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trufflemores chapter 6 . 10/7/2012
You are scarily good at predicting the future, Caitlin. I mean that as a high compliment, because I have never encountered a fanfic author with your uncanny ability to write what's going to happen in a mere three months after this takes place. What I'm referring to in this case is the Shelby and Puck interaction regarding Beth. Given the time frame during which this was written and the complete lack of mention of Beth in the second season, it amazes me that you've brought it into this so accurately. Their reactions are spot on. The dialogue is incredibly in character, and you've really captured their voices perfectly here. It was amazing to read and know that this took place before season three aired. Hindsight actually proves to be beneficial here, since I wouldn't have appreciated that half as much (I still would have been impressed, since so many threads are often forgotten canonically that could easily be followed) as I do know. Incredible job.

Moving on: I adore how distracted Blaine is because all he wants is to spend time with Kurt but they're in separate cabins and Kurt has his own priorities at camp. Such as auditions. I love the way you compared their reactions, and how Kurt actually enjoys auditioning whereas Lucy is nervous (as I would be, too, and I think most people can definitely relate). Blaine's reaction at the end was priceless. /Now/ he cares about whether or not he got the part, and I loved that he got the part just because he was so happy. The brief Karofsky encounter was interesting and again re-emphasized that Blaine is more aggressive than Kurt when it comes to Karofsky. It's an interesting dynamic and I love how you explore and develop it. You're better than canon when it comes to Blaine, because you stay within the boundaries of what we're given regarding his character while still developing him even more. It's beautiful to read about and I love it.

I also love the bonding activity. At least someone (Mike) has an idea about how to handle it. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of those. And I also loved how the ND boys wanted to challenge the Warblers to a Frisbee match again. It was adorable the first time around, and the fact that the Warblers had soccer to prepare for and the ND boys had football was perfect. I love the way that you mingle all of them together, and how all these little subplots come into play. It makes for an exciting, captivating read.

And what is this madness, indeed? Rachel not getting a lead is actually a refreshing change. I can't wait to see how she reacts, and I'm glad that Kurt isn't too bummed out about not getting a major role. Again, it's incredible how this ties in to season three, with the exception that Rachel did actually get the lead and Kurt's role was slightly more degraded (unless Artie took creative liberties and gave Officer Krupke a small musical number).

I loved this, and I cannot wait to read what's next. Such an incredibly story.
trufflemores chapter 5 . 10/7/2012
See, you are the author that gets it. That understands that, after a certain point, Kurt no longer actively fears Karofsky, but he still has reservations about him and what their relationship is supposed to be like. They'll never really be close friends after what happened at McKinley, but it's clear from later episodes in the season (I'm looking at Karofsky's apology to Kurt in the second season and Kurt's reaction to Karofsky's suicide attempt in the third season) that they have a mixed relationship. It's no longer pure hate on both ends, as it appeared to be for the majority of the first and second seasons. Kurt thought that Karofsky hated him and he hated him in turn, but the reality was more complicated (Karofsky kissing Kurt showed that), and ever since they've sort of been in limbo as far as re-constructing their images around one another. So I really think it's great that you address Kurt's response to Karofsky being at summer camp with him, but that you don't exaggerate his concern or his avoidance of him. Kurt doesn't actively seek Karofsky out because he doesn't know how to handle their situation, but at the same time, he doesn't actively avoid him because he isn't really afraid of Karofsky anymore.

On the other hand, Finn and Blaine are definitely still afraid on Kurt's behalf. On Finn's part, I think it's largely ignorance of all that has transpired (which means that Finn only has the barest knowledge of all that went down between them) and all that has happened since (apologizing and whatnot). He failed Kurt in a lot of ways for the majority of his high school career, and so he's been sort of making up for it ever since. In that way, it's understandable that he would be overprotective of Kurt and hostile towards Karofsky to ensure that the cards are clearly laid out and the consequences of breaching the unspoken rules known.

Blaine is different than Finn, though, because he knows a lot more about what happened between Kurt and Karofsky and is, if anything, even more overprotective and hostile because of it. He knows exactly how scared Kurt was and, having been in Kurt's shoes at some point in time back at his old public school, he still has a lingering hatred of bullies in general. Blaine, I feel, has a lot of scores left unsettled with his past, and so in a way, he lives vicariously through Kurt when it comes to the bullying, and he doesn't want to forgive Karofsky so easily. (I honestly think that Kurt told Blaine about the apologizing and the suicide, but Blaine still doesn't think that Karofsky's a non-threat). Of course, the suicide storyline takes place later canonically than this story does, but there's already evidence that Karofsky and Kurt's relationship has morphed by the time we've reached the summer camp storyline, but Blaine's still clinging to that ideology that Karofsky hasn't /really/ changed.

