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Guest chapter 47 . 5/18
Discovered this work today and had to read all of it. Very realistic and a nice contrast of the standard fluffy superheroes for children and true implications of such powers in the adult word. I am looking forward to reading more. Thank you for creating this.
Suicune132 chapter 47 . 5/7
This was the first time i actually browsed through the Megamind section here just out of curiosity and i have to say brilliant work. I normally hate it when the chapters are so short its only a few sentences but you made it work
Guest chapter 47 . 3/16
Best story so far. Wish you had kept going. Really amazing :).
Olivia chapter 10 . 1/30
Maybe someday breed with her
I love it!
Gia's Soul chapter 47 . 1/8
The title of your story perfectly explains how I feel about it. Impressed. You've managed to expand on basic principles touched on very briefly in the movie and take it in a completely different and amazingly awesome direction. Your characterisation of Metro Man is spectacular. Lady Doppler is nicely grey zone and has such phenomenal powers. Psycho Delic is just creepy and horrible in a great evil way and while the relationship between Megamind and Roxanne is a little quick you've framed it well. Yep. Impressed. :)
Jennwolf chapter 47 . 11/15/2014
Can't wait to read the newest chapter! I've been hooked on it since chapter 1. I know it is too early for this yet but I'd love to read something on Megamind and Roxie getting some baby things in order. Maybe as a little chapter? I can't wait to see what you have in store for everyone in the story. Hoping it'll be up soon. Also I do love the fact that Roxie being pregnant isn't the main plot point of the story. It leaves for so much more ideas to be put in. Keep up the awesome work.
TheMeOfTheUniverse chapter 47 . 11/9/2014
I think Metro Man should ask more about Megamind's language and the fact that he is a prince.

Not much but leaves room for creativity
ladyspock7 chapter 47 . 11/4/2014
Aw, I was going to have Megamind flash through different languages in his big out-of-control scene! (pout) (I thought of it a few months ago on my own, honest to God!) That little rain cloud cracked me up.
Seriously, you write the best (or worst) Psycho Delic. Can always count on that character to be totally despicable. I just love how well Metro Man is taking care of Lady Doppler, even going so far as to threaten to quit, because he doesn't want ASCA in his city. I even sympathize a little with the commissioner, who is not keen on accepting the ex-supervillain as a hero. But Megamind is fantastic, and I like the imagery of Minion using the big battle suit to put the cars back on the track. And Roxanne as the coordinator!
So now they know that Lady Doppler really is an alien. I like these little peeks into Megamind's homeworld. What do I think should happen next? Argh how should I know LOL? This was awesome. Well, actually, there's still the serious matter of what to do about the fact that Lady Doppler is now addicted to Psycho Delic. Or has that aspect of the drug failed to work, because of her alien physiology? Will she succumb to Psycho Delic at a later time? Or will she vengefully hunt him down? I think that, eventually, Lady Doppler should also become a hero for the city, giving Metro City a trio of unstoppable heroes! Though given her wary and independent nature it will probably take a while for her to reach that point of even wanting to be a protector. I think somebody better take care of ASCA first...
ladyspock7 chapter 46 . 10/23/2014
I don't think the tourists were so stereotypical, if by that you mean portrayed in an unflattering light. That's pretty much how most tourists act, imho, regardless of nationality! And really, they just seemed excited.
Incredibly intense chapter! Lady Doppler is a wonderfully complex character. She knows what she is up against, and does what it takes to survive, yet she has her own moral code. She won't blatantly maim or kill someone just for the hell of it, but she is determined to keep her freedom. It's very astute of her to choose Metro City to live in. I was getting a little worried there that she would perceive Megamind as a threat, and was relieved when she decided he could possibly provide a little extra protection after all.
That was really interesting when she thought he might have psychic powers, and I liked how he was able to explain what he meant. His own life has not been very easy in some ways, with people fearing him. I am loving the interactions between her and Metro Man, almost as much as I love seeing Megamind and Roxanne together lol. I like how you work these super-people into ordinary settings. they are celebrities, having to always judge how the public will react to them whenever they set foot on the street.
Psycho Delic is one sick puppy, all right. No matter how bad I portray him in my own stories, you always find a way to up the ante.
Gillsandsundry chapter 47 . 10/14/2014
This is one of the best Megamind fics I've read in a while! I am loving it! The characters you have added to the world are also good and dynamic and add rather than detract from the story. I never thought I would really like a story that included Roxanne getting pregnant, but because this one doesn't revolve around that single plot point I find it far more tolerable than I have in the past.

