Reviews for Speaking Through Silence
shantastic chapter 1 . 8/21/2011
What an interesting and well written story. I really enjoyed how you told it through HotShot's POV, how he slowly figured out what had happened to Optimus and realized that he needed to help him. I also found Optimus' character progression to be very interesting and well done - you walked him right through his PTSD and into success. Thanks for a great story!
Pikaseel chapter 1 . 6/17/2011
LOVELOVLOVELOVELOOOOOVE! This story was great! I can't even begin to explain how awesome it is!
Eikuu Hyo chapter 1 . 5/26/2011
Very, very, VERY awesome job you did with this fanfic. There are a number of after-the-season finale Candice out there, but this is a new take on what could've happened afterwards. You did an excellent job of going through the different stages of OP's recovery and I liked that it was told through the eyes of Hot Shot! Looking forward to seeing what kind of fanfic you'll write next!
Wolf Prime chapter 1 . 5/25/2011
Wow! This story was awesome! I love how you described the story, the characterpersonality, specially Ratchet, we know he has a grumpy acttitude, and he is not very good with that thing to show a smile or be happy, he saw many horrible things in the war.

As for Optimus, you made a alternate story when Lockdown bring him with the Decepticons, I can imagine the great a horrible tortured the Decepticons use with Prime, cause him to lose his voice for ever. I liked how you described how he is trying to trust again with the mechs, and how he shows his fear for been hate for the other Autobots (because they didn't know about the tortured the Decepticons made in him), but I am glad that he returns into the leadership, even if he can't talk, he is a great leader, and a natural experpert of strategy.

Excellent work, my friend! I love this story! I hope you made more of stories of Optimus with other mechs! w
That One Artsy Kid chapter 1 . 5/25/2011
DINO! You're baaaaaack! I missed your awesome dramatic and thought provoking fics! Guessing now that schools ver you're good? *grin* lol anyway, this story. The darkness. Too much awesomeness to contain! At first I was all: 'YES! Optimus! Can't wait for him and Hot Shot to clash heads!' honestly, I don't know why I expected that... Ten I kept reading ad I was 'O.o w-wait! This- this can't be Optimus! He's too- Not Optimus-sy! And timid! And mute! But how is he going to turn into the Magnus?' and by the end I was 'Gaaaaaah! Dino! How do you make Optimus' character so complex and hard to understand at first and ten have it make sense totally by the end of the story?' The slight crypticness of the story gave it a dark blanket, I couldn't stop wanting more. And the last part withthe virus nearly had me going all 'TTTTTTTATTTTTTT Ratchet! Optimus! Hot Shot! I love all you guys!' Once again Dino, you manage to blow up my view on a character I was sure I had down! In the most awesome way ever!