Reviews for Kurt and Blaine's Second Kiss
cole5148 chapter 3 . 1/22/2012
More klisses. This chapter was perfect, I wish it had been in the show. Especially the kiss after I think it's adorable
cole5148 chapter 2 . 1/22/2012
I hope more klisses;-) this would be nice to see on the show:-)
StevieRae2011 chapter 1 . 11/26/2011
AMAZING! I love the Klaine storyline! I've been watching Glee on netflix for about three hours now, so, why not look them up on FF? Haha, actually I googled how many kissed Klaine had in the entire series and it gave me a link to your story. Well, i think i should stop rambling now. Amazing job, i loved it and i bid you ado.
intensewhatever chapter 6 . 10/4/2011
So cute! I loved it!
Marte chapter 6 . 7/15/2011
Yes, I'm all better. And more importantly; Blaine and Kurt (though he didn't seem as worried as his boyfriend in that last chapter) are better. Now; according to urban dictionary, fluff is "A kind of fanfic which has a happy ending or generally happy content, rather than smut (pornography) or angst (sad stuff)." So yes, this time you hit the mark. Haha. Well done. Although I must say that I absolutely loved chapter 5, so if you promise to always follow such sad stories with fluffy ones like this chapter, I'd be quite happy to read more beautiful, sad chapters/stories.

Now, from this story another idea was created, from this line "...was enough to make Kurt want to jump into that car with him and skip the rest of his high school career all together" It would be completely AU of course, but now I'm imagining those two driving around all across the States (maybe running from someone?), struggling to make ends meet by performing at more or less dodgy clubs and pubs, restaurants and coffee shops. Kurt refusing to give up his high-end fashion, and Blaine being his usual dapper self, they constantly face challenges, and this would certainly not be a fluffy story, but when they perform, everything else fades away and they know that everything will turn out right as long as they're together. Oh boy, sorry, this had nothing whatsoever to do with your story.

But yeah... Apart from putting that idea in my head, that line was beautiful (I AM using that word quite a lot, but then again; so is the eloquently speaking Darren, so I'll say it's alright), and assured us (although not Blaine, as he did not read Kurt's mind) that Kurt felt as strongly about Blaine as Blaine did about tweet-teaser was so cute, and I loved it in the story as well. Haha, I was concerned about the traffic safety before you assured me that Blaine was only typing when the car stood still. Great minds and so on... Haha. Yes, Kurt, Blaine's neck really is something, and I should have seen this as a foreshadowing of the ending, which I of course absolutely loved, and will get back to.

«...handy telephonic devices.» ... oh, Blaine... Haha. How I love thee...

The whole section about them actually getting to know each other better when they're not together all the time was great. And so true in general. I loved that. And Blaine leaning closer to say something in a lower pitch... yay! And then Kurt worried about Blaine worrying about him not replying right away. I think you covered all bases in this chapter; there's absolutely no way either of those boys will have to worry about a thing after this. That's fluff!

Haha, Kurt's ways of tormenting Blaine cracked me up. Way to go, Kurt. Such a clever way of helping Blaine to come up with the stuff himself, instead of just feeding it to him. And then four minutes later we're all trembling. Gah, that paragraph where you had Blaine contemplating what to write in reply was perfect. And then you once again cracked me up with the iPhone-purchase dialogue. Brilliantly cute and hilarious. And the no need for abbreeeeeviaaaaating – hahahahahahahahaha. I could of course have made it easier and shorter by simply writing LOL, but hey, I don't need to make this shorter because it's an internet message, and yes, it does actually have a character limit, but it's 10 000 (and now I spent 215 of those explaining the no need for shortening this, and now even more explaining how many characters I spent on that explanation. And I could go on and on...)

11.20: We're not talking about phones anymore, are we? And I think that Kurt is also realizing that? Spending three whole minutes in class trying to sit completely still and only inwardly joining his heart in doing backflips, but not being able to contain the huge grin that has Rachel, who's sitting next to him, wondering exactly what Mr. Teacher up front said to cause that grin, because she's clearly missed it. And then follow three minutes of nothing but fluff, fluff, fluff and text-Klugs and -Klisses.

