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PredatorPuck chapter 59 . 2/8
fucking awesome... mothefucker indeed!
Guest chapter 18 . 2/3
NOOOOOO! A world of Lee's! You MONSTER!
luvsanime chapter 31 . 2/3
Parts of Alpha's philosophy actually spoke to me... whoa
RykOakwine chapter 24 . 1/31
The one thing about this story that kinda makes me laugh is that the author doesn't seem to see how ironic it is that he's spent so much time and effort "explaining" many of the plot holes and stupidities inin canoyet he's only doing this "explaining" in relation to his own non-canon AU Naruto, Arashi Kazlama, and his AU homeworld.

The author already stated that Kazama Arashi Naruto is an AU Naruto, he's not canon Naruto. So all this incredible effort to explain the stupidity of the canon story isn't even actually explaining the stupidities of the canon story! It's only explaining what happened in one of the trillions of AU's that exist.

Author, it's not really neccesary to delve into this level of detail to explain the past of one of the many different AU's. Seriously. If you're not explaining the plot holes and other stupidities of the canon Naruto 'verse then no one really cares about the details and minutia of *this* AU's Uchiha massacre and *this* AU's sealing of the kyubi.

In other words, if you wanted to write about the stupidities of the canon story you needed to have at least your main Naruto be the canon Naruto from the canon 'verse.

Otherwise it's just 500,000 words of very poorly edited masturbation.
Wolfone10 chapter 5 . 1/30
Don't really understand the "madara" antagonist... Madara is DEAD... It's OBITEO under the damn mask, he's lying through his teeth about being madara... He's just another Uchiha screw up.. Like the rest of his kami-forsaken clan... They don't make good villains all they make is good CANON-FODDER!, Personally I think Pein was a better arch-villain... I mean think about it... Uzumaki vs. Uzumaki... That's perfect.. another fucktard Uchiha with a god-complex is so BORING! I mean it's like the give their new-borns a baby rattle and a tape set on repeat of how everyone is lower then them... It's SOOO stupid it's not funny.. they shouldn't have been nins in the first place, they should have been castrated(chemically or physically) from the beginning Just to insure that kinda mental instability, defect didn't get a chance to reproduce! I heard the second hokage never liked or trusted the Uchiha clan... My thought?.. "OMG, a KAGE WITH A BRAIN!" Personally IF you want the uchiha to be viable, the new borns should be taken from the clan the SECOND they are born and NEVER allowed to see any of them for the rest of their some gene therapy too...

The naruto series is over.. But let me ask all the people reading this review... How many generations, before this WHOLE mess starts up again? It's GOING to happen, the uchiha are fuck-ups it's in their blood! princess sasgay got to live, but how long before his kid or his grandkid or his great-grandkid kicks off this ENTIRE thing AGAIN?
docfrodo2 chapter 59 . 1/30
Fantastic chapter.
guest chapter 4 . 1/27
This is great! :)
Wolfone10 chapter 4 . 1/29
I personally think of vilians as "plot trash" something to advance the story then throw them away when the time comes, which is why I really cannot stand the later half of shippuden, a LOT of the akutski die just to get rezzed? WHERE IS THE SHINIGAMI? Taking a nap?
Starwulf99 chapter 59 . 1/27
Another amazing chapter, interesting to see how the power-up stealing a spark of the divine and partly merging with Madara fueled Kazama.

Have to say, I'm glad I stumbled upon your story, quite interesting to read, and I love how it intersects with Third Fangs Naruto as well(my favorite writer on ). Would be interesting to see a future cross-over with your two Naruto's.
dojomojo chapter 13 . 1/26
How the %¥ did you get permission to use the Oogakari!?
Andrew MacKenzie chapter 59 . 1/26
An end is near? Interesting...
Alex Mercer chapter 59 . 1/25
Finally my fav auther is back with his pinacle of fanfic. It is highest quality a fanfic can get and damn Kazama hero to anti-hero to anti-villain to villain to anti-hero/anti-villain again if this is not character development then i don't know what is if only cannon naruto have got even only fraction of this development you made kazama so defferent that he is not even naruto anymore and thats a good thing you took him and made your own. And congrast you've given us first likeble sasuke and yay for Dark wolf/sasuke. Could you finish this story first and then continue atlas.
SkySage24 chapter 59 . 1/25
This chapter is great! I can't wait for the finale.

Just one question though. The last time I reviewed this story, you responded and said that canon Madara and the Warlord would be evenly matched. Yet in your latest chapter, the evil Obito, who despite being a perfect jinchuriki of the Jubi was somehow defeated by the Warlord effortlessly? Canon Madara could have beaten this Obito, I think, by virtue of his greater experience, skill and strategy but not effortlessly.
falciatore1669 chapter 59 . 1/25
best battle scene yet
HoodFox 3 chapter 59 . 1/25
Man, been reading for quite sometime and am still as happy as ever when I see a new chapter out, can't wait for the next
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