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WeirdRaptor chapter 14 . 6/26/2014
I kinda have to side with Tenshi in the whole Tenshi vs. Momiji thing. As a professional who ended up having to deal with an angry, hysterical person who thinks that she did horrible things to Mysteria, her own actions did nothing to dissuade the celestial from continuing to think that.
Mizuki00 chapter 15 . 8/23/2013
Now you need to UPDATE! Date arc! Are feelings to be confessed and returned?

GAH! More!
Mizuki00 chapter 3 . 8/22/2013
Gensokyo is not bound by common sense. Simple as that...
Mizuki00 chapter 1 . 8/22/2013
Whoo! Crack-pairing! I welcome all Yuri pairings! I like how you write and it seems that I'll stay till then end...
Omegahugger chapter 15 . 6/29/2013
This is where it truly begins! Now, sleep with thi- Sorry, that last part has become a reflex.

Actually, I expect to see us in our twilight years, when we recount this epic tale of love and lampreys to our grandchildren, mention this as the pivoting point, the exact moment in time when the fates of both songbird and celestial were forever intwined.

Okay, more to the point, this was a good chapter. However, I feel like you've somehow managed to raise the bar on your own writing. Okay, that might be a bit confusing, but to be honest, even I am confuzzled by the feeling I get from this chapter. The writing is just as good as you usually do (if not better), but I kinda feel like it wasn't enough here. Which is weird, I know.

I usually praise your pacing, and to be fair, it is still ten times better than what is usually found around here. Despite this, I feel like Tenshi's confession was rather sudden. Not in a conversational sense (... well, it was sudden like that as well), but we never get any hints that she has planned anything. Heck, up until that point, we didn't even know that Tenshi knew that she had fallen for Mystia. Perhaps if you had shown how Futo's story affected her, it would have come as less of a surprise.

Speaking of Futo, she was a surprise as well. On the other hand, she fit well into the story, and seeing someone speak old english is always nice. She also helped move the story along and presumeably allowed Tenko to gather her thoughts and examine her feelings.

The small language notes at the end are also fun to read. If you ever need an OC, try making it speak entirely in Esperanto, could be fun. I would like to comment that the word "sky", at least in danish, actually means "cloud", and not "sky/heaven". Those are both "Himmel", which sounds like it came from German to me. I know that this doesn't matter (and that you'll probably correct me as you know more about this than I do), but I cannot help but comment when I see something like that

(Note: Omegahugger does not condone needless OCs in any way. Please consult your doctor before use)

Also, only two chapters left? I know that it isn't my story, and I don't know how you plan to handle it, but it seems like a bit too little time to me. I cannot see how it could avoid getting rushed like that. However, I also feel that we have two different ideas of how/when this tale is going to end, so I'll just sit back and what your genius work. (besides, the last time I convinced an author to extent his fic longer than he intended, it turned from an above-average story with tons of potential to one of the worst fanfics I've read)

So write on! You've come this far, so no going out and leaving poor Myschi and Chiko-chan in the dust at this point!

P.S. I apologise for the delay. I had some technical difficulties and other distractions. For some reason, I have a hard time writing reviews when my little sister is around.
JoergenJetsam chapter 14 . 6/7/2013
No, Tenshi, don't be discouraged by Suika!

Other than that , nice chapter. I really, really love this pairing, at least in this work.
DschingisKhan chapter 14 . 5/1/2013
Fun, so far. Tenko doesn't get much proper attention so I don't mind slow updates. She's maturing fairly well; it's rather believable as far as Touhou goes. Write when you are able; your readers will wait.
JustYui chapter 14 . 4/14/2013
I'm always pleased to spread interests and ideas in the world :)

That aside, the Myouren crew is my favorite group in Touhou, so seeing them in this chapter with Mystia (who had her own tsundere-esque moments here) and Tenshi was very refreshing, and it was a great "welcome back to the web" for me that this had a new chapter.

The casual humor and mellow plotline with action moments shows in this chapter, it seems, and while alcoholic Shou is still something I'm trying to adjust to, it's a pretty neat idea. More than the hungry Shou I usually find and envision when digging around, at least, since it's the first I've heard of it :)

Lastly, the only thing that bugged me here was that Suika didn't think of bringing Yuugi and Iku to party like onis again. Man, Tenshi seeing Iku all slobbering drunk like that...lulz would be had. And of course, the funniest and cutest part of this fic was Kogasa. It's always nice to see the youkai moe again
Omegahugger chapter 14 . 4/8/2013
Wahahaha, look at all the chapters! Truly this s a glorious time!