It reminds me a lot of how he reacts to Sebastian's apology. For a time, he seems almost painfully oblivious to Sebastian's advances, chatting with him and even giving information about the New Directions to him. After the "Bad" performance and the consequence slushy incident, it's clear that Blaine's attitude towards Sebastian has changed, an almost severe transformation from passive to aggressive. The way he talks about it in Glee club when he finds out that they're not going to do anything indicates that he's still very upset and angry about what happened, and when Sebastian apologizes to Kurt, Santana, Brittany, and him, he seems the least willing to forgive him. So, really, you've predicted the future with this story, and I mean that sincerely. We haven't seen all of that yet at this point in time, so we don't know that that's a part of Blaine's personality lurking underneath his dapper persona. You've constructed his attitude towards Karofsky based off canonical interacts that, to this point, haven't yet given us solid evidence that he would react this way. Yet, in the next two seasons, it's all too clear that this is /exactly/ how Blaine would react, and I love it.

You are extraordinary, Caitlin. Absolutely extraordinary.

Onto the chapter itself:

Kurt is adorable. I love that he wants to discuss making out in a hammock with Blaine. I'm not surprised, either, since Blaine is the reason he wanted to go to summer camp in the first place, with musical opportunities being a secondary motive. Their date was adorable, and I love the way that they're cozy and sweet and adorable with each other. And I thought that it was really interesting how Karofsky looked on and was actually jealous that they were able to have that little moment of intimacy together and not be judged for it. It's understandable, and it makes me wonder how Karofsky would react to being propositioned to by another guy.

Can I just say that I love how you've included so many other relationships in this as well? Tina and Mike are adorable, and I love how encouraging Mike is. When Tina pictured herself on stage impressing her family and friends, my heart actually broke a little for her because it's no surprise that she would feel that way. If Mike's family is any indication of high expectations, then I'm sure Tina has to compete to prove herself as well. It's interesting to read about things from her vantage point, and the two of them were presh. The Jesse and Finn argument was interesting, too, since they are such different personalities. I loved how Santana had to coax Brittany into coming into the lake, and my favorite scene outside of the Klaine date was easily the Sam/Mercedes convo. I'm not even a fan of their relationship and I still loved it.

You just write everyone so well. Your characterizations are flawless and I love it.

Such a lovely chapter.
trufflemores chapter 4 . 10/7/2012
I loved this. This story is easily one of my favorites of yours (I know I say that a lot, but really, this one is up there; it's phenomenal and I love it), and so re-reading it is so much fun.

I absolutely love how you've divvied up the New Directions and Warblers, and even included some newbies into the mix. The car rides to get to the camp were hysterical. I love how Mike is the only morning person in the group of ND boys coming in, and how Puck thinks it's a boner-killer to have to wear a seatbelt. They were adorable, but the ND girls cracked me up. I can't even imagine how Santana managed to survive the entire car ride with Rachel Berry singing under her breath the whole way, let alone without attacking someone. Thankfully for the rest of the car, she didn't have to vent steam on any of them, but it seemed like a near thing by the time they got to camp. Good thing Mercedes and Mike were the designated drivers.

Kurt actually managed to break my heart a little in this, because he's so adorable and excited but at the same time he's already homesick. Even at Dalton, he was still close to his family and only a relatively short drive away (two hours is pretty far, but it's very manageable to go to and from in a day), but going off to summer camp means being almost completely isolated from them. The fact that even Finn picks up on it in the morning is telling, and I love how Finn tries to comfort him even though it reminds him of his own homesickness, too. I just really love that you included that, because no matter how fun camp is, there's always that ache at first that comes with leaving home for any extended period of time.

I love how Blaine's there to make him feel better, though, and doesn't push him to talk about it when he clearly doesn't want to. The arguments on the Warbler/Lark bus were adorable, and I love how they were more excited about Disney princess movies than the Bourne trilogy or Fast and Furious. "Prairie dogs" is the most accurate description of Jeff and Nick that I've ever read, and I loved their high energy compared to Jo's complete lack thereof. Must be fun to have a roomie that stays up until three AM baking the night before they have to go to camp. (Note the sarcasm.) Adorable.

The way that everyone settles in at camp was perfect, too. The pacing was nice and, even though there are a lot of characters, you've managed everyone incredibly well. They all have distinct personalities which makes them easier to remember, and the way you've paired them off in different camps makes for an interesting dynamic. I'm not surprised that Francey ended up as Blaine's counsellor, but I love it. I can't wait to read more Anderson siblings, because I adore the way you write them and the way that Francey appears at the end was perfect.

