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Kaoupa chapter 32 . 4/20
I know it's already done and all, but i've got another one for you: the sheer timeframe it would likely take to design, make, and transport the drill would likely mean it was under development well before Aang returned. So why would they bother wasting all that metal when they could have just made more tanks/armor for their troops and used Sozin's Comet to break through the walls like Iroh did? Zhao said that was more or less their plan, though the "burn all of it" part is open for debate as to whether it was literal, or just to "fire up" the troops. The Fire Nation was going to win when Sozin's Comet returned, at least before Aang was back in the picture. So why would they even bother building the drill at all?
Arla Logan chapter 65 . 4/17
Wow, this has got to be one of the longest stories I've read without getting bored:) I have to say your insight on certain things was truly amazing!
CorwinIcewolf chapter 38 . 2/27
It is possible iron was wearing a helmet when he attacked ba sing se. Also 14 years could make his face look a little different...
Corwin Icewolf chapter 4 . 2/23
Yeah, I often felt like the writers just decided to ignore appa's existence 90% of the time because plot, since when appa actually does fight he does things like curb stomp Mai, Ty Lee, and Azula by himself, or plow through what looked like around ten feet of solid Rock without slowing down and tossing one of the strongest earth benders in the world like a feather.
CorwinIcewolf chapter 5 . 2/23
I like the thing with bumi, though as crazy as he was, it's not unthinkable that he heard the rumors of the avatar's return, and upon hearing the aang-like description told all of his guards not to mention him by name if Aang showed up just so he could mess with him.
Phantom Ice chapter 3 . 2/11
That last one is one I notice every time! I'm like, uh, this isn't his first time in the avatar state, so... Ya.
Random Reviewer chapter 63 . 1/31
Oh boy, this one's long…
My main problem with this section is that, for a part that I thought was supposed to focus on justifying the characters, there's awfully little actual justifying.
How does "lucky to be born" "not born lucky"? How did Ozai know that he would persevere when it was very, VERY likely that he would just die? How was that flashback scene not, well, a flashback scene? Why is this interpretation of Ozai back then valid when compared to the other one? Also, I'm still confused on how Ozai knew Zuko would come back with the Avatar when, to them, the Avatar was probably either somewhere in the Earth Kingdom or in the Fire Nation, meaning that Zuko had about a 1% chance of actually finding the Avatar. The chance was much, much, MUCH higher that he would just wander around for a while, then give up after a few years. A bit much for a "caring father", no? And how did Ozai hear about the stuff at the North Pole? The only people who could have told him were the newly dead soldiers (not likely) and the Northern Water Tribe (even less likely). The capturing-Aang thing is even more questionable, considering literally five people knew about it, one of whom was the moon and another being Zuko.
Wait. Wait a minute. You mean setting the forests and coast on fire, making a large part of the Earth Kingdom unusable, then committing mass murder on the inhabitants of Ba Sing Se is fine because scare tactics? And you handwave his expression by saying he was venting? I give up. I'm not bothering to review the rest of this. And you know what's the worst? Ozai is painted as being always completely right in this chapter, stupid and contrived reasons be damned. You never have him acknowledge that yes, he was wrong, never give the indication that he might be manipulating Zuko, or that he's nothing but a "normal" father who didn't who didn't do very sadistic things and who managed to not inherit ANY of his father's crazy genes. Zuko, Iroh (I don't agree on your interpretation of him, which is why he's here), and Sozin all did some very bad things before going through a period of self-reflection before they became varying degrees near "good". Ozai, apparently, never had to do this.
Random Reviewer chapter 60 . 1/31
…I haven't actually read this fic and skimmed over this chapter, but I feel like you've got some things wrong.
For one, the whole getting hit by lightning thing. Wasn't that because Zuko knew how to redirect it, so the injury wasn't fatal? In Book 2, Aang didn't know how to (and was in the middle of a transformation anyways), and so the lightning went through his heart. Also, are you really assuming that they never found time to take a break? I really don't think many people will object to a couple teenagers taking a day off as a break. Besides, only Aang and Zuko really have to deal with the "delicate international negotiations", since everybody else don't really have a central position in all of this. They also might have wanted to ask advice from Iroh…Third: You're thinking that Ozai was going to be rational? All he knew was that there was a comet coming that would boost his power to insane levels, he had a way of getting around at reasonable speeds unhindered by land, and that the Earth Kingdom was getting really, really, annoying.
Fourth (I'm getting tired of thinking or transition words): One of your final fight scenes was literally over a background change. A BACKGROUND CHANGE.
And finally, I have a complaint about your writing style. To me, this fic (or at least this chapter) is mainly putting what the characters did in the show into writing and adding your own comments into it without much regard for characterization. To me, the Katara-Zuko/Azula fight and the last scene stuck out in particular…
Raethor chapter 30 . 1/21
just a note it should be tomes not tombs
Raethor chapter 15 . 1/21
Assuming that they can stop using bending
Raethor chapter 7 . 1/21
Well, seeing as how Sozin used it to start a war to take over the world, it does seem likely that he would be arrogant to name it after himself, and seeing how the fire nation is currently winning the war it could have stuck.
Kingtutgaming chapter 63 . 12/28/2014
This was wild to read. I wish they made the last episode have them talking just like this.
Miss Mcblah chapter 63 . 12/26/2014
Woah... I'm never going to properly enjoy A:TLA again.
Miss Mcblah chapter 62 . 12/25/2014
Because I am a stubborn person that hardly ever takes warnings to mind. I'll just go right ahead without saying a blissful goodbye to A:TLA by having a A:TLA marathon. I am sure to regret this like the time my mum told me not to try to light a campfire in the backyard and I did anyway and my pants caught on fire. I really liked those pants... Anywayz bravely I shall forward on!
Miss Mcblah chapter 61 . 12/25/2014
Bumi and the guru totally desirved that. Also I totally agree that the way Mike and Bryan did kataang was wrong. I feel that It made sense for the main characer's cursh fell love with the main character. But I ship zutara cause they kinda set zutara up pretty well with the "fine line between love and hate" thing and the "take a lightning bolt to the chest" thing. Just saying zuko didn't have to try and save katara. He could have just let her take a lighting bolt to the face and destroy azula while she is focused on katara. My exact thoughts on when katara healed Zuko were just "Damn, just shut up and kiss already" and then Kataang happened and I was all like "ಠ_ಠ wut?"
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