Reviews for Insomnia
ASuDC chapter 1 . 5/29/2011
Finally we learn, what caused Alans “night terrors” in the first place...his parents. :-(

This is not unsurprisingly for me...since I always thought Alans parents weren’t nice people and in a way abused him physically (maybe mentally too) in his childhood. :-(

You’ve done a very good job with this story, even though the subject is a little tough. Its very interesting and compelling and I can really feel the love, which Alan and Denny cherish for each other. ;-))) Its sweet, how Denny hovered over Alan even when he gets hypnotized...otherwise he had never agreed to Alans treatment. That is so typically Denny - always concerned about Alan… _

Only the ending was a little unsatisfying for me...after all what Alan (and Denny) have been through in this story. The two of them should have fell alseep together arm in arm...or at least a big bear hug between them would have been in order. ;-))) But that’s just my opinion ;-)

Great it...well done! Thank you for writing it. ;-)