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PurseMonger chapter 37 . 9/30/2016
I have to admit I have avoided this story for a long time, since I wasn't the a big fan of Hunger Games and I hate charcter deaths. I'm glad I changed my min though. You have written a very engaging story and I've really enjoyed myself, more so in the last two stories to this series. As I don't want to spoil this for anyone I will review only this story here.

This was a great story. You did a fabulous job incorporating ATLA into Hunger Games. I really liked the twists and turns the games took. I also like that Katara like Katness kinda stumbles her way through the story.

Of course some parts were heartbreaking to read because you did a really good job with the way characters relate to each other, making some deaths emotional. Wonderful job.
newamerykahn chapter 37 . 9/8/2016
Super duper late! But thank you so much for writing this story! I found it really enthralling and began reading it yesterday and finished it today, it was so engaging and well written. I think it perfectly parallels Hunger Games, and as I was annoyed with Katniss in most of that series (I didn't particularly care for her character), the same can be said for Katara. Basically, the same issues I had with Katniss - she wasn't really that strong of a fighter, she was bullheaded, and unlikable yet somehow still managed to get sympathy and unnecessary help [not just from the sponsors, but in particular the other tributes] always irked the mess out of me. The same kind of 'special' allure seemed to center on Katara as well, even more undeservedly, since she didn't have much skills other than having a big heart. (I know you mentioned her other skills were excellent tracking and hunting skills, which seems plausible given how she was raised. However, in most of the story it is other people who seem to be getting big game, and other people who have a better sense of navigation.) I find your writing, however, was much more tolerable than the Hunger Games.

Also, I really appreciate the allusions you included to original ATLA series! I found your depictions of the characters very well thought out and expertly characterized. Aang's depiction was exceptionally good as was Toph's [I was very sad to see Aang go so early, and the death of Ty Lee was so bone chilling, even more so than Sokka's as I cried during them both]. Katara - whom I've always found quite annoying in the series - was also on par. It always really grated my nerves when she stepped into the Agni Kai and cost Zuko a clean win or dishonorable loss. The same can be said here, more so since she is even more outmatched here then in the series. While I understand her reasoning and that she's acting on emotion alone, I find it puzzling that once again she freezes up.

I also find it mind numbing that in the series and in many stories [except those that tend to be AU and characterize other personas for Zuko - in particular, the great 'I Was Not Magnificent' or whatever story it is where Katara is a captive/rebel/warrior with the scar on her face], Zuko always seems to have immensely bad luck and to get injured to almost unrealistic magnitudes for someone who is supposed to be a formidable warrior. While a few times is believable and expected [one can't fight a dragon and come away without some immense scars so I was happy you didn't make that unrealistic ;) ], that people sneak up on someone who is supposed to be a master at stealth repeatedly - in your story in particular, someone who had an 11 for a score - seems implausible. Especially when juxtaposed to Azula - who here is only a hair above Zuko skill wise for her ability to scheme/manipulate and presumably because she can bend lightning - who seems damn near invincible. Also, given the nature of the Hunger Games, it seems as if Azula and her team never had to deal with opposition and remained unscathed. That she didn't experience any elements - Sparrowkeets, MockingJays, etc - that affected her disposition, I think, really made the fight between she and Zuko anticlimatic. A better scenario may have been if she'd heard her mother [since it's alluded that their relationship wasn't great], Ty Lee, etc during the Sparrowkeets attack, and had been somewhat deterred or 'off' by that scenario. That would better exemplify why she seemed 'mad' during the fight and given the edge and made it more plausible that Katara could have won. I found that a bit unrealistic given how Azula was depicted throughout the series that she would suddenly lose her shit and let her guard down for a peasant that: has been injured drastically throughout the games, had broken fingers, a broken ankle, malnourished from the lack of food, close to dehydration, little to no bending skills, little to no fighting skills, and is facing exhaustion from all the running juxtaposed to Azula who has, presumably, experienced little to no harm throughout the entirety of the game and whose bending skills are at master level and is extremely skilled at hand to hand combat.

Finally, I also don't know how someone who has only learned a few waterbending techniques in three days lasted as long as she did with Zuko. Presumably, someone who is more on level with Azula, when Katara and he had an agni kai. In the series, I understood their long intense fights given Katara was quite skilled, however, in this that doesn't make sense unless he restrained himself. Also, with his bleeding hands and wounds - why couldn't he just cauterize his wounds with his fire..?

LOL, ok long response critiques. Hope you don't take offense; I have this response as I was invested in the story (:. Thanks for the read!
Guest chapter 27 . 8/23/2016
I've read this story before a long while ago, but that was before I actually really got into Avatar. I mean, I watched the show when I was younger, but I didn't really remember too much when reading this story. I'm going over it again now, and even knowing in advance about Sokka, this time I actually stumbled through this chapter crying my eyes out. I don't know how you did it, but your writing was so emotional and powerful that I'm still tearing up writing this. And I can honestly say that not once, in memory at least, have I cried while reading something. I don't know, it just never happened. Maybe you're some magical being or something, who knows. I just wanted to let you know this, even though this story is kinda old and you probably won't even see it, but you have a amazing talent in writing, and I hope you never stop.
You know, I don't know what it is with these stories that do it, but reading this, and even when reading The Hunger Games, by the end they just sort of leave me feeling so depressed and in disbelief? Like, you look back and remember all these tributes and characters, and you realize they're all dead. Like right now I'm still remembering when Longshot was alive, Smellerbee, and poor Aang, who I still can't get over. It's just so heartbreaking to know that, just some time ago, they were there, alive and breathing, and now they're not. Just one by one, they're picked off and agjkihnjkllb!? I don't know what I'm saying anymore, this has to be the longest review I've ever written, i'm sorry haha
The Story Siren chapter 27 . 8/15/2016
This chapter made me cry. Hard. Continuous tears down my face. Major props for that. Everyone else is right when they say that this story is more moving than the Hunger Games is.
TheLiability chapter 28 . 8/13/2016
1 stop with the sexual tension just kiss already
TheLiability chapter 30 . 8/13/2016
lmao who knew applying medicine on each other would be the start of such stark sexual attraction xD
TheLiability chapter 28 . 8/13/2016
1 stop with the sexual tension just kiss already
TheLiability chapter 30 . 8/13/2016
lmao who knew applying medicine on each other would be the start of such stark sexual attraction xD
TheLiability chapter 36 . 8/13/2016
love it
TheLiability chapter 5 . 8/13/2016
I mean I like the fact you incorporated hunger games esque storyline but it would have been more interesting if it was more creatively driven and original
limonium chapter 37 . 7/27/2016
i feel so goddamn dead on the inside this is goddamn zutara he must live in the sequel i swear to god
limonium chapter 36 . 7/27/2016
i know the storys been over for a long time but what the fuck what the fuckity fuck how why Why WHY OH MY GOD I CANT HELP BUT WRITE IN CAPS AND I AHDHUDHEJSDH GURGLES
Dr.BlackCoffee chapter 37 . 7/22/2016
Dr.BlackCoffee chapter 8 . 7/22/2016
S*** Song's OUT? (Well, she wasn't really a capable fighter, herbs and all)
Guest chapter 37 . 6/16/2016
This story is amazing!
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