Reviews for Oppression
Ariel-Mystic-Siren chapter 3 . 3/14/2015
Beautiful chapter update soon!
RedSkeletonFics chapter 3 . 6/19/2014
Great story! Cute! And to answer your question, my favorite score suite is either 'The Lorax' OST or the 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' one. They're both very "suite". (Haha pun) Anyway, I love your story :)
To Heatblister chapter 1 . 8/25/2013
Have you ever heard of fanfiction? Its meant to be fun and the slogan for is 'Unleash your imagination'. If you like the original ending so much then go watch it.

Heatblizzard chapter 1 . 7/26/2013
I like the original ending better. It's funnier and it is a *family* film made for children.

The best part of the film is all the brand name stuff you see like Casey Junior Cookies or the Chinese food box and many other look a like items thrown in. Even the pizza planet truck makes a return from Toy Story 1 in this film.
tmntlover2013 chapter 3 . 4/17/2013
Great job on the story so far, I liked it alot but try to make the chapters a liitle bit longer next time, but keep up the great work and keep on writing.
goblinesque chapter 3 . 1/16/2013
...I want Hopper now! :)
I was just reading this and I happened to look up at your name and I'm like OMG I KNOW HER! I KNOW HER!
Jebu15 chapter 3 . 1/15/2013
When can we read more of this? Very good!
Starzinmieyez chapter 3 . 8/9/2012
Atta better not send Flik away... Update soon, please :')
Ariel-Mystic-Siren chapter 2 . 10/13/2011
I loved this story so far you must update soon!
Shhhh chapter 2 . 9/14/2011
My only complaint is that the chapters are too short. Aside from that, I can't wait for the next chapter :D
Starzinmieyez chapter 2 . 7/15/2011
This was good again, but why the HELL is everyone saying Atta was raped? She just had her wings ripped off...Or is that the ant equivalent or rape? Anyway, this was really interesting again, but I want to see what happens next, so update when you next have time :D
Groudon202 chapter 2 . 7/13/2011
While I was reading this, one thing struck out - just because Hopper escaped doesn't mean they're still enslaved, as they had still chased the grasshoppers off of Ant Island. So what up with that? Decent chapter otherwise. Length is still a bit pathetic; I advise at least 1,000 words per chapter.
OrganicFantasy chapter 2 . 7/12/2011
Personally I think Atta's being in-character when in comes to the pessimism.

1) She's been raped.

2) Her colony is still going to be "visited" by her rapist and his gang.

3) They might never have another chance to get rid of Hopper and will be stuck with doing the offering forever.

What happens now is going to be tough for everyone, with the exception of Hopper.
ACompanyofSwans chapter 2 . 7/11/2011
That was another good chapter-I like that you've struck a balance between being fairly dark, but also quite hopeful. Flik was very in character, and the friendship between Atta and himself was touchingly presented. The Queen also seemed in character, very caring, and determined to look at the positive. Well done, and keep writing!
ACompanyofSwans chapter 1 . 7/10/2011
Wow! Chills when he ripped off her wings! Although brief, this is a very promising first chapter-everyone is in character, and I love that you gave Atta a chance to shine and be a strong leader. Also, you have Hopper down perfectly, all the expressions and cruelty. Please update as soon as you can, and well done!
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