Reviews for Ice Crack
afrozenheart412 chapter 1 . 5/27/2011
Ohhh, very cool story! I love the humor at the beginning with Danny falling on his butt, LOL! But you had my heart when his body stopped trying to fight the cold...thank god for Mac and Lindsay!

Favorite part

"Come on Danny," Lindsay urged.

She went through the process again. Mac resorted to the chest compressions. After a few minutes and still no movement from Danny.

Tears streamed Lindsay's face. There was a pain filled cough. Danny was alive… alive but coughing up a ton of water. Mac shot up and rubbed his hand on Danny's back trying to comfort him. Once he had a steady breathing rhythm, Lindsay didn't hesitate to pull him in to a hug.

"Montana…" Danny croaked.

"Thank god," Lindsay stated.

"You okay Danny?" Mac asked.

"Yeah... Thanks," Danny coughed.

Lindsay smiled at Danny before leaning down and kissing him. Sirens were heard in the distance and Flack smiled."

Danny finally got a kiss from his Montana, LOL!