Reviews for Monsters Do Exist
Suomalainen-Sisu chapter 1 . 9/26/2011
so so dark! yet so beautiful!

'But that's a lot of Maybe's. You can't bank on 'maybe's'. But you know what you CAN bank on? You can bank on the fact that Kurt Elisabeth Hummel will be violated in more ways than one by the end of the night... stuck, pinned like a butterfly flailing and dying before hung up and framed like a deadly work of art.'

loved this ending.

amazing how Dave really just doesnt care and he'll do whatever he wants to get what he wants. wonderful, absolutely wonderful.

I really adored this oneshot. it fits really well with necrofeeliak's fic as well. so...bonus!

now i need to go read it again, just cos it was that good!

congotandsja chapter 1 . 6/18/2011
This is oddly disturbing but completely beautiful. I love it. Lovely companion piece! I love 'Victim's Don't Tell' so I knew I would love this. Thanks for writing it!
JohnnysGotAnAddiction chapter 1 . 6/7/2011
You two are both totally sick and I absolutely love you for it :D

I love how you've just wrote this in such a raw and unapologetic way. Dave doesn't care what hes doing...what's more, he actually LIKES what he's doing which makes him all the more dangerous (and makes for much better stories, imo!) I love fics that get into the dark depths of a persons soul, the hidden part that nobody is meant to see, what people keep hidden, only when people like this guy come along, they are proud of it and play on it..

I just have to also mention that this: "Maybe you'll never get bored, maybe you can keep him locked up in your basement forever, your dead little fuck toy. Maybe you'll kill him.

But that's a lot of Maybe's. You can't bank on 'maybe's'. But you know what you CAN bank on? You can bank on the fact that Kurt Elisabeth Hummel will be violated in more ways than one by the end of the night... stuck, pinned like a butterfly flailing and dying before hung up and framed like a deadly work of art."

is beautiful. The writing, the imagery, the whole poeticness of it i think is really beautiful. In short, I love this fic, I love you & I love that fic & I just want to roll around and read them forever in some sick, evil orgy. Or something. :)

PS. To NikkitheDead: I don't think it's odd or particularly weird that you're disgusted by rape... that's a GOOD thing! And as for the whole laughing at horror comment, maybe that's because you (and loads of us) have become more desensitised to it? rape is still quite shocking. I know a few people who have confessed to having fantasies of being raped and I was quite nonchalant, knowing they were just fantasies, yet one time a guy told me he had a few fantasies of raping someone and it weirded me out for weeks. BUT ultimately fantasies are just fantasies, fiction is just fiction, and even though you can laugh at someone's limb getting torn off in some movie doesn't mean you'd do it yourself or laugh if it happened to someone in real life right in front of you :)

(apologies author, i would normally PM something like that, but it fit in with the story and the review..) but as this is ultimately about you, just want to say again great job on the story and if there's anything more like this then please, keep them coming :)

Johnny xo
nikkithedead chapter 1 . 6/4/2011
It's weird, because I want to comment, but I have nothing to say. I guess I don't understand why raping Kurt is so fun for you guys (I've read necrofeliaaks story. Love those A/N's.)

I don't mean to sound like I'm judging you...I mean I am, but I shouldn't be. I guess what I don't really understand is where my own disgust at rape comes from. That sounds funny, but I'm a horror person, and gore is sort of my life. And one of my favourite off-shoots of the horror genre is the horror comedy. I can watch people get their limbs torn off, have their guts ripped from their bodies and get tortured in unspeakable ways and in the right situations (Re-Animator, Dead Alive, Evil Dead, etc) it can be fucking hilarious. When I write a story, I can enjoy killing and torturing and fucked up shit. I can enjoy reading about it too.

But not rape. So what I'm wondering is what makes it so different. It's interesting to think about...
Dbeltfan1203 chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
i finally read it... and i'm glad i did. i liked it. even if it was dark. you write amazingly!
Ryasaurus-Rex chapter 1 . 5/25/2011
Wow that is just wow...

Dark much? And I know you warned us but that was not what I was expecting. Anywho, I'm glad I got to read it because for as dark and twisted as it was, it was written quite well to say the least. So I guess I will have to read his just to see how this was a spinoff of it or a sister fic as you refereed to it.
Necrofeeliak chapter 1 . 5/24/2011
Course I was gonna roll in, stumbling in a half awake state and shout. FUCK YEAH! to this story. So glad you got a chance to post this, it's screwed all to hell but works beautifully as a sister-fic. I appreciate all your author's notes complimenting me, I seriously couldn't have made it to chapter 6 without you!

This is sexy. is all I have to say, and you can line me up against the wall and shoot me for that statement. But I don't care. This story is deliciously sexually delightful. It's pervertedly insane. Sinful. I am quite honored it was inspired off of "Victims Don't Tell." Couldn't be more honored. I am just pissed that I didn't roll in last night, and I conked out lamely on you.

Once again, thanks. You've been a huge inspiration, you've kicked my ass to get moving writing more times than I can count and bolstered up my ego when I'm feeling all pathetic and dumbass. You have incredible empathy for the character's involved in this fic, and write VERY well.

Don't you ever doubt it. The descriptions are sick and haunting, the cruelty is undoubtedly delicious. You took the fucked-upness of the non-con EVIL!Dave and ran with it in a beautiful screwed up way. Thank you for this, thank you for taking the time to write this. Thanks for staying up and talking to me, and thanks for being a perverted but incredible writer. **Army of Spartan Hearts**
Erik's Princess chapter 1 . 5/24/2011
I love this... That makes me a bad person. :/ oh well, awesome writing though, not too descriptive so you mind makes up worse things. :) mwhaha
TheFutureMrKarofsky chapter 1 . 5/24/2011
Dark and tragically beautiful, great job on this story!