Reviews for The Black Games
ClickyPen chapter 37 . 10/3/2013
I hate to say it, but the ending is a disappointment. I wanted Zuko to win. Come on-magic spirit water. He could have lived.
Katara. Huh. Well, despite the story being from her point of view, I did not see that coming.
BrowniePoints chapter 33 . 10/3/2013
Wow. Dang.
Aang surprised me. I had to read it twice-I really did not see that coming.

I like Foxface!Suki. I think that that is a good use of her skills, and that it would be how she would operate. She sees no purpose in allying with anyone else when she works better alone, and she's quite effective and a great antagonist for Katara that way.

Also, Katara and Jet? Oh, man. Did anyone else think of the Southern Raiders, when Katara bends that huge dome of water and throws the rain at the commander and stops them as icy needles, inches from his face? Scary!Katara is quite entertaining.

Also, I thought Matsu was Combustion Man. Which really, really doesn't make any sense, but I kinda skimmed the descriptions with no names attached and only caught that he was a big, intimidating guy. I guess I probably would have noticed if it had said something about a third eye tattoo, but...well, maybe I wanted to see Combustion Man show up in the Games or something? It would have been interesting, though I bet Azula could have taken him out easily.

Oh my gosh, brb, gotta go write Combustion Man vs. Azula.

Also, I really wanted Ty Lee to outlast Azula. I mean, we know Ty Lee can take down the princess; we saw her do it in the Boiling Rock. Ty Lee hit me hard, just as hard as Sokka.
Ty Lee and Sokka are my favorite characters, and Ty Lee is just so bubbly and happy that the image of her dying that way is just brutal. And at the end, Katara told her she'd done well and that she was a good fighter...heart in pieces, Pettyfer. Pieces.

And I hate to say it, but I hope Zuko wins. Because at this point, with only four tributes left...well, I don't want it to be Azula and I don't really want it to be Katara either. And then Suki is...well, she's awesome, but I want to see things from Zuko's perspective at the very end. So, on to Crossroads of Destiny. Onward!
engineergirl86 chapter 19 . 10/1/2013
renzie17 chapter 37 . 10/1/2013
My aunt is looking at me weirdly from my screaming, "NONONONONONO! NOPE. NO. NOOOOO! NUH-UH. NOPE."
I gotta hand it to you. This is the BTAVEST zutara fanfic I've ever read. And probably one of the best.
But Zukooooooooooooooooo! The emotional urmoil I am experiencing righr now is keeeping me from doing my homework. D:
I live this so much and half-regret not reading it the moment I heard about it around two years ago. Hahaha! Half-regret because i don't yhink I would have taken the cliffhanger. _
DracoMalfoy456 chapter 37 . 9/29/2013
You. Killed. Zuko. T_T
DracoMalfoy456 chapter 26 . 9/29/2013
I am frowning very angrily at you. .-. Poor Sokka. I knew he'd die, and had a theory he'd be the Rue, but still. I liked him. .-.
engineergirl86 chapter 7 . 9/25/2013
This is fantastic! I am so excited! I also can't wait for the Zutara, I have no idea how it's gonna happen, so I am pretty pumped!
Guest chapter 2 . 9/21/2013
Omg i know you've already written the story but when i read about "blind little girl" im assuming its TOPH! Please let her kick butt!
LuciferHynix chapter 4 . 9/19/2013
JokerAtWork chapter 37 . 9/16/2013
had to review this epic story at least once before I attacked the sequel. So many times I was left gasping for breath, from shock or suspense. that last death was too much for me, I was actually really mad, but the story is still a great story, and I have to hand it to you, you exceeded any of my expectations. Can't wait to see what happens next, and can't blame you cos it's your plot not mine, lol you probably know better...
engineergirl86 chapter 4 . 9/13/2013
This is excellent. I am very much enjoying the read.
engineergirl86 chapter 3 . 9/12/2013
I really like this
gema.mendes chapter 36 . 9/10/2013
Katara how did you feel when zuko hugged you to keep you warm
Guest chapter 1 . 9/10/2013
Zuko how did you feel when you kissed katara
LuciferHynix chapter 3 . 9/10/2013
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