Reviews for That Night On Selonia
Obiwans most awesome fan chapter 1 . 7/23/2011
Ahhhh, after a very long day, a bit of a lonely night and all my standard frustrations with this process, I was in desperate, desperate need of some Obi fluff. While I've read this, ahem, a few times, I'm happy to have it to come back to when there's nothing new. The way they are here is so sweet, Obi-Wan is so thoughtful, it's really touching. He may not have been able to say it, but he did love her. Okay, I'm about to make myself cry...

I love reading this :D if I haven't mentioned it yet, fantastic writing!
sachariah chapter 1 . 5/25/2011
While I'm still a fan of Kali/Stonewall over the Obi-Wan pairing, this piece was beautifully done. Obi-Wan is definitely my all-time favorite Jedi, though Qui-Gon is a really special one to my - shame he was liked off so early on.

Anyways, I was very impressed with the "scenery" descriptions - very rich, vivid, and bit grungy. It was easy to just get pulled into the setting and watch the action.

But the killer line for this was Obi-Wan's: "Infinitely worth saving, in my humble opinion."

Total. Kenobi. Brilliance. That is just an awesome line! He takes Kali's slightly "salty" expression, and in his elegant way, turns it into a compliment that is both intimate and humourous. I read that short exchange several times; it is just *so* Obi-Wan. That is just amazing!

I figure if it impressed a Kali/Stone fan, it must be pretty good. ;-)
SerendipityAEY chapter 1 . 5/25/2011
YAY! :D From the moment I saw it I loved it - **And pie.** :D

First of all, I love the timeframe, one I haven't gotten to see much of yet! You have years you can fill in with Obi/Kali goodness and that makes me happy.

**What in the blazes is he doing out here? She frowned and gave a miniscule shake of her head. Go away. I don't need anything from you.**

Love this, I can totally understand her annoyance! He just has to show up being all perfect :P So very Obi-Wan, but he makes up for it later. And of course she's feeling sarcastic about his perfectness, but Obi-Wan is the epitome of a Jedi, and she knows she loves him anyway :)

The strip club certainly could've been interesting, but the roof top picnic was very, very nice! So romantic for Obi-Wan, I loved it! He had me fooled as well, I loved that he planned the whole thing out for her, so thoughtful and kind.

The ache in her knee was a great hint at her past, and hidden little indicator of what Obi might be getting at here, poor Kali.

The dark star filled sky over a city under curfew is the perfect setting! Love it, and he's thought of absolutely everything, I'm so glad to see him put everything aside for her, and give her what she deserves to experience every once in awhile. Of course he only just happened to be there, serendipity, as it were... I love how Obi-Wan can be so charming when he wants to be. ;)

**"No, you didn't," he said, kissing her again. "You just pushed the thought away. Like you do."**

Love this! Fantastic writing! Their intimacy is tangible here, he knows - he knows her, what she's thinking, what she's feeling, it's very moving and touching that he made sure she didn't have to be alone and in a way he's comforting her but also making sure she acknowledges it instead of pushing it to the side. Perfect.

**Something small and hard that had been tightening within her chest over the past few weeks began to unravel as one of his hands made its way to the small of her back**

Perfect, as we know, in the context of Kali, letting her self remember her father and accepting Obi-Wan, love and the Force

I can just picture everything at the end, it's lovely his "My pleasure" was cute.

**But I meant back at the parts dealer: you saved my ass."

"Infinitely worth saving, in my humble opinion."**

Haha! LOVE! so good

**as he leaned on one elbow and regarded her with a raised brow, waiting for what she would say next.**

Again, I can picture this and him running his hand through his longer hair so easily. There's nothing better than when the writing is so good you can actually see the story.

Lovely! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was perfectly sweet and romantic will all the important parts of Obi and Kali that we love. Really, really great. I loved it! Your writing is just as fantastic as always :) More please.
Valairy Scot chapter 1 . 5/25/2011
Lovely, just lovely - and so thoughtful of Obi-Wan. Lucky Kalinda, too.
Just a Crazy-Man chapter 1 . 5/25/2011