Reviews for The Black Games
Guest chapter 37 . 11/28/2013
This was amazing! Such an exhilarating ride of suspense and feelings.
Puffie chapter 37 . 11/26/2013
Honestly this is the best ATLA fanfic I've read... the final chapters stopped my heart a few times. Beautiful and unforgettable! Thank you for this :)
poogle chapter 37 . 11/25/2013
great story. im confused by zukos death but ill guess ill have to read the sequel to find out what happens next!
alez chapter 35 . 11/25/2013
First, I just want to say I love this so much. I love how original it is. You're not just rehashing the Hunger Games; you're actually writing a new whole NOVEL with these characters. You're taking the basic premise of the book and putting your own spin on it. They end up in different situations and have different viewpoints. I am on the edge of my seat wondering how this will end. I'm SO glad this is a trilogy; I don't think I'd be able to stand it if I only had the two chapters of this story left!

Okay, second, in this chapter (in reply to a reviewer) you said,

"I think it's how there came to be two winners that was unrealistic. The berries, the fake romance, blah. Having two winners seems like you just don't want to kill everyone but one. So if you're going to allow two, it better be a damn good reason. :P (And I just didn't buy the romantic angle being so effective..but ah well.)

I don't know if you even still read reviews for this story since it's complete, but if you do, then I think you should check out "The Fate of a Crane" by DryBonesKing. I think it does a very good job of explaining the two winners thing.

Thanks so much for writing this. I'm off to read the rest!
AnimeGirl45xoxo chapter 37 . 10/27/2013
WTF?! it was an amazing story... until you had to go and kill Zuko, i dont know what to think of the ending...
babyvfan chapter 1 . 10/20/2013
Loving it. Loving it!
manimeme chapter 37 . 10/18/2013
OMIGOD! OMIGOD! THIS IS SUPERB! ONE OF THE BEST! THE BEST! at first i thought, "inspired by hunger games? meh.." cause personally, i dont really like the romance in the hunger games, but this... this! Everything in it is just pure epicness!
KaterinaP chapter 7 . 10/6/2013
I know this story is complete but I really wanna be a part of it, i'm betting on Toph, and Aang. Its likely Katara will win, but whats the fun in betting on the obvious? :]
engineergirl86 chapter 31 . 10/4/2013
Some serious issues discussed in this chapter... I really hope they both survive somehow
engineergirl86 chapter 23 . 10/4/2013
I just wanted to go back and say that I really liked this chap. It shows Zuko has a heart.
engineergirl86 chapter 30 . 10/4/2013
That was precious. The whole thing. Just precious. :)
engineergirl86 chapter 27 . 10/4/2013
I hated to see Sokka die but i know he has to. You did a very good job writing it. It was very touching.
engineergirl86 chapter 26 . 10/4/2013
Oh my goodness, I just love this story! Perfectly paced and surprises at every corner! I loved how Mai was killed because it was so unexpected. I thought she and Ty Lee would be Azula's 'elite squad' like in ATLA. Your story both parallels and deviates from ATLA and THG in a perfect way. You use little things from ATLA that make it awesome, like Zuko and his honor and how he is a "traitor" for example. And you are also deviating from THG so the story isn't predictable and stale. I love the preromance Zutara relationship and I loved how Zuko saved her from Chan. He was her knight in shining armor. But you don't have too much of that stuff where she is this annoying whiny damsel in distress all the time. AND Unlike other writers you aren't afraid to make Zuko the stronger character which I like because it's realistic. So many ppl are hardcore feminists and they want Katara to whoop Zuko's ass all the time and it just isn't realistic especially in this story when his combative and bending training exceeds hers so much. I agree with what you said about ATLA being unrealistic when Katara mastered waterbending in like 2 months. That was some BS. Is she talented? Absolutely. But holy cow, it would take way longer than that to master an element. I would venture to say it took Iroh, Pakku, Bumi, Azula, Ozai, and even Toph (all the power houses) years to master their elements. And they all started as children and it's much easier to start learning something if you start in early childhood. So I totally agree with you. Anyways. The point of this long review is that I am really enjoying this story and I agree with your opinions on ATLA. You are a fantastic writer. Ok I will shut up now.
ClickyPen chapter 37 . 10/3/2013
I hate to say it, but the ending is a disappointment. I wanted Zuko to win. Come on-magic spirit water. He could have lived.
Katara. Huh. Well, despite the story being from her point of view, I did not see that coming.
BrowniePoints chapter 33 . 10/3/2013
Wow. Dang.
Aang surprised me. I had to read it twice-I really did not see that coming.

I like Foxface!Suki. I think that that is a good use of her skills, and that it would be how she would operate. She sees no purpose in allying with anyone else when she works better alone, and she's quite effective and a great antagonist for Katara that way.

Also, Katara and Jet? Oh, man. Did anyone else think of the Southern Raiders, when Katara bends that huge dome of water and throws the rain at the commander and stops them as icy needles, inches from his face? Scary!Katara is quite entertaining.

Also, I thought Matsu was Combustion Man. Which really, really doesn't make any sense, but I kinda skimmed the descriptions with no names attached and only caught that he was a big, intimidating guy. I guess I probably would have noticed if it had said something about a third eye tattoo, but...well, maybe I wanted to see Combustion Man show up in the Games or something? It would have been interesting, though I bet Azula could have taken him out easily.

Oh my gosh, brb, gotta go write Combustion Man vs. Azula.

Also, I really wanted Ty Lee to outlast Azula. I mean, we know Ty Lee can take down the princess; we saw her do it in the Boiling Rock. Ty Lee hit me hard, just as hard as Sokka.
Ty Lee and Sokka are my favorite characters, and Ty Lee is just so bubbly and happy that the image of her dying that way is just brutal. And at the end, Katara told her she'd done well and that she was a good fighter...heart in pieces, Pettyfer. Pieces.

And I hate to say it, but I hope Zuko wins. Because at this point, with only four tributes left...well, I don't want it to be Azula and I don't really want it to be Katara either. And then Suki is...well, she's awesome, but I want to see things from Zuko's perspective at the very end. So, on to Crossroads of Destiny. Onward!
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