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Strawhat100 chapter 20 . 7/10
Finally XD. Good work.
Guest chapter 40 . 7/10
You little shit, you invest so much into something so good and then just shit on it. Good job fam
Astiar chapter 40 . 7/3
I loved it. Well except for the no end part but I can see why that happened. This would make a great idea and I real wish the plot was my writing style because I would snatch this up in a heartbeat. But unfortunately I couldn't do this justice so will leave it someone else. Please put an update saying someone has adopted it when another writer decides to add to or rework this gem.
andrew.hark90 chapter 10 . 6/7
jadenyukix20 chapter 10 . 5/26
Uzumaki spiral chapter 33 . 5/13
I can't believe it this chapter was brilliant!
Guest chapter 40 . 4/26
Go fuck yourself
Super special chapter 1 . 4/25
Detinc chapter 40 . 4/20
I enjoyed reading this daimond in the rough. It was fun, and took a twist to Naruto that I had yet to experience. It must have been difficult, starting story where Naruto uses genjutsu. The way you took Kurenai and Naruto's relationship also added that drama aspect. You built up the characters, then added surprises that came out of the blue. During the chapters where Naruto wonders who are his minders, I actually took my own guess at who it could be. It took me about five minutes to realize who it was. And I was correct.
It felt like reading a murder-mystery novel, and finding out who the perp was before the book got to that point. Exciting.
I understand that you have a life outside of writing. And I know where you're coming from. That's why I am not too put out by the open ending. But I still hope for the day you give this story an official end.
On my thoughts of the end, it would make sense to have Naruto confront Kurenai about her watcher status. But I don't believe that calls for permanent separation. It would be a twist to have Naruto leave Konoha, do a little soul-searching or something before returning heroically. Or not so. Meh, I'm sure you would officially end this in a way that would be good, if you ever decide to take up writing again.

Good job, Master Fanfic Author.
spiritsong15 chapter 30 . 4/18
This was a really great chapter! But I have a question. I know it's not going to matter much since you have already completed the story. Didn't you make Naruto a chunin in the last chapter? I'm asking because in this one you said he was still a genin.
Richard chapter 40 . 4/13
I loved your fanfiction and i can't say i've read any like it except one but yours is still on a whole new level on it's own. I loved the subtle suspense throughout as well as the development of the plot. I probably won't find closure from the ending but i'm forever happy to have read this rework of the story.
fan chapter 40 . 4/12
I completely respect your choice in discontinuing this story or picking it up later. I would ask though that you remove this story from the complete category. I only wish to read stories lately that have a ending and was rather disappointed when I reached your authors note after filtering the search to only show complete stories. That being said I think you did a good job with this story and that the choice of kurenia as the betrayer was very realistic. It made me wounder though if she was reporting to the hokage should he not have know naruto was not receiving the training he should have been before he left on the deadly mission to wave? Also why did the slug sennin not do something about narutos living conditions after she became hokage or give him his families scrolls? She was so angry when she found out but did nothing about it when she became hokage.
Kylo Azarath chapter 11 . 4/12
Awesome story it up.
arinasution5 chapter 30 . 3/31
salasdaniel74 chapter 40 . 3/27
Well... You could have done a flashback of how they were planning to get naruto and the 2 girls together that needed him to be at the next rank of shinobi and didn't know when. When he finds out he message them via henged clones and they tell their leader. Having them join the exam as audience before their departure. After passing and getting his outfit he decides to tell them what he knows and has papers for ninja transfer to the lightning country or snow country with recommendation of the leaders of each country and clients from their missions he received thanks to the toads getting the paperwork as quickly as possible when they thought of the plan after their showerly fun.

That's all I got to continue the next 2 chapters... using a cellphone to type this so sorry for the lack of proper terms as I forgot them.
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