Keep up the excellent writing, I can't wait to see where this story will go next! :)
ladyspock7 chapter 45 . 10/13/2014
Fantastic chapter! Great dialogue, terrific banter among the characters, and fascinating information shared. I just love that Wayne suggested that Megamind become a protector, though obviously he's not thrilled at the idea of Metro Man being his boss. And the argument over what color to wear, and Roxanne thinks it's a good idea, and Megamind is pondering it, knowing it would make existence a little easier if he had the city on his side. If his status as a hero were established, he and Roxanne won't have to hide anymore. That is a revelation though, that Metro Man had to work at winning people's trust, but it makes total sense. I really liked all the memories that Megamind had about his homeworld too. And the mystery of Lady Doppler continues. This is great stuff!
ladyspock7 chapter 44 . 10/1/2014
I laughed over "blue bun in the oven." Love all the news! If Psycho Delic isn't the robber, who is? What will the Doom Syndicate do now that Hot Flash is back in action? Spike and Lightning are great brainbot names. I like the last one in particular. No matter the truth of the matter, there will always be skeptics about the true relationship of Roxanne and Metro Man, even though he outright denies any romantic involvement.
ladyspock7 chapter 43 . 10/1/2014
That was a horrible attack, and handled excellently. All that hatred and vitriol in one person, part of that loud, aggressive minority of haters. Both Roxanne and Megamind conducted themselves quite well. I have to admit, I had no idea what Megamind was going to do when he went to talk to that man! I also liked the extra detail of the citizens running away, but not *too* far away, so they can still see the action.

It is interesting that he no longer wears capes. I hadn't thought of that before, how his attempt at a civilian life would mean a fashion change.

I continue to be fascinated by his interactions with the police. They just can't handle him! They know they kinda should really try to arrest him, but know they can't unless they have a LOT of officers, so he pretty much says, "no, I don't think so" and just brushes them off and goes about his day.
ladyspock7 chapter 42 . 9/25/2014
Dinner at the lair. I loved it! Here we get to see how the lair appears to outsiders. I could just about feel the big empty space when the invisible car first pulled into the lair. I'm used to thinking of the spider-bot as kind of cute, but through Sandra's eyes it really is rather scary. There are lots of great details here, perfectly describing the lair as seen in the movie, with a lot of little personal touches added, like Megamind's desk, and the kitchen. And the brainbots' nutrient fluid lol!

I liked the insight into Roxanne's personal life and her former relationship. Mothers tend to worry too much about the choices that their kids make, though to be fair, Mrs. Ritchi has more reason to worry than most. He's been the number one villain in Metro City for years; at this point it's still hard for her to trust that he truly has changed over a new leaf. But at least she is intelligent enough to realize that Roxanne has made her choice, and if she wants her daughter and grandchild in her life, she must get along with her new son-in-law. I liked how he won her over with the floating table.
ladyspock7 chapter 41 . 9/17/2014
Yeah, that Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Kittens story was great. Ingenious scheme! Speaking of ingenuity, KMCP's marketing department has outdone itself, embracing Roxanne's new status as wife of the city's most notorious villain. They could have so easily gone the other way and completely trashed her. I like how you've taken that one phrase from the movie ("Has someone finally tamed this monster?") and fitted it right into this story. Because that is more or less what has happened! Though perhaps 'tamed' isn't quite the right word. He has clearly lost interest in conquering the city, because with Roxanne he has found fulfillment and happiness in life, but I suspect that, if he felt it were the only way for him and his new family to be free of harassment and imprisonment, he might well return to his plans of conquest.

I also love the toy brainbot idea. Without that, you know, pesky 'kill' command. I'll bet Megamind could make a fortune on toys alone.
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