Reviews for Will You Be My Daddy?
Guest chapter 49 . 8/25
I'm so happy it's Kyoya!
ShadowAngel100 chapter 54 . 8/25
This story is amazing! I'm glad I read it xx I love it and the ending was great! :)
ShadowAngel100 chapter 49 . 8/25
This is great I love this and I'm so happy Kyoya is her father! :)
Guest chapter 48 . 7/8
R U PLANNING TO GIVE ME A HEART ATTACK? Im not prepared yet;-;
Whatever i love ur story
Guest chapter 7 . 5/24
Pffft XD oh my...
arabella.moore chapter 5 . 4/1
Tchundjong chapter 2 . 3/18
I know it's late to say this but in Japan they don't give out tips because it is considered an insult if you do... Just saying...
R chapter 53 . 3/8
Wooo done at 7am they make an aweasome and totally cute family
R chapter 49 . 3/8
rainbows and sparkles shoot out my face hole screaming crying tears AWWWWWWW they gunna be so cute
R chapter 46 . 3/8
It's 6am still reading just vomited sparkles and rainbows at Taeko saying she wants her dad to be Kyoya LOVE this fic
R chapter 19 . 3/8
I LOVE this fic I'm just fangirling at 3am wanting all of them to be the father but I know that's not how it works and they all make awesome dads
Guest chapter 54 . 12/12/2015
Amazing story!
MoonPrincess623 chapter 52 . 11/17/2015
I think she should end up with them all. And carry all their babies.

I think its ironic that none of the host are gay, yet mommy ending up with daughter lol!
Anna Rosa chapter 47 . 11/2/2015
im confused is her name takeo or taeko
mistymoonbeams chapter 51 . 8/2/2015
Ahhh this was such a good fanfiction I don't know where to start (even though I haven't even finished it yet) All the characters were in character for the entire thing, it was well written and really interesting. Taeko was a really funny character, and worked well with all the others. Keep writing! And I hope you enjoyed writing this story as much as I enjoyed reading it.
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