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ArtimuosJackson chapter 16 . 11/28
Wow and i thought Naruto's author was an idiot by introducing a main villain who controlled all others in final few chapters so he can redeem them but you man takes the cake, seriously dark void what is this some kind of demented Warcraft villain Sargeras.
xenosaiyan chapter 64 . 11/17
This is a beautiful fanfic, and I would like to thank you about creating it. Can you give me some more information about your book please? I would like to buy it.
xenosaiyan chapter 18 . 11/13
Velial13 chapter 8 . 10/8
Minato had a lot of fan-girls and you author is one of them, because in the end Minato Namikaze was a useless piece of shit, he couldn't defeat the Kyubi, he couldn't protect his wife, and he made his son's life a living hell, which makes him both a shitty shinobi and a shitty person.
Guest chapter 11 . 9/23
The problem with the beginning is that you can't ignore canon cuz of the story your telling infinite universes dictate that said events of canon have happened a infinite amount of times in slightly different ways and such
Guest chapter 11 . 9/23
Ha, mistake after mistake thinking his reality dictates anything elsewhere
Guest chapter 7 . 9/23
I know this is a bit late but how long will it be till Kazama realizes he doesn't know shit and that orochimaru could still of been talking out his ass and none of the testemonys of the alternate versions of people actually matter at all to anyone except the the natives to whatever particular universe he's in can't wait to see him realize the vastness of the mutiverse and see a version of himself that goes with the idealized version of what is right and all that he's preaching to hiruzen and kakashi and it be one that sticks to it completely and realizing just hiw big of a monster said version really is when all is said and done the villian that fancies himself the hero
Ni'Rala vas Qwib Qwib chapter 17 . 9/16
I committed to seeing this story all the way through, and I intend to. I fell off after a vacation but still intend to read every bit of this work. Once again, the politics lining the motivations are a wonderful touch. There is little "and then," and instead plenty of "therefore,so," and "because of this." everything has motivation. I also highlight B's brief internal flashback as instantly relatable and complete, we learn exactly how he became who he is. Good work with him. I'll continue to read. Looking forward to more.
The Critic chapter 4 . 9/5
This story would be MUCH more amusing without 5000 Madaras chasing them through the multiverse. Or if in one Madara was a good guy atleast?
Shin B. Omnis chapter 64 . 9/3
Its been over five years since I first encountered this story and have been keeping up with it ever since. But only now have I considered writing just a short review. Thanks for crafting this fantastic story. Whenever I'm bored, down, or just don't feel up to doing much, this is one of the fanfictions I can return to over and over again and is easily one of my favorites. You did such a fantastic job at making characters who weren't just boring one-note heroes, but had their own flaws and strengths. I especially loved Kazama's character, as I believe you wrote an interesting arc that really came full circle, from a naive teenager making his way into the bigger world, to a well-intentioned tyrant, to a repentant monster, all the way to a man who has come to terms with himself and the world around him. I wish you luck in all your future writings.
Googlemo chapter 64 . 9/2
Well, as a loyal reader of this fic, I think I own you a final, big review:
First of all this is one of my favorite Naruto fanfictions, doubly so, because its finished and I actually reread it at from the very beginning when I learned that you finished it, which should tell you how much I liked it, the best parts of your story are this 3 columns it stands on:
1) AU, tons of original content, even tho i didn't like how you included canon BS later in the story in new universes, that was kinda cheap and weak(zetsu, tobi, kaguya, tentails etc...).
2) Characters development - they struggle, they feel pain, they make mistakes, they improve - really important.
3) No MS heroes, this is one of the biggest issues in fanfiction(and in today's books or movies too) - heroes become so powerful its ridiculous, enemies are a joke...

Now, after praising you I wanna say what I didn't like in this story, and thats not first half of it(for some reason you think its worse than second half, you are totally wrong, first is actually BETTER than second, the story started becoming worse & worse during\after Separation Arc):
1) TOO FAST, thats one of the biggest issues this fic has, all episodes happen too fast, the whole story was for what? half a year? Why? You could have made each episode take at least months, some years, making your character mature believably, I mean even Naruko changes like 3-4times in this story, and she is a fcking 12 years old! And don't get me started on final Boss fight, why the hell Warlord was alone?! Without any clones?!
*I actually hoped Kazama would be stranded at some point in "no time space" for years and becomes comparably strong to Warlord and they will have an epic showdown, not a bullshit: "lets bury him with our corpses".
2) Romance is just weak, and you totally fcked us over with harem :( Which Im pretty sure alot of people were waiting for, it happened abruptly, and all previous flags with Haku & Yugito were ignored... Kaguya's too.
3) Implementing character from a fcking gagfic... that was such an epic fail that I have no words, and the fact you even TRIED to explain thro Inari's voice why Gods won't care or how timetravel can be bad for them(but great for him) is just sad... You deliberately created a retard plothole just to show this character that shouldn't been in your story AT ALL!
4) Who shall die?! Thats another big problem for this story, you actually saved a fcking Sasuke, redeemed him without ANY reason or work(just because... you know) and let him live, when he was the one character nobody would care if he died, the same can be said about Dark Wolf, but you killed off few favorites, like Kakashi - without even giving him ANY shred of happiness, basically you tormented your character and then finished him off(making him in peace because he saved his counterpart from his fate, which isn't really a piece of happy), you did something similar to Zabuza and then to Yugito and Karasu. The only sensible deaths were of Sasori & Kitsune(first learned to love his apprentice and later actually absolved himself!).
5) NONSTOP FIGHTING, after rereading this fic, I see it clearly at some point(separation arc) it becomes pure fighting, which is boring after awhile, and this fic has too much of it, could be fixed if eventes weren't going so rapidly but they are, and I guess ending was REALLY rushed because all last 10chapters are a constant fighting(except for epilogue, of course).

I really hope you will improve, and write some more, thank you for this work VERY MUCH!
TripleWWW chapter 7 . 8/6
Naruto's anger at Kakashi seems unreasonable to an extent. He believes Kakashi should have raised Non-Jinchuriki, even though Kakashi flat out stated he would be a horrible parent.
His logic of "A bad role model is better than none at all" is the equivalent of saying that Orochimaru raising his other self is better than nothing.
Some Guy chapter 14 . 7/27
What the fuck did I read?
hack.ex1 chapter 1 . 7/23
Runadaemon chapter 12 . 7/22
DAMN it! This is labeled 'adventure/family NOT ANGST! I came for interesting plot, epic speeches to save others' hearts, and ADVENTURE! Not insidious awful corruption from within and numerous deaths at the hands of overpowered god-complexed BULLIES!
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