“Come here” Yes. Perfect. I'm wondering if you may have seen a certain Klaine-skit? No? Mohahaha. That scene by the car was great. I can just imagine Finn being slightly embarrassed, then exasperated then just plainly giving up and actually being cute happy to not have to share the brownies with those two.

Naughty-Kurt cracked me up big time. Haha. Poor Blaine. Thank God he's so dapper. And then Poet-Kurt cracked me up immediately after. Now, THAT was hilarious. And then you cuted it up by having Blaine trying to co-rhyme with him but giving up when he understood that Kurt was evidently on a roll.

And that last convo, after the rhyming... Wow. I barely have any words to describe my love for that section. It was just so perfect. Blaine trying to backtrack, then Kurt boldly saying that he wouldn't mind, then Blaine asking him where he should go, then Kurt saying “anywhere you want”... Oh girl, my heart literally started racing at that. “Wordless, shameless, breathless...” Oh boys, - what you do to me. And what do you (and your awesome author) do to me? I'll tell, you never fail to crack me up, one last time, each and every time;



(That was for Kangaroo, not Kurt)



This is why we don't sext.”

Yup, ROFL! Brilliantly hilarious.

Well, dear, my heart is pieced back together with barely any scars. You are capable of writing fluff, as this proves, you just (evidently) don't always know the definition, but as you are quite capable of writing angst as well, I don't mind terribly.

Thank you for this fluffy, cute, adorable rectification.
Marte chapter 5 . 7/11/2011
Oh. My. God. Darling. You are so good at writing those Klisses. I'll petition for RIB to hire you solely to write Klisses for season 3.

Oh. My. God. Sweetie Darling. How this made me realize how badly I've missed your fanfics.

Having said that, I have to let you know that I'm mad at you. Yes. Because you lied to me. I have it black on white background that you "...wrote some ultra-silly Klaine. It's super silly, the most meaningless yet! Another silly Second-Kliss one. I just kind of wrote pointless fluff for no reason, to amuse myself as I wait for this stupid cold to let go!"

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, and believe that this was the stupid cold controlling your mind. The only remotely silly thing in this, and it's not really silly, because it's probably SO true, was Blaine thinking about kittens and puppies. There was NOTHING meaningless in this, far from it. This chapter is the proof of just why Blaine needs to transfer to McKinley next year; in addition to needing to face his own demons, those two boys need to be close. Pointless fluff, meaning that this won't change lives? Probably true. But it's the fluff-part I highly disagree with you on. Okay, so the actual kissing moment, and the Lima Bean-scene, were fluffy. But the rest; not so much. It was filled with hurt and angst, worries about the future, feeling of being lost and the need to be reassured that this is indeed where you belong, together with this boy. I'll rephrase that: Blaine knows where he belongs, he just needs Kurt to show him that he is welcome there.

Your insight into the mind of Blaine as he sang was perfect. His internal battle and hurt while sitting inside his car broke my heart. And I wished (see, I've finally admitted to myself that it will have no success in fanfiction already written) I could use my telepathic powers to have Kurt running after Blaine up those stairs, and if not kissing him, then at least pulling him in for another meaningful hug, showing his boyfriend that while going back to McKinley was something he really wanted, no needed, to do, it was with a heavy heart. A heart that felt like it had shattered to a thousand pieces as Blaine and the Warblers sang him that song, the realization of just what he would have to let go of in his search for closure and homecoming hitting him hard for the first time. He would consider this as he later sang AIWNSG, - how it in many ways felt like it was as if he and his old school had never really said goodbye, but how at the same time he had changed so much over the months he had been at Dalton, that maybe coming back wasn't going to be as great as he had first thought (something I will write more about in my own fanfic when I finally will get to finishing that...).

Then, the kissing scene. Oh. My. God. Am I repeating myself here? Well, I can't help it.

