Reviews for Kismet
ejo chapter 1 . 6/1/2011
I enjoyed reading the story. It's nice and detailed. You're like a pro in writing. D
Mishie Eru chapter 1 . 5/25/2011

Okay, so I realized that I needed to read it again because after the black out thing, I forgot what it was I was to review.

I'm halfway and I found Yuu to be 'manly' here. You know, you couldn't blame me if I see Yuu as this "gay" kid. Lol. When i close my eyes and hear him say things, I'd imagine a girl talking. And here he is having flings.

I agree with Anna's ranting on why Yuu's fling had to be invited when its their gang's get together. I liked how Anna is very fierce here. I think its cool. :))

Nonoko's mom is just so brutal here. How could she beat up her own daughter? Tsk. And its sweet how Yuu kissed her. XD

The transition is just too fast, you know? I got lost a bit and I think there should be more details after they got out from the cellar or when they arrived at the church. But anyway, I like the story. Very few authors write for Nonoko and Yuu. And Hi. :))))

That is all.

-Mishie Eru / Michelle. :
Winterberrytrillium chapter 1 . 5/25/2011
You know what I find nice? I'm called Ria too~ We have the same name... but I have more nicknames. :P Eh... anyway, I don't understand why anyone isn't reviewing... :) Is that enough hints that I like your story? It's original and well-written. I always like your works... other-me... :)

Um... well, 'Dropping by to say HI? :D'

HI! Hi other-me! Ha~ Well, calling me Elle will make things easier. Or you can just call me Other-Me part 2, or something... yeah... Oh, and I love the ending~

Feel free to PM me if you want... if you won't I'd just do that. (I want to get to know the person who has one of my names! :P In short... my half self! MISS RIA LEE!)

Ahem... well, I love the ending by the way.

Last words before I'm off to send you a PM?


HI! Um... love the story by the way~ :)

~Ria. XD... just call me Elle.