I also think it's interesting how Blaine and Kurt reacted to Karofsky. Even though Kurt seems to be doing his best to ignore the fact that Karofsky is there, Blaine is incredibly agitated. It's a nice contrast of their personalities since Kurt's more passive when it comes to arguments whereas Blaine can be more aggressive. I love that Blaine told the ND boys to keep an eye out for Kurt even though Karofsky isn't in Kurt's cabin. It's interesting that Blaine and Karofsky are in the same cabin, and I'm looking forward to seeing how that all plays out.

All in all a truly lovely chapter. I enjoyed it, and I'm off to read what's next.
trufflemores chapter 3 . 10/7/2012
Oh dear God, I loved this even more than I remembered loving it.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Leroy happened.

"Blaine Warbler! Rae Rae, is this the vaguely Eurasian boy you tried to seduce?"

Caitlin, I love you. And I adore your works.

I'll start with Kurt, since he's the mutual favorite. I adore the way you write him, his disgust and horror at being inside a Target store and actually having to buy clothes. I love how Finn actually has to manhandle him into the store, and Carole and Burt have to physically block him from exiting it once he's inside. He's adorable to begin with, but the talk about putting him on one of the kiddie leashes cracked me up because I had a very clear mental image of a young Kurt sitting on the floor wearing a kiddie leash while Burt tries to coax him into walking and eventually sighing before taking it off. I'm actually thinking about prompting you to write something like that, now, just because the sheer adorableness of it gives me all the kickyfeet feels.

I'm going to switch over to Carole briefly here because I love how prepared she is. She's the perfect mother figure in Kurt's life, and the way that she has all their lists made up and knows what she's doing when everyone else is clueless is perfect. Burt's resignation to the task of hauling Kurt around the clothes section was sweet - I can just imagine how helpful Burt would not be in that particular situation, since he has his own distinctive style and wouldn't really know how to compromise with Kurt - but I loved that Carole was already one step ahead of the boys and had called in 'reinforcements.' Her attitude around Anna Anderson makes me want them to be besties so they can talk about their boys and embarrass the stuffing out of them.

Anyway, back to Kurt: he's so precious in this, because he still has preferences but at the same time, he finally warms up to the idea of 'plebeian' clothes enough to pick out his own pair of shorts. I love how he has certain hard limits - 'jorts' - and refuses to wear tacky Hawaiian t-shirts, but I also love that he's willing to concede defeat when Blaine details what it would be like to wear his designer wear outdoors all day at camp. The fact that he even is comfortable enough to tease Blaine about swim trunks is adorable, and I can totally see Blaine picturing Kurt swimming and having all the shirtless Kurt feels. I love how they steal a kiss behind the jean rack, too; adorable boys.

Speaking of adorable boys, I /love/ Blaine in this. He's so calm and confident to start, but he's not condescending, and he comforts Kurt just the right amount. He knows that Kurt genuinely loathes being forced to change one of the most important aspects of himself - his wardrobe - but he's also perceptive enough to convince him that it's important that he do so rather than trying to accommodate his expensive clothing. I love how experienced he is with the whole pre-camp shopping routine, and how he's comfortable even in a Target store's clothing department whereas Kurt is largely repulsed. When Kurt mentioned his horror at the button down plaid shirts I laughed, because I love the character irony. Here Kurt would never willingly set foot in a Target store if he could avoid it, whereas we know that Chris Colfer has shopped there before and wears plaid button down shirts with fair regularity (see: book tour).

Blaine and Kurt were just absolutely precious.

I also adored how Blaine and Francey bickered at the beginning. The elbowing and shoving before being separated by Anna made me smile. Once again, the way that you write their relationship is flawless, and I love Francey Anderson.

Wonderfully done. I really enjoyed this.
trufflemores chapter 2 . 10/7/2012
I remember Karofsky being brought into this, but I had forgotten exactly how you did it. I'm not surprised that Mr. Schue is the facilitator of such a change. He seems to be the type to take a very proactive role in bringing troubled students under his wing, regardless of whether or not they want to be tended to, and suggesting that they join the Glee club. Jake is the most recent example, but we have canonical material with Mr. Schue coaxing Puck and Finn and, yes, even Karofsky to rely on, so I really love that you've brought that back around in this. It's the most plausible explanation for it - I highly doubt that Karofsky would have sought out the summer camp on his own, let alone a musically-oriented one - and it also ties in what we've seen from Mr. Schue and Karofsky's relationship in Season 2 during the Sue Sylvester Superbowl Shuffle episode. Here, of course, we don't know if he'll actually join the camp, but hindsight benefits me and there are also hints that he's considering it. His reaction is more passive than aggressive. He's not overly offended that Mr. Schue offered, and ultimately, he walks away with it as a topic for consideration rather than another letter to shred and throw away.