Someone get me a Parsee, 'cause I'm jealous of the jealousTenshi-chan's cuteness! (- That is your "Your pacing is great" for the week)

And Choujuu Gigaku finally gets mentioned. I thought about nominating it or "next idea", but when I reached that part of the review, I had forgotten. ' Of course, we didn't get to see anything done, but I assume that happens in the next chapter.

Also: Momiji was struck by a TENSHI BEAM! Part of me wants to comment on how it technically isn't a laser, but Nitori has no way of knowing that (unless she has gotten her hands on Marisa's Grimoire, of course), so my nitpicking soul will just have to shut up. It was also good to see my comments be heard (whether it was deliberate or not)

I am running out of words, so II'll wrap up soon. It does make sense to worry about chapter length, as it has an impact on how the story is read. Every time you change a chapter, it takes you out of the experience, even moreso on a webpage than in a book. On the other hand, too long chapters can be overwelming for the reader as there are "in chapter bookmarks", so if the page suddenly closes,finding were you left off can be hard. That being said, I don't think you are anywhere near any of those problems. C:

So write on! Don't worry about the small details, because your instincts are good enough to bypass them!

P.S. A hurt Tenshi's cute too.
Another Man chapter 14 . 4/7/2013
What? Even Aya's paparazzi has its influence on the heavenly clouds of... Heaven? Oh right, common sense has no place in Gensokyo. The part about Suika telling Mystia about her drunk party, I can only think of a lot of things that would happen if Tenshi overheard the story, or if Mystia decides to tell her.

Length of story isn't really a problem if your story has both meat and bones. You weren't too over-descriptive and whatever you wrote sounds perfect for one chapter. Myself, I prefer short stories as I'm the busy person type, but your story has captured my attention well without the need for OCs.

I give you the honor as being the first author and story I place on my favorites and follow (high time I did that anyway)
JV-Tosshin chapter 14 . 4/7/2013
No need. t is a pleasant length. Perfect for late-night reading.
JustYui chapter 13 . 4/6/2013
Alright, all caught up :)

It was interesting and kind of nerve-wracking that my guess was dead on the mark, but because of a crow tengu being mentioned rather than wolves. Like with Mokou, you did a great job portraying Momiji and it was fun to see she and Tenshi sharing heated words like that.

And of course, above all else, this is finally the part where a tsundere character (or at least, she seems tsundere enough to me) gets a starting confession out. From here, things are going to be very interesting no matter what you do; I can just tell. I eagerly await, as today happens to be, wouldn't you know it, Saturday! :D

You could always - after the kappa finish their maintenance - send Mystia and Tenshi down to Former Hell. It'd be interesting to put a heavenly being in Hell, and Mystia would have the chance to meet another avian youkai. Who knows? You may even be able to write a second party with Yuugi and Suika, or even have Myschi go down there because there's an oni festival coming up!

lol, low-level Mystia and nigh-invincible Tenshi hanging around a whole city of drunk-on-their-asses oni, including at least half of the Four Devas. That's just begging for hilarious trouble :)
JustYui chapter 12 . 4/6/2013
Oh, my.

The usual tsundere-esque antics of Tenshi continue, and the two really seem to get along now. This new twist is very interesting, though. Given reviews for the next chapter that my eyes happened to catch when I was looking for my own to see where I left off, I have a very bad feeling about where Mystia is.

Kidnapped by the tengu. I hope I'm wrong, and that she's really just being forced to party with them not unlike Whore was just a few chapters back :)
JV-Tosshin chapter 13 . 4/5/2013
Oh, Aya, you clever bastard, you. Creating news stories like a total baws.

Nice to have you back, Msr.

Nice chapter, as always.
JustYui chapter 11 . 4/5/2013
This was another warm chapter, filled with...well, warmth. lol

As I've been doing, I was listening to Vitamin String Quartet while reading this chapter. Hearing Master of Puppets on violins made Mokou seem especially ominous. I was actually afraid Mystia would get turned into yakitori in this chapter XD

You're a very skilled writer, and I imagine you can only get better as you hone your skills and your mind. And perhaps this is just me being crazy, but I seem to be saying more and more profound things. Could it be that your writing has finally reawakened my long-sleeping mind? Or, at least, a combination of you and VSQ

So, even if it was only a possibility, I give you the highest of fives for bringing my mind back to me.
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