Reviews for Happily Ever After is Worth Fighting For
Sweetie7smiled chapter 61 . 7/1
Neat story! Thanks for writing!
Sweetie7smiled chapter 28 . 7/1
Neat chapter! And Edward's final advice to Seth on the sexual topic was indeed wise. Good job!
Sweetie7smiled chapter 21 . 7/1
Sweet birthday celebration! What a wonderful idea. :) Thanks for writing!
Sweetie7smiled chapter 12 . 6/30
Whoa! Good for you, Sam!
Sweetie7smiled chapter 10 . 6/30
Fabulous gift idea!
Sweetie7smiled chapter 9 . 6/30
Port Angeles was very nicely handled!
Sweetie7smiled chapter 5 . 6/30
What a neat welcome! Nicely done. :)
Sweetie7smiled chapter 4 . 6/30
Very interesting presentation. So much is out in the open from the very beginning! I'm curious to see how it plays out. Thanks for writing!
Sweetie7smiled chapter 1 . 6/30
Fascinating beginning! :) Thanks for writing!
Guest chapter 62 . 6/10
I really enjoyed your story...I've read about 1000 so far and yours was quite good...would love to see a continuation of it...
aamlkb chapter 29 . 2/8
I find it sweet that they all came together to help the needy. It shows that you, the writer, are a very compassionate person.
aamlkb chapter 23 . 2/8
I'm really enjoying your story. I'm sorry to hear people were making negative comments in regard to your writing style. Regardless of my option, this is your story and you should write it as you see fit.
Siriusmunchkin chapter 62 . 12/6/2014
That was a really fun story. Enjoyed it very much. Would have been fun to get to know a little more about Uncle Tobias. Maybe see a few years down the road to when the twins are grown. Maybe you'll do some future takes at some point.
Siriusmunchkin chapter 61 . 12/6/2014
That was a lot of fun. Though it would have been more fun to see Aro and Caius grovel a little more. Does look like the gifts of the twins are known and any vampire who wants to keep his gift/power will not use it for evil anywhere near them. Like that Uncle Tobias is also a shield and that he was turned by the vampire who wanted his blood the most. The Swan's seem to be lucky like that.
Siriusmunchkin chapter 60 . 12/6/2014
So I will admit to following that red herring right into being wrong. Alice and Jasper were rounding up friends to help against the Volturi. You are very good. I should have known better. Shame on me. So now what are the Volturi going to do?
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