Reviews for Echoes
CainOmega106 chapter 55 . 3/7
So, shameless Atlas plug in is shameless.

It seems that Kazama and the gang are united in the desire to see Obito gone but will they be able to do it.

And now everything is building up to the final battle with the Teikoku the only question is: How many are going to die?
Ghost132435 chapter 55 . 3/7
Castration Fist what a good Fate/Extra reference. That omake so it seems FG has in some way been in the world in which FNAF exists.
CainOmega106 chapter 54 . 3/7
Finally. Finally other than me thinks to use Izanagi to warp reality instead of the illusion of infinite tsukiyomi.

Anyway, loved this chapter. Obito Uchiha is my favorite character in the Naruto series so having a chapter of just Obito was just wonderful. I wonder how Kazama feels about Obito considering that when Kakashi first told him about Obito he was surprised that there was an Uchiha that wasn't a dick. My favorite part of the chapter has to be Obito and Kazama's conversation and how Obito points out that they are the same.

It also seems that the rest of the cast is getting there asses kicked by the Teikoku and Izanami has been captured.
CainOmega106 chapter 53 . 3/7
So Kazama and Tsukiyomi have discovered that they are in a genjustsu world and the real Menma Uzumaki wants to have a meeting with him.

We also have Orochimaru, Kabuto and Kushina with her bodyguard Mifune fighting the remnants of the Arashi Clan with Naruko's group being saved from Red Zetsu by a Rinnegan user.

What will happen next!
CainOmega106 chapter 52 . 3/7
So the Warlord is attempting to locate the Prime Reality or as we in the fanfiction like to call: Canon.

And Kazama is trapped in the Road to Ninja universe with Tsukiyomi by the Shinigami for unknown reasons. Also Tsukiyomi did not abandon him when he stopped being useful which just goes to show that he is a better boss than the Warlord.
CainOmega106 chapter 51 . 3/7
So the Warlord is a deconstruction of the "Naruto becomes Hokage and everything is perfect" thing that a lot of fanfictions like to do. I f he was telling the truth about that. Although, if he is than he must of been a really bad leader if HINATA turned against him. I mean, it's fucking Hinata. But then again he lies a lot so I guess I should take everything he says with a grain of salt.

And Kazama has come face to face with the Shinigami while he was consumed by his guilt. I know I am someone who usually makes my dislike of him known but I honestly do not know how Kazama is going to get out of this alive.
CainOmega106 chapter 50 . 3/7
Well Deidara and the psycho Naruto's have been defeated but Kabuto and Orochimaru are here so that can't be good.

Rest in peace Tobirama Senju, we will miss you.

And yes, I did think Team 8 was abandoned.
CainOmega106 chapter 49 . 3/7
Well, Kazama has reduced Konoha to ashes and killed several of his friends while critically injuring even more. Here's hoping he feels like shit now.

It was incredibly ironic that it was Sasuke that talked Naruto down from his revenge obsessed rampage especially the line on how they could have switched places.

Yes Kazama, let the guilt consume you.
CainOmega106 chapter 48 . 3/7
Well Kazama has officially gone crazy and now is going to burn Konoha to the ground. What a fucking idiot. He is not only killing those that wronged him but those who loved him and those who didn't even know him. I have a feeling that after he is done he is going to come to his senses and feel like shit (at least I hope so).

Also, Kazama's entire reason for burning them to the ground wasn't because they treated him like shit but because them hurting him was considered collateral damage. I don't even know how to respond to that.
CainOmega106 chapter 47 . 3/7
So Kazama and Madara meet the Warlord who (just as I predicted) is another Naruto Uzumaki.

And Naruko defeats her dark side though it seemed a little too easy to me.

I have a feeling that the reunion between Naruto and Sakura will not end well.
CainOmega106 chapter 46 . 3/6
Well Inari just showed how badass he is in this chapter considering that he is the only one the Shinigami took seriously.

So they beat the Shinigami (who promises to return), and Chibaku is captured by the Teikoku for nefarious purposes (maybe).

Also, Madara to the rescue!
CainOmega106 chapter 45 . 3/6
So the shinigami has come to kill Kazama and Kazama is so corrupted that it is his light side he must confront instead of his dark side.

Also loved the revelation of Kazama and Izanami sleeping together, especially Sasuke's reaction to it. Priceless.
CainOmega106 chapter 44 . 3/6
So the Warlord is an alternate version of Naruto Uzumaki if I am interpreting this right.

And the political debate between Kazama, Minato and Orochimaru was definitely interesting though I find myself agreeing with the latter. Kazama is tiptoeing a dangerous line and he is incredibly close to becoming the very thing he despises.

Also, he seems to be in complete denial about the fact that Mikaboshi is slowly corrupting him. He says that Humans are naturally unlawful without realizing that that includes him as well.
CainOmega106 chapter 43 . 3/6
So the Mei Terumi of Teikoku has infiltrated the Arashi Clan.

And it seems Kazama wants to burn his Konoha to the ground while his Sasuke has become like Naruto used to be. Irony.

Good job Naruko with throwing that item at the announcers face. I noticed the similarity to Bioshock Infinite the moment I read the scene.
CainOmega106 chapter 42 . 3/6
So Susanoo has been finally defeated in a rather ironic way. Defeated while trying to deny the inevitable and killed by his over reliance on overpowered techniques. Yeah that is the way that someone who preaches about fate should go.

And it seems that Death has found Kazama. That can't be good.
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