Reviews for Reflections of Friends Past
cassibill chapter 1 . 6/3/2011
I swear I posted this yesterday! grrrrr

And you weren't really wanting Prentiss. You write her so well though. Plus you got a cool prompt. Lady A's just awesome. Had to set NYN on repeat to read this.

It doesn't matter who she's supposed to be, that sarcasm and biting wit leaks out. It's part of her charm. It reminds me a bit of "Parasite". She's struggling to keep all her identities straight.

It's not the identity she misses, it's the people associated with it. What this is doing to them. That's the hard part.

Love how she was so proud of seperating herself from Emily, but as soon as she starts reflecting on the team, she's herself again.

Thoughts of Hotch first. He was her first link to the team even as rocky as the relationship was. He respected her in the end. She earned it though. They are so alike it's a little funny. Stiff, proper upbringing, the martyr complex. Two peas in a twisted little pod. Either one would go to the mat for somebody.

And forcing JJ out was one heck of a fight. That girl is a bulldog when she's set. Yep, she's there as many hours is not more than Hotch. "Trying to make me look bad by putting in more hours than I do?" She came back from maternity leave early and would have had Henry at the BAU if Garcia hadn't intervened! JJ's all about the people though. The team, the victims, the families. She'll do whatever they need.

or being their for the victim's families at the worst moment of their lives there

and gotten created the knew identity of Rachel Martin to protect me. new

Yep, JJ protects her family. From themselves if need be. Shoot a bad guy. Sure, where's her gun. Orchestrate a government plot to fake a death and smuggle an injured woman out of the country in the middle of the night. Hand her her phone and she'll make some calls. That gungho attitude is always fun.

That bit about Rossi's turning point was spot on. "Why do you care?" "Because you do." He settled in quite nicely after that. He's made himself a place in their family and it works. "Dad" can bend or break the rules when "Mom" can't work inside them.

I din't really notice it at first but I really liked how Rachel/Emily kept going back and forth with the pronouns. She can't keep it straight in her head. She flips back and forth between first and third. The slight sway in the tenses really show how mixed up she is. Who she is. Who she was. The girl needs a drink.

Even Nobody got a turn. Poor Em those maternal instincts really need an outlet. Sergio was a really good idea.

I won't be able to finish guiding her through these early days of her career with the bureau? not a question

Seriously have you ever known the team not to step up? They're watching out for her in your place.

The colors and things she surrounded herself with, were her way of letting the sun keep shining in her life no comma

Garcia can always make anyone smile. She's just infectious. People tend to feel the way she feels and, as long as the team insulate her, she can pull them back from the edge. Right now she's too close to breaking and the team is feeling it. Yes Garcia will keep Emily alive in her own way. I wonder how often she put flowers on the grave.

Who ever would have though the two of us would bond over Vonnegut. thought

She can't leave out her partner can she? Those two fit. Both are action oriented. Tough. They don't bond easily, but when they do they never let go.

Feel that he had failed to protect a member of his family. Felt

Yep, he has not taken Emily's death well and Doyle will feel his wrath I suspect. Of course, Em, JJ, and Hotch may get it for a while too. The others will have to talk him down, but he'll get over it.

Poor Spence. He doesn't take loss well. His reaction in the waiting room is the one that broke you. Reid is a trigger for any protective instincts someone has and the team has plenty. He's going to be seriously hurt by it, but then again Emily will do something no one who has left him as ever done. She's going to come back. I hope that will score her some goodwill.

You have to feel bad for her. All she can do is to sit back and worry about them.

Everyone of them was like family to her. Every one

For their safety and their own, I think one of these is meant to be "her" and not "their".

She is sooooo screwed up right now. She needs what she can't have. That just sucks.

This was awesome. You keep saying you don't write Emily well, and then you turn out pieces like these. I should send T'Prynn to straighten you out.
Bren Gail chapter 1 . 5/29/2011
I liked how you used the prompt, Need You Now. I loved the last line.
Flames101 chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
This was the theme song I chose for Emily. And I think you did an awesome job!
Alice Prince chapter 1 . 5/27/2011
I think that this is exactly how Prentiss would have reacted to this whole thing. The characterization is spot on. Great work!
Graveygraves chapter 1 . 5/27/2011
Knowing that you have said before you're not much of an Emily fan I think you have done a great job of reflecting how she feels about the friends she's lost.
Marauder-In-Disguise chapter 1 . 5/27/2011
Awww...poor Prentiss. Good use of the prompt!