Reviews for The Road Not Taken
Littwink chapter 3 . 8/4
God, I hope Harry tortures them.
Guest chapter 22 . 5/9
Nicely written! love this idea
Calmzone1 chapter 22 . 5/5
great AU. I stumbled here from somewhere else, probably fell out at the wrong Floo. That being said, I'm off to troll your profile to pray I find a sequel - can't wait!
stevefocus chapter 13 . 4/3
I hate the way Harry still wants to get with Ginny even though she's a cheating whore. It make's Harry look like a weak fool who just wants to bury his head in the sand. He would be better off looking for a fresh start.
tlyxor1 chapter 22 . 3/18
Enjoyed very much. Thank you for writing. -t.
Mari Wollsch chapter 22 . 11/16/2015
great, hope you sequel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
raelemrys chapter 14 . 11/11/2015
Goody two-shoes Harry. It's-Okay-To-Be-Abused Harry. Dumbledore's puppet Harry. Married-a-Red-Haired-Poor-Witch-with-Muggle-Sympathies-(it's good as a muggleborn as he could get)-because-He-Has-A-Mother-Complex Harry. WTF*ck! I better just read canon. I jumped to read Chapter 14 hoping that something will happen to get this Harry's head up from being buried in the sand. No such luck. Typical. I hope the books will never find their way in any school curriculum, kids might think it's HEROIC to be abused both by his family and society. And that having ambition and the right skill sets to fulfill it is evil and slimy. And that being HEROIC is definitely better even if you kill some people along the way. That is the point you know, both in this story and canon HP. James Potter and Lily Potter thought it's okay to have a child during a war and continued to participate even if they are being targeted already without caring what will happen to said child if they die. Poor parenting skills and this fic's Harry inherited it.
AlexiCyn chapter 22 . 10/30/2015
What an absolutely FABULOUS spin on the Harry Potter universe! This was a complete pleasure to indulge in! :)
Dreamfall chapter 22 . 9/17/2015
Really enjoyed this. It really found it interesting what things you kept the same and what you changed, and I liked how you did the changes. I especially liked how you handled Ron: In a lot of fics where Ron and Harry aren't immediately best friends, Ron is written off as purely selfish and manipulative if not flat out evil, and having him be a flawed child who we can still hope will grow up and into himself is a pleasure. Off to check out the sequel!
RandomObsessionsOfMine chapter 22 . 9/7/2015
Seriously? Why have you stopped writing? This is spectacular.
irnzenmonk chapter 22 . 5/18/2015
this was awesome.
Avalonemyst chapter 22 . 2/4/2015
misherukuro chapter 22 . 1/21/2015
Great first year. ,
KK chapter 18 . 1/8/2015
I love how you make it so that Harry can't do things the same way twice and I think you have quite a bit planned for later years but right now it almost seems a bit like you don't have much planned to change the plot.
And I just have a pet-peeve of mine that I've noticed you using more and more as time goes on. When stories replace Ron with another male best friend of Harry, especially when they aren't too fond of Ron and then turn around and have the replacement use all of Ron's best dialog. Yes I know it's really good, and he comes up with some great lines but lets face it: Ron's the one who said that. Just making someone Harry's best friend doesn't mean that Draco or Neville etc would say the exact same thing. In this story it would be reasonable to see Harry saying something he remembered but otherwise, please don't throw in so many quotes by Ron said by another character. (I've been slightly traumatized since I read a story where Ron was evil and Draco was the bees-knees but almost everything that Draco said was identical to what Ron said in cannon. So please excuse my irritation.)
Fast Frank chapter 19 . 12/29/2014
The projectiles shot from crossbows are called, "bolts".
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