Reviews for Oh Ye'll Take The High Road
A Spirit 420 chapter 1 . 5/27/2011
Hmmm interesting start! I was wondering when somebody would do a GTA story in Boston. I hear they have West Coast gangs out there now too as well as the old school home grown Irish ones.

Is this canon or non canon? Anyway when it comes to Caucasians, I think that the Irish are the easiest to get along with. Last ones who still live in ghettos. i live in the West Coast so many ppl don't believe me but the Irish still live in projects.

Shit I lived in Watts and though there were only a couple white kids on the block they were Irish. Not Italian, not Polish but Irish. They told me that the whole ginger stereotype is actually more true with Scott Irish who aren't REALLY Irish.

Anyway the Irish have also been kept down by the man as much as the black man & Native Americans have too.

But yeah I just saw that movie the Town and it was good. I didn't know Charlestown had most robberies in Boston.

I was almost going to do a replica city for Boston myself and call it New London or New Britain to reference New England. & obviously the Red Sox/ Yankees rivalry but in this case the Yankees would be the Swingers since its GTA.

Anyway this Bobby guy seems interesting. I look forward to seeing where this goes!