Reviews for Junjou Drabbles
Difying Gravity chapter 62 . 7/15
I kept on laughing and squeelling at this drabble.
Difying Gravity chapter 24 . 7/13
That is one nasty A dream. No offence.
Difying Gravity chapter 17 . 7/13
When Hiroki said Akihiko's B-I-T-C-H I was Bout to H.A.M on him. No one should call Misaki a Beatch. NOBODY
Difying Gravity chapter 13 . 7/13
Misu Niiroke chapter 155 . 6/16
So many drabbles! The sheer amount of volume alone is impressive. I very much enjoyed reading these. I especially enjoyed the moments when the characters were more mature, older and wiser but no less in love. Very well done! I admire you're use of language and play on words as well. Keep it up!
Aurum19 chapter 84 . 6/3
I can see Usagi just breaking into tears after reading that note.
Aurum19 chapter 134 . 6/3
HOW do you write so magnificently?
Aurum19 chapter 155 . 6/1
;) Our innocent Misaki isn't so innocent anymore~...
Aurum19 chapter 74 . 5/28
I'm blushing in pure happiness from this. I think Egoist is my favorite couple.
Aurum19 chapter 30 . 5/28
I can see Nowaki and Hiro-San both binge-watching all the HP movies XD

And that ending paragraph was perfect. "Elder Wands"... XD
Aurum19 chapter 25 . 5/28
I am so happy that Misaki initiated to kiss omg. I need more of the uke initiating the kiss. Because holy CRAP. That was perfect.
Guest chapter 88 . 4/14
Too fucking sad y u do dis
Guest chapter 70 . 4/14
Too beautiful omg
Guest chapter 7 . 4/13
Cutieeeeeee omg
Guest chapter 4 . 4/13
This made me grin from ear to ear
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