Reviews for Mom
Terrahfry chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
First of all, I wanna thank you for this & your other fics. I have enjoyed them incredibly. I've been wanting to get around to them, but needed to get my head together. I am grateful you've been trying this. Yeah, we've been ranting a lot, but we've had reason. Our point is usually missed. & it is sad. & pfftt, what death threats? *puts away chainsaw & mutters* Anyway, it'd be a mercy killing.. JK.

This is beautiful. I adore the way you've been writing Adam. His fans deserve to have him treated respectfully. I adore his bond w/ his mom to pieces, I'm glad you went that route. & I love when Judy shows up in fics. She's an amazing woman.

Of course he never neglected her. He was there when it was important. Their interaction is so sweet. She's so comforting to her son. It fits so perfectly.

Aweh, coming to mama with relationship uncertainty. "This on top of the fact that when he truly loved someone he would throw his whole heart into it." He does seem that way.

That way of looking at Jay & Adam makes sense. Their friendship is golden & I do love them paired together occasionally, but if they hadn't worked out, it could have ruined them. I like it put that way. "And Adam needed him, Jay being his rock so many times when she wasn't physically able to be there." Exactly. Adam would have been crushed all around.

*giggles* I can see Judy becoming vengeful over someone that hurt her baby. Don't mess w/ mama :P

I kinda like how it's not revealed who the man is, but Imma pretend it's Jeff. Sounds like it to me xD

& I like how he was worried. Adam, you shouldn't worry ppl who care about you. & he hasn't met his mother yet? Hm, maybe that needs to happen, Adam.

This was sweet. Nice little moment between mother & son. I loved it. & yes, be an Edge fangirl. We are so very few. Let it be Edge-centric. There are plenty of everybody else centrics & they are not ashamed. There's nothing wrong w/ being Edge-centric. Tho, if you do write others (& admittedly, there's nothing wrong w/ that), I hope at least you have dear Adam pop up in the background. I enjoy the way you write him.

LadyDragonsblood chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
Beautiful, simply beautiful. Can't wait to read the rest of your stories. There is nobody on the planet that can equal Adam! Looking forward to reading more from you!
redsandman99 chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
Aw this was so sweet :)Very nicely done. I'm glad you wrote this.
ilzehs chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
Ah, the horror I suffered today, I think I had every right to bitch. Lol. But yeah, this helped me lighten up a bit. Finally something positive after all the negativity towards poor Adam.

I feel absolutely saddened with the way Edge is being abused & literally bashed in slash. Infact, not only in slash but generally in the fiction world. I fail to understand what this poor doll ever did to anyone...Why so much dislike, disrespect for the guy? Its heart-breaking. & yeah, people are making us Edge centric. Someone has to dedicate themselves to that man. He deserve the love.

What is important is the effort. Your are trying, & I appreciate your desire to grow & try enough. It gives me hope that there r still people around who believe in writing for the sake of growth.

I absolutely love the relationship you took upon in this fic. Judy & Adam have one of the most amazing bond u could ever see a mom & son sharing. They are just that precious. & I was so gushy by reading her sharing a moment with her son like this. Her protectiveness & significance in Adam's vulnerable state was displayed so cutely.

Aww his boyfriend sure sound gentle. & I am assuming that's Jeff. Adds his name for Adam.

This was very cute. Adam is a sweet guy & he deserve to be written sweetly. He should be worshiped & loved. & there is nothing wrong in being an Edge fangirl. He was written like him. Not some fucking stranger. How sad..only true Edge fans can see him like his true self. At least when your Edge centric, your giving him proper attention which has become such a rare habit. Plus, we need more people writing Adam with dedication in slash. We need our group to grow.

Thank u for this. It made me feel better.