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Tim Collins chapter 2 . 4/27
The other boy, meanwhile, scratched his head as he slowly made his way down the small hill, "Well, yeah, I mean... That's why I was asking why you weren't frozen. If something gets incased in ice, they stop... you know... breathing. Even if the air that blasted out of the ice kept it in some vacuum that kept it preserved, you're still looking at horrible amounts of organ failrue due to them just shutting down 'cause they aren't being used. See, with that weird light and those glowing arrows, I figured you might have some trick or something for staying alive. Maybe a sort of magic that doesn't make a lick of sense. But that doesn't mean your animal friend has that. Especially if he was underwater when it happened and got water in his lungs."

Too autistic, no need to read further.
axel100 chapter 35 . 2/28
SoulOfsunlight and any others who have made this similar comment. Yes Appa is a normally peaceful animal from a society that value peace. But protecting your friend or owner does not require you to be a warlike berserker. Dogs make excellent pets but are sill more than capable of dealing with intruders. Appa has show himself more than capable of defending the Gaang as well on rare occasions. So yes, those moments when he lets them down are valid points of criticism.
axel100 chapter 63 . 2/18
A great wrap up though I still question the conclusions you draw. You let the Fire Lord off too lightly and no measure of the fire nation’s “modern outlook” can justify its behavior enough to excuse its behavior. Still, I enjoy reading this story a great deal. I’ve read it 3 times already. Yes, I know your sick of hearing about it, but if you ever feel like taking on LOK, we would love to read it.

Random Reviewer, You made so good points in your reviews but it’s easy to make snide comments while not allowing the author to contact you. So next review, how about actually signing on so the author can offer some kind of rebuttal. Or as Woody Harrelson would say, "Nut Up or Shut Up!"
mainstreet52 chapter 65 . 12/30/2016
Oh, oh my.
I’ll start with a brief background. I actually watched Avatar: the Last Airbender as a marathon over this past summer for the first time, having had it recommended by a friend. I did the same for The Legend of Korra a few weeks ago, and from there have started poking around the fanfiction world. I absolutely loved both shows.
But you might notice that I’ve been on itself for quite some time now, mostly around the Harry Potter universe, but dabbling into quite a few others as well.
I’d also seen a few abridged series, comedy fics, etc. for various properties, so when I saw this I figured I knew what I was getting into. I’ve spent yesterday and today reading this. So I’ll just review the entire series in one gulp here. It’s how I usually read fics.
Consistently amazing and well-done. I loved it. There are indeed so many ways for so many things to be so much smarter. But then I guess the characters are teenagers for the most part… I remember being a teen. I still deal with teens, most of my life.
I tend to be a passive reader. I generally have too much respect for the writers, or artists, or whatever might be involved, to start going all out on nitpicky wars. As such, I never bothered pulling out a notebook. I thought about things, and they were reasonable consistently. Except for perhaps the last point. We know for a fact the first Avatar was about 10,000 years ago, thanks to Korra – with the Harmonic Convergence and all that – so I think it’s really the 1000 Avatars number that I find to be a gross exaggeration, and thus a simpler explanation to this issue. Aang is probably the 98th Avatar. Possibly 94th or 90th, but I think 98th is most likely. The rest of the whole thing is really solid, though. Yes, absolutely more can be done. And while I think we start to see some of it in Korra, I think it really provides some interesting ideas for the next generation – for after Korra, when the tech would seemingly vault into the modern times.
The way everything connects to a very manipulative Iroh is a really interesting interpretation. It reminds me of the very popular manipulative Dumbledore trope. I think it works quite similarly. Something to think on.
(And yes, I have some ideas about that. A fic maaaaay be coming. I may not have the drive to finish it, though – it’s a common problem with me.)
I happen to live in San Diego myself and think meeting up at some point seems reasonable. I love making friends online! (I get I might not be what you had in mind, since I’m just doing one super-review rather than been with you through all of them, not to mention this being more than 4 years after your post. But seriously, if I reviewed every chapter, it would get very repetitive very fast. I’m bad at reviewing.)
CuzImBatman chapter 56 . 11/1/2016
Eh, it's been about 3 months since I last marathoner the show, I'm good. Also, this is the most excited I've ever been for a fanfiction xD good job
firelord2000 chapter 64 . 6/29/2016
Toph?, smack dave aigen for me, please?

Dave, make a what should have happened for korra. and if you're not alerdy, BE A COP!
firelord2000 chapter 63 . 6/29/2016
This was a masterpiece. And what's worse, it all make sence. You are just as bad as iroh on tyhr maniuplation front.

Toph, can you smack Dave for me? Dave want to know why? You should be a cop. But your not, are you?
richboylion chapter 37 . 6/5/2016
so, how did toph learn how to write if she's blind?
bLuewErewOlf25 chapter 65 . 5/15/2016
And that was beautiful! It made me go ROLF so many times, people were just staring at me awkwardly while I enjoyed one of the best ATLA fanfics EVER.
bookhater95 chapter 55 . 5/13/2016
I can't believe you never once mentioned how weird, irresponsible, or anything else it was for a bunch of kids to be flying around the world on their own. Plus, I found it hard to believe several times over they had as much money as they did so frequently, when it's only mentioned like what, twice, them earning money. I'm sure they got a lot of food from the land and stuff, but where did they keep the soup pot and bowls they were randomly being seen eating out of? Appa certainly never showed to be carrying that in his saddle. It's the little things that I noticed throughout the series, but you're right, I loved you pointing out all of these other things. I'm so glad I spent the time binge reading this and how wonderfully put together it was, wish you would do one for Korra next, or maybe consider doing it for some other shows as well! Hint hint!
bookhater95 chapter 60 . 5/12/2016
Does the comet make the avatars firebending better as well? I know it's not a big important thing, just made me wonder is all as it's never addressed, also is his waterbending stronger at a full moon? Plus, how come the earth and air benders never got anything that make them 'stronger.' That just seemed really unfair to me. One last thing I always wondered, how is it fair that waterbenders get a power boost once a month while firebenders had to wait a hundred years for theirs? Just made them all seem out of balance.
bookhater95 chapter 3 . 5/12/2016
Something that I noticed on my very first watching but never knew what to think about it, was the statues of the previous Avatars. They find Roku like three or four rows back, but why? Shouldn't he be all the way at the very top as the most recent Avatar before Aang? Why are there statues on either side of him then? What's the freaking order and how are these things organized? If the order is going down, then wouldn't they run out of space eventually, where would they put the statues then? They really should have been putting them going up so they could forever build on them.
bookhater95 chapter 41 . 5/12/2016
For the headbands thing, if you look at the student's sashes or belts or whatever, that's what they used as headbands, if you take a close look at their waists, none of them are wearing them, otherwise great job as always, in love with every last line of this!
bookhater95 chapter 33 . 5/12/2016
I cracked up laughing at the 'your aprons are magic' in a public place, and I regret nothing!
bookhater95 chapter 32 . 5/12/2016
For the first time, I might argue a point, in saying just dropping the wall on the drill. I mean, it was designed to drill through the wall, wouldn't dropping the wall on it have almost no effect? Shouldn't it be designed to withstand the whole weight of the wall as it drills through it? I'm not an expert on these things so if I'm dead wrong I'm sorry, it just didn't make a lot of sense. Otherwise great chapter as always!
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