The emotions ripping through my heart from that scene, through both boys... The questions were so heartbreakingly cute and serious and so were the answers. I loved how Kurt got so emotional and sensing Blaine's heartache that he had to pull him in for another kiss to change the mood. Your descriptions in this scene were outstanding. I could truly see Blaine standing there resting his head against Kurt's chest.

" "Would showing up at your house tonight to see if you can study for a while be too soon?"

Blaine's heart caught in his throat and he breathed in suddenly, noticing that tears were forming in Kurt's eyes now. Kurt's "No" came out ragged and clipped.

Barely keeping his voice steady and not at all being able to hide his tears now, Blaine pulled Kurt in to nestle against his shoulder, saying, "Would waiting for you at the coffee shop after school today be... a good plan?"

"Yes." Wet cheeks accompanied the kiss that punctuated that final answer given in barely a whisper. "

Okaaaay. Heart broken right here, in front of a laptop far away in Norway. I'll leave it to you to put it back together.

LOVED the story. If you didn't already get that from this... Haha. Thank you for this beautiful, sad Kliss chapter. May there be many more.
crissable chapter 5 . 7/10/2011
omg.. i got kind of emotional towards the end.. omg.. just omg.. remembering the SOWK end scene and then reading this? you can totally see how all of this could be flying thru Blaine's head
boriqua522 chapter 5 . 7/10/2011
wow, that was so beautiful. loved blaine's questions and kurts answers. wished the show had gone this route.
Baeden chapter 1 . 6/24/2011
They didn't shoot another kiss. The article took a quite where he compared Kurtofsky and Klaine out of context.

Cute story! :)
Baeden chapter 1 . 6/24/2011
They didn't shoot another kiss. The article took a quite where he compared Kurtofsky and Klaine out of context.

Cute story! :)
Marte chapter 4 . 6/24/2011
Jen, I'm gonna be honest. I thought I'd never get to see this. I've always wanted to see something that the 3D movie will never ever provide me with. An on-stage Kliss you say? Nooo, though that would be a dream come through. I've always wanted to see what goes on in their heads during those performances.

Thank you for this lovely insight. It was adorable. I loved your image of Jeff and Nick grabbing for Blaine, who was no longer there. And Jon (he doesn't have a Warbler-name? We can call him (and here I wake up after having fallen asleep in front of the computer for the second time, trying to come up with a name for Jon...) Guitar Hero maybe, since he was the one who provided Riker with that guitar in Manchester) lifting Kurt.

So, good night, and sweet dreams, and thank you for this super-cute, and hot and adorable story.
SongRider chapter 4 . 6/24/2011
You Know You Love The Blazer! That should be in the movie. I don't think Chris liked it the second time, I think in Manchester. He didn't acknowledge hearing it I think but I could be wrong. I love it when Darren says that!

Do you think they should have kissed after Somewhere Only We Know or was the hug enough PDA for McKinley? What would Finn and Rachel do if that was them? I'm undecided. Anyway they should kiss sometimes!
Unknown1527839 chapter 2 . 6/1/2011
This is so good I like the fact you have gone off plot and made up what might have really happend! :D
Marte chapter 3 . 6/1/2011
Oh my, this was so cute and funny. I loved how you brought Logan into it. When you brought that tall blonde in, I was like, no, she didn't... and then I cracked up when I realised you did. And then Jeff reading Curt's tweet, and Nick's reaction, - priceless!

" - "It just wasn't presented before an audience."

Everyone in the room broke into raucous laughter at that. Kurt added, for effect, "They don't all have to be, you lunatics!" - "

I loved how you tried to convince us all that although we don't see the Klisses on tv, doesn't mean they don't happen. And as far as I am concerned, all your Klisses happened on(off) the show. And how you sort of throw Chris' thought in there as well was great.

And that ending... oh, my... Yes, I find that I am quite capable of surviving the Gleess-Tuesday this summer if you provide me with stories :)
HPJellicleCat chapter 2 . 5/29/2011
ADORABLE. I seriously don't know what else to say. XD
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