bit.


((Gracias, podría funcionar. Supongo que tendré que seguir leyendo, escribiendo y estudiando hasta que consiga adaptarme. Mi forma de escribir en español no es muy buena para el inglés '

En realidad me da igual, pero como el fic es en inglés y la gente que lo lee en general habla inglés... xD))
evemiliana chapter 456 . 1/13/2012
Matagalpa: hm~

Nicaragua: *smiles*

((It was epid XD
evemiliana chapter 454 . 1/13/2012
Matagalpa: *gives Panama a piece* here!

Nicaragua: *smiles*

((We normally just have it as a little treat I LOVE~ cajetas~! That's probably why I named my first dog cajeta! and I gave her the middle name of "de Leche" ; (don't judge me I was 5...) her fur was the same color as cajeta de leche~
Forgotten Cross chapter 453 . 1/13/2012

Well, more or less. I'm the least inhabited region in Spain. Some people has a second residence in my region, but they only come on holidays or so... So I'm a bit invisible. Valencia spends a lot of time in my house, so she can see me.

Hahahahah. I don't know any psycho in Spain. If I did, they wouldn't notice me anyway.

Oh, she's part of and island, isn't she? (Valencia asked)


((Mmm... debí haber hecho eso.

Solo escribo oneshots cortos e historias de capítulos también muy cortos y además intenté escribir en inglés y me quedó todo muy simple ' Pero me alegro de que te gustaran

Mmmm... ¿No deberíamos escribir en inglés? xD))
evemiliana chapter 451 . 1/13/2012
Nicaragua: it's fine. You didn't know. *hugs Panama*

Matagalpa: *blink* do you want one Dani?

Forgotten Cross chapter 447 . 1/12/2012

Half a week. My house is not near any city or town. It's peaceful.

But I thought that that IS Panama's city usual self. Being a psycho and that. May Valencia ask who the guests were?


((Mmm... Yo pensé que tenía un virus o algo en el ordenador. Y la versión para móvil no funcionaba, así que no podía comprobar mi teoría ' En realidad, yo me lo tomé más o menos igual excepto por lo de "todo mi trabajo en FF se iba a desperdiciar". Tampoco he escrito nada de gran interés así que.. xD))
solitarycloud chapter 431 . 1/11/2012
Dear Cocle,

I'm fine now, thanks for asking. Typhoons nowadays are just terrible. Usually they'd strike during rainy season but now I'm getting them even in the middle of December. *sigh*

If you say so...

Oh! That happened to us last year too during Chinese New Year. Hong Kong went over board with the fireworks (again). He even burnt down the dragon costume for the dragon dance. China was not amused... ;;

I agree! :) Thinking negatively hardly gets you anywhere!...But then again, it's always good to expect the worst, I think. ((There's a saying here that's roughly translated to hope for the best but expect the worst))

...Is it that shocking? It's been that way since the 90's.

With love,


The Philippines

P.S. Salamat~ Please hug him back for me, okay? :)
evemiliana chapter 450 . 1/11/2012
Nicaragua: oh. Well, In Nicaragua, cajetas is a candy ;;

Matagalpa: *not listening* cajeta de leche~ *takes a piece and puts it in his mouth*

((Ah. I see why Panama was confused ;
evemiliana chapter 448 . 1/11/2012
Nicaragua: it's fine. *picks up Panama*

Norte: _ (why the hell is she so protective of him?)

Sur: *rolls her eyes* (because he's her little brother, idiot)

Matagalpa: ni~! Estelí sent me cajetas~ though she's still cursing me out about the camera i bought for her last year, or as she calls it, "the hell box" ;

((Estelí may have a bad temper, but she makes AWESOME cajetas also, a lot of people in Estelí don't even have electricity, so she gets really freaked out by technology such as cameras, computers, and even the radio ; sadly, Matagalpa didn't know that and got her a camera for her birthday. Big mistake ;;
Rabbit Lily chapter 442 . 1/11/2012
Panama and Coclé,

Ummm...I think Annabelle beats her...

Si. I hope so too. I also hope my oranges will be okay too!

In three hours. The flight attendent is pretty mean though and keeps provoking Mama...



((But why stones in the first place? XD))
evemiliana chapter 445 . 1/11/2012
Nicaragua: *hugs Panama* don't be scared of Norte...

Matagalpa: ;
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