So I really liked how you included that. And Karofsky's introduction into the story adds an entirely new dynamic, since Karofsky has definitely changed by the time we reach "Thriller/Heads Will Roll" since his first days bullying Kurt. (Of course, he seems to have a regression the minute Finn asks him to join Glee club, but it's like you've portrayed here: he doesn't leap at the opportunity and he's wary about accepting at all, but he still recognizes that he has potential and it's not a completely repulsive idea to him.)

Great characterization. Really.

Moving on to Kurt and Finn, I love how you've shown the struggle Burt undergoes internally before he makes the call to pay off Kurt's expenses. There would definitely be second thoughts about it because it is a huge expense and Burt and Carole have already sacrificed a lot just to send Kurt to Dalton. Of course, Burt knows that this was the right decision and recognizes that Kurt has already had to suffer more than enough to earn it, but it's still a residual ache and sending his kid off to summer camp where he won't even be able to really see Kurt happy and cheerful and enjoying himself is a hard decision to make. But I love that Burt goes through that whole process and comes to the conclusion that, yes, he will do this, because Kurt deserves to have a good, mostly stress-free time that'll ultimately benefit him in the long run.

Still, I'm incredibly curious about who paid off Kurt's tuition. I love that you brought that element into this so Burt's able to pay for both Kurt and Finn to go. Mostly I love that Burt doesn't even hesitate when the opportunity is given for him to reclaim the money and go on a honeymoon with Carole instead of sending his stepson off to camp with his son. Burt definitely deserves Father of the Year award in this. What a great man.

Kurt's and Finn's excitement was adorable, and I cannot wait to read even more of this. This is my favorite summer-based fanfic ever, and I just adore how many characters you've included in it. (Admittedly, mostly Kurt and Blaine, but I love the rest, too!)

Excellent job!
trufflemores chapter 1 . 10/4/2012
I'm in love with this story already.

I adore how excited Kurt is that he gets to go to summer camp with Blaine. His sulking was cute but also understandable, given that he had planned to spend the summer with his boyfriend when said boyfriend ground said plans to a halt by announcing that he was going to summer camp. Which, thanks to Mr. Schue, now Kurt can, too. I love how Mr. Schue's impulsiveness finally paid off for the Glee club. Normally his plans have lackluster, borderline catastrophic results, but this time around, it definitely worked out well for the New Directions. Not to mention Kurt. Who is adorable and excited and gets to spend at least eight weeks of the summer with his boyfriend at musical theater camp.

Finn's generosity was really sweet here. As I've said before, I love the way that you write brotherly Furt, and you capture it perfectly here. Finn sees that Kurt is really unhappy and knows that he can remedy it and so he steps in to do so. He hasn't always done that in the past, even though he's clearly had his suspicions about Kurt's behavior, so it's refreshing and sweet to see him doing so now. Kurt deserves a break, and even though his parents had to pitch in a substantial amount of their funds to send him off to Dalton, this is a different cause and Finn did the right thing by stepping in. I feel bad that he won't be able to spend the summer with his girlfriend as a reward for the act of kindness, but maybe things'll work out for the better for him, anyway. At least he seems pleased with his decision, and Kurt's thrilled, and Burt and Carole are both proud and I have all the warm Hudmel feels.

And Klaine feels. I love how you opened this, with Kurt sulking and Blaine slowly warming him over to the idea of summer camp with a little healthy bribery. I love that he doesn't judge Kurt for the amount of condiments he puts on his frozen yogurt, even though I'm sure other people were side-eyeing him. It's just adorable and sweet that Blaine already knows about his tendency to eat his feelings and therefore knows better than to comment on it. Adorable boys are adorable.

This was such a lovely beginning, and I'm excited to (re) read what's next!
tpring2tpring2 chapter 10 . 9/22/2012
WhatKatyDidNext chapter 10 . 9/8/2012
Love this so far! I can see it's been quite a while since an update but I'd love if you continued. And not just so we can get sexy Klaine hammock makeouts :-D
Staryligthts chapter 10 . 7/24/2012
Please continue this! I know it's a year old but...
Anyway, I am loving seeing all the characters in a new setting. Great job!
Eponime chapter 10 . 7/13/2012
Adorable Klaine... *sigh* my heaven... :D I adore this story.
StereKlaine chapter 10 . 6/10/2012
i really like this story :) really hope u update soon
StereKlaine chapter 4 . 6/10/2012
Ok i like this Teddy kid... "Who are we mad at?"
orphanedacount chapter 2 . 6/5/2012
ether blaine or mr shou
Hey Napoleon chapter 1 . 4/27/2012
I totally miss this story (I followed it last summer)! It's still one of my faves and I do hope you carry on with it someday! It's amazing and so original! :D
babyourenotalone chapter 10 . 4/22/2012
Please update! I love this story so much!
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