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Saxzer chapter 50 . 9/30/2014
Oh god.. saddest last chapter. god im crying.. thank you for such a wonderful drabbles.
EdeatheDemonFox chapter 50 . 4/7/2013
Oh my goodness, these were all amazing, adorable...hilarious. xD I really liked how you did the Xion and Vanitas pairing. I also love how you kept Vanitas so in character. You made me fall more in love with him. And with Sora, though I didn't think that was possible! Lol. Anyways, great work and I definitely want to see more Sora/Vanitas from you in the future.
kage kitsune no yami chapter 50 . 1/9/2013
That was a perfect ending to this:) Very good work!
Yue Asuka chapter 38 . 11/14/2012
ROLF at this chappie! XDDDD
Minty Sakura chapter 15 . 7/15/2012
So both are ten? And Vanitas is already speaking like /that/? Jesus, is it Zack's fault, or one of the kids at school? XD

* I have to say that out of the first few chapters (peh, 'few' xD), this one (along with chapter... /12/ I believe) has to be my favorite :)

* Aw, Vanitas looking out for his brother by teaching him how to stand up for himself by swearing :D ...Wait, what?

* LOL -Aerith comes in- Busted

* Side note: I like how you put: "What in the worlds" rather making the word "world" singular :) It's ingenius LOL.

* And Sora's ending to the chapter (and of course, Vanitas too) just topped everything off perfectly ;)

It was a cute chapter and I had a good laugh xD

Minty Sakura chapter 14 . 7/15/2012
Now I'm getting around to reviewing chapter 14 (hopefully 15 and 16 by tonight as well -.-)

* I love how you write Sora Young, or teenager ;) He's just so adorable LOL.

* Hehe... Vanitas, you're so mean to your brother :L

* Terra sticking up for Sora? That's actually... quite realistic LOL. Well, 'realistic' in the Kingdom Hearts canon-way xD;; Plus I'm pretty sure with all the people pairing Aqua up with Vanitas, Terra /probably/ isn't /too/ ha- -shot-

* And Sora rushing to Vanitas' defense is so Sora-like :L He sticks up for nearly everyone xD

* Oh come on, Terra! You have Aqua and Ven xD (well, he will if he doesn't know them in this particular chapter)

* So... how old would this make Terra if Sora and Vanitas are kids here?

I liked it
And I'm going to try and just review, so I'll be skipping my "ending notes" for a while unless there's something I feel like commenting on xD

Minty Sakura chapter 13 . 7/13/2012
Yay, I'm finally getting around to reviewing this again! :D On a side note, I'm really disliking this new "review box"... I think I prefer the one where you can move it around despite the text being the most sh**-iest out there... Now, it's scroll up to read, scroll down to comment, scroll back up because you forgot something to mention, and scroll back down.


* Vanitas and Riku getting along just seems so... It just /fits/ xD AU, I mean ;) I think the Riku and Vanitas in the game would probably kill each other within a day.

* Poor Sora ; I've been in that situation before...

* Hee hee Riku talking about monsters is something I could see in the game when those two were kids... Plus Kairi of course ;P I mean come on, who else will Riku have to show off in front of? xD

* Aw, rivals/friends starting out young

* Sora going to Vanitas for clarification? To convince him that the monsters really don't exist? Bad idea, Sora, bad idea ;)

* xD Scolding Aerith... haha... Maybe when Riku and Vanitas are older, they can talk with Leon about how deadly Aerith is ;D

Cute chapter; very humorous

Minty Sakura chapter 12 . 5/19/2012
Haha! Review number 400 for you, and yay! Roxas and Ventus :D (I'm convinced that Sora and Roxas are my favorite (they're tied on my list), but lately, I've been falling for Ven e.e I mean, he has Roxas looks and Sora's personality... Basically a mix of my two favorites xD)

Ah, I never thought of the Prize Pod Unversed ;P It's a cool connection in my opinion :)

I'd kill for some sea salt ice cream xD I plan on trying to make it soon... I heard that it tastes bad though :P Who knows?

* Come on now, Vanitas, leave Ven alone xD Now I'm a bit curious about how Ven got his Wayfinder charm before the start of this fanfic :) Did Aqua make it for him, or someone else?

* In a way, I kinda see Roxas standing up for Ven... In an odd... weird kinda way :) I always depicted Roxas as the youngest (biologically) yet older mentally... Just with a shorter temper :P

* In this one, Ven is the older twin, but in your "Red Thread of Fate" (which I'll start reviewing once I slowly get over my Ventus/Xion fandom xP), he's the younger... Hmm... It's hard choosing which "age" I prefer Ven at :P

* Vanitas saying "You're /dead/, Ventus!" just seems so in-character... Is it /bad/ that I could hear Osment's Vanitas voice in my head when I read that line? e.e

* Obviously Ven is lying, Roxas ;D He did something, or... maybe he /is/ telling the truth and Vanitas just snapped.

* That's an interesting quirk Vanitas has xD I like it ;P

* Roxas' last line in this chapter was just brilliant. 'Nuff said ;)

Loved it :D

Lien Hua
Minty Sakura chapter 11 . 5/19/2012
Okay, first off: Making Namine Vanitas' friends is kinda... fitting (*gets shot*) and the /way/ they become "friends" so to say is very imaginable too :) Two, yay for Sora/Kairi \()/ And three, the darn site screwed up my reviews DXX Oh well...

* Aw, Namine is so cute :3

* Um, I don't want to point out mistakes, but when Namine said: "You wish Sora was here to keep you company huh?", shouldn't the "was" be "were"? I don't know; maybe it's just me e.e Disregard this if you want.

