Reviews for we're one mistake from being together
renzhie chapter 1 . 5/31/2011
why do you make me read TeddyVictoire? -grumbles- ;)

So, this was absolutely gorgeous and for once I didn't cringe at the sight of the pair which I had to give you an applause. It flowed really well and I just loved the interaction between them (Mollysander is always a win too. ;D). So far, I don't see a grammar and spelling mistake and you used and blended in the prompts beautifully,and also didn't change the pairing so yeah, you got perfect *15 points* for this one shot. Congratz! (I swear I couldn't go all formal. ;D)
LiVe.WrItE.LoVe.CoUrTnEy chapter 1 . 5/25/2011
That was AMAZING! It was beautiful in every way and it was like a pure love and it was so romantic. Hardly anything can get me to "Awww" as much as this made me!

I honestly hope your friend is alright! She sounds really cool!

This is just so wonderful! Fantastic job, my friend!

You are an amazing author and I think you should send me a pairing that you like and I will try to make you a fantastic one shot because you deserve one. So yeupp(: