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PLLandGG chapter 27 . 8/3
this is lirtslly my 3rd reread of this story and i cry like a baby every time i read this shit ohmygod
Fandomgirl1012 chapter 37 . 8/1
Well damn. That has to be my favorite Zutara fic. You conveyed each character wonderfully. And the ending has me in tears. But! I'm going to trust you as an author won't end this series with ANGST!
tardisissocoollike chapter 27 . 6/15
You really had me crying on this one :( I almost couldn't see because of the tears.
Kimmytrainer chapter 37 . 4/27
Okay I'm still not angry because she plans to save him. I'm just really, really absurdly hopeful, and fortunately that's tempered by my logical side because I can't bring myself to believe it will work until the author makes it obvious that it will work. You've done an amazing job with keeping thing surprising. Time to move on to the next story now! Gotta see how it goes. I just hope Katara isn't going to deal with a rebellion like in THG. That got a little boring.
Kimmytrainer chapter 36 . 4/27
Okay I'm not furious which is nice. I just need to know what puzzle pieces slid together. If this doesn't make sense next chapter I WILL freak out. That won't be fun. I really hope the resolution is okay. I would love it if Katara could save Zuko with spirit water or something. Okay going crazy here, need to keep reading.
Kimmytrainer chapter 35 . 4/27
Okay, I see how we got info about Suki. Interesting. Now I'm really concerned, though, because you keep saying something horrible is going to happen next chapter. Since the last one is an epilogue of sorts, I can only assume that the games end in the next one, whether we actually know about the ending or Katara passes out and we don't find out the details yet. I don't think you'd write a Zutara and have one of them die in the first book of the trilogy. At least, that's what I'm hoping. I think you'd lose some fans if you did that, too. But you could always make one of them think the other is dead, and just have that person escape instead. What was Suki planning, anyway? She said she was going to end something. I guess I'll find out. Still super worried, though. Hmm but Katara has still only killed Jet, so I'm really hoping the second kill is Azula. That would leave Zuko as the one apologizing to her when she blacks out? Unless that scene is in the epilogue (which I would honestly prefer, really). Moving on!
Kimmytrainer chapter 34 . 4/27
I love how this chapter played out. This story is almost over, and I can't wait to find out who the winner will be and what happens to Katara and Zuko!
Kimmytrainer chapter 33 . 4/27
Aww I was thinking about how much of an advantage Zuko and Katara have because they're a pair while Suki and Azula are on their own, but now Zuko is splitting them up. Darn. Anyway, you say we'll get more Suki backstory, which I guess could just happen in the Games during the fights, but since it's from Katara's pov I don't see her hearing Suki blab about her life, so maybe Suki wins? Hmm. Actually, I can't see Zuko accepting the idea of leaving the arena branded as dead. He's too obsessed with honor and his father's respect and the Capital for that. Hmm. Anyway you said earlier that Katara would kill two people. She only got Jet, so she's either gonna kill Suki or Azula. I'd be okay with her killing Azula using blood bending after Azula kills Suki, but considering the snippet where Katara blacks out, I don't think she wins, so I don't think she'll get to kill Azula. Anyway, enough speculating! Onto the next chapter!
Kimmytrainer chapter 32 . 4/27
Sooo you said there would only be a sequel, not a trilogy, but I looked on your profile and saw the third part of this series. Eh, as long as they're all good. Ty Lee really came off as a sweet girl in the end. I'm not surprised at all by Suki's cruelty, really. Jet was very angry, but Suki is far more cruel. I don't know if the games changed her a lot or if she always was, but it's obvious that since entering she's only cared about survival. Hmm, you said something interesting before, that Lu Ten has conversations with the winner. That makes me think that Lu Ten ends up the heir, which means Azula is dead and Zuko hopefully escaped, perhaps with Katara. That preview you gave us just isn't Azula. It could have been a lot of people, but never her. She's pure cruelty. Suki is cruel to survive, but Azula is cruel for fun. I'm starting to think that maybe Katara does win. But then again, that snippet of the last chapter had her blacking out, so maybe she and Zuko end up in one of Toph's tunnels where the Elites can't find them, and then he leaves her there to die because there doesn't seem to be any hope, or something like that. As long as one of them gets away and the other wins, I'm fine with that. Better would be if they both get away, but maybe that's too hopeful. Anyway, to continue reading!
Kimmytrainer chapter 30 . 4/27
Why has Katara completely forgotten about Toph's tunnels? Geez
Kimmytrainer chapter 29 . 4/27
When's it gonna be the full moon? I wish she was paying more attention to it :(
Kimmytrainer chapter 28 . 4/27
I knew you killed Toph. Dammit I love her! I guess I can only hope that she maybe did escape into the tunnel after all. I doubt it, though. Seems to me she fulfilled her role. Well, with only Suki, Ty Lee, Azula, Zuko, and Katara left... I wonder what will happen next? Maybe Azula will win after all, and Zuko and Katara will both escape through the tunnels. With a sequel coming, I find it hard to believe that you'd let either of them die. Besides, if no one escapes the games, then there was no point in Toph's whole plan, and that's just bad writing. You're a good writer, so I'm certain there won't be an issue with that.
Kimmytrainer chapter 27 . 4/27
Okay, so there were six left and then someone died. Azula shot lightning towards Katara and Toph, and Katara didn't die because it's her pov so we know she heard the cannon somehow. If it was the lightning, it was Zuko, Toph, or Suki that died. But you said it would be a surprise, so I doubt it's Suki. It's either Toph or Azula. Ty Lee and Suki just aren't emotionally important enough to the majority of the readers. Either the lightning killed Toph, or someone killed Azula somehow. That would be the dramatic thing, anyway. It's probably Toph, especially since she served every piece of her purpose that was hinted at so far in this story (the tunnels are done, she told Katara about 13 and Zuko, and she saved Katara's life) but I really don't want to believe that. I hope it was Ty Lee or Suki. Oh, also, obviously the Suki and Sokka romance didn't happen.

Speaking of, you made me cry. I almost never cry over things I read, but Sokka's death was just so emotional that I had to. I'm not surprised he didn't make it through the story, but I am very sad. Zuko better stay by Katara and help her heal. If he can, anyway. I still think he'll be the one to win.
Kimmytrainer chapter 25 . 4/26
Wow, only 8 left, and both sibling pairs are still alive. I'm still certain that Katara will go with Toph, and if Zuko isn't invited then I'm pretty sure he's the one that wins the game. It is Zutara after all, gotta keep them both alive if possible. On another note, Azula is way too strong! I mean, not for the story necessarily, but more for anyone to be able to kill her. She shoots lightning for the kill like she's skipping stones or something! Not that that's easy, but it is for anyone who knows what they're doing. Geez she's a total monster. I hope Zuko and Katara take her down.
Kimmytrainer chapter 24 . 4/26
Aww no Aang! Sad :( I expected him to die, at least until the Toph thing came up, and I'm not surprised because I think he serves the plot better this way, as sad as it is. Was he the Rue death or will that still be happening? Also, I'm super irritated by Suki. Really don't like her in this. Also, about Mai, Zuko seemed a little more out of it than either Jet or Katara, despite the venom. They really should have killed her.
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