* So Vani misses his little brother, huh? ;D (Vanitas: ...)

* By any chance is Vanitas picking up "kidnapping girls" skills from Axel ;P

On to the next chapter xD

Lien Hua
Minty Sakura chapter 10 . 5/19/2012
It would've been pretty bad if Vanitas /did/ leave Sora to starve ;D And Vanitas and I would've had a small talk xD

* I love fanfics where Roxas and Ven are twins It just... I don't know, it just /fits/ xD And with Cloud as their father? It's ingenius ;) I can't wait to see how you play them out (and I'm going to seriously stop here because I'll overrant about Ven and Roxas e.e)

* You know? For some reason, I love Chi :) Sorry if I said this before; I just like her for some reason xD

* Vanitas feeding the cat before feeding (or offereing food in this case) Sora? Sounds quite in-character to me ;)

* Hehe, talk about taking advantage of Aerith's words xD I think I should keep that in mind when someone says "feed yourself".

* Funny ending ;D

I'm really liking this so far :) I always disliked Vanitas (because of his personality), but you seem to bring out a side that is often overlooked. When I play (or /watch/ in this case) Birth By Sleep, I see Vanitas in a somewhat new light :)

Minty Sakura chapter 9 . 5/19/2012
Sorry this review took so long Dx (as well as the "future-others" that are bound to follow) Week has been really hectic and I'm trying to put all my free time into writing :P

I agree with you on that: Vanitas as a kid /would/ make an adorable troublemaker

Real review:

* Poor Sora xD Everywhere he goes, Vanitas follows just to torment him :) (in a good way, if there /is/ a good way e.e)

* Riku giving orders when constructing the sand castle just seems to fit :/ I see where he got his raft-making skills then ;)

* "Vani" is an interesting nickname for Vanitas ;P

* -sigh- Selphie... The "hopeless romantic" xD (can you tell how much I like her? ;) Nah, she's cool... To a point.) It's nice to see FF characters (besides the parents) here though :P

* xD You did a good job of writing out Vanitas' "embarrassment" about being tackled by a /girl/ ;P

* Heh, Sora is so blind sometimes xD

Cute chapter (again)! :D

Minty Sakura chapter 8 . 5/2/2012
Heh, let me see if I can get in one more review...

* Makes me wonder why Vanitas never played the "robber" ;P Poor Sora xD

* Vanitas with a short temper? -sarcasm- Who'd have thought? xD

* Chi sounds about just as evil as her owner ;P They make the perfect team - like a puzzle.

* I hope Sora's okay e.e Poor thing...

* ...I'm a bit concerned/worried about Zack's parenting ; Guess this stuff is just banter to him :P

Heh, two reviews in one day on a tight schedule... Must be a new record xD

Anyway... Again, really good chapter :) This fanfic is actually very entertaining

~ Lien-Hua
Minty Sakura chapter 7 . 5/2/2012
Hey, this is "CherylSnow"; I just changed the pen name at the last minute - in other words, I changed it to something more compatible before I became 'well-known' (IF that ever happens :P So far, all I have is one fanfic that hasn't been updated in... a while -_-).

So, as promised, here's the long awaited review for "Polar Reflections" (I'm sorry it took me so long; school has been running me into the ground -.-)

* I think it was very wise of Vanitas not to argue with Aerith ;P After all, she /is/ kinda scary, no?

* You get these two spot-on in-character :) It's near-perfect for a near-perfect chapter :D -is shot-

* Sora being the one who 'sleeps in' doesn't surprise me ; And you do a good job bringing this out into the open :)

* Hehe... Smart thinking, Vanitas ;)

* Imagining Vanitas with/imitating Sora's voice is quite... well... it just /fits/ somehow :/

* xD Perfect ending, mate :)

Well, I liked it There's nothing else for me to say - I just really liked it :D Humorous, really...

Yes, about this account... I plan on continuing reviews through this account, meaning I won't start back on chapter 1 to review; I'll continue from here (chapter 7) on out. Hope you don't mind :)

Well, I'll get to reviewing the second chapter as soon as possible. (God-willing that be tomorrow...)

Keep it up

~ Lien-Hua
Inita chapter 6 . 4/11/2012
Aerith is more deadly than Zack...? Man, I really have to start playing the Final Fantasy series e.e Or... Was it that you were referring to that one scene in Kingdom Hearts II when Sora, Donal, and Goofy were about to enter Tron's world? ;) Hehe... It [this chapter] may not have been one of your favorites, but it has some pretty good morals and a typical brother-relationship deep within...

I can't really write a novel-review for this, so I'll summarise by saying: That was very nice and loyal of Vanitas.

And it was so... /typical/ of him xD I know he never had a chance like this in BBS, but you just did a really good job of illustrating (or writing in this case) this alternate characteristic of Vanitas ;)

Nicely done...

~ Inita
Inita chapter 5 . 4/11/2012
Yeah, I'm sure Vanitas has friends, but just isn't very... outgoing to talk about them in contrast to Sora ;P

Aw, Sora... He's so adorable :3 And I sound like a broken record e.e In a way, I sorta agree with Vanitas: It is a bit intimidating when you're not-really-but forced to get to know a large group of people e.e Shyness usually beats you to the gun before anything else... But regardless, kudos to Sora for that /sly/ move dealing with Xion ;P

And... Vanitas/Xion? Hmm... I /never/ thought of this pairing before... I suppose it's better than Roxas/Xion though ;P I'm looking forward to more of it

~ Inita
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