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the Zogg chapter 55 . 2/17
Well, first with Izanami. I'm surprised that she cares about Kazama to that degree when she most likely went after him to feed her Uzumaki fetish and they've been together for little more than a day. I really think you should elaborate about their understanding a bit more.

I also think you should give Izanami another relationship outside Kazama, maybe have her bumble through being a mother to Naruko or perving out with Jiraiya.

I will admit surprise to Izanami main difference being that she was a Go-getter girl, maybe she's attracted to determination?

I found Izanami not believing that her counterpart created Fire Kushina, I mean she must of heard of how Kitsune's Mikoto was perfectly willing to destroy her home all to get a chance to piss on Kushina's grave one last time. She must have made a connection. I dislike how you constantly ignore that motive.

Finally, I found Hamura's arguement to be full of holes. Izanami's Sage invented Ninjutsu to fight Mikaboshi, Ninshuu was never a thing for her world, and Hamura has left out that it all started because either Asura or Indra got butthurt about not being chosen or not wanting to share and they are members of his race.

Now for Atlas Naruto. I'm going to admit that I'm not happy to see him. I know that this makes no sense to you but I still consider Echoes the vastly superior work mainly because I agree with an old Spacebattles assesment. As much as I dislike agreeing with their Naroto fanbase Atlas' survival is unrealistic and contrived along with Pain's characterization and Uchiha levels of Plot Armor. He should be dead eleven times over. Lee can use chakra to enhance himself, just not for ninjutsu and genjutsu.

And I'm a bit iffy about six chapters. How are you going to cover the Warlords secrets and homeworld, Steel's world, Kabuto's trump card, Mei's world, and the Kaguya-Mikaboshi divergence in that amount of time? I'd also like Izanami to do a bit more for the final arc and not just be the damsel and distress. And for Sasuke to do more stuff since he's become the new Naruto.

...Did I just ask for more Uchiha screentime? The Hell?
Gur40goku chapter 55 . 2/17
hye1995 chapter 49 . 2/17
Holy crap... That was... Was... I don't know. Powerful seems like a good word, but not descriptive enough. It was mind-boggingly, poetic, epic, dark, mindf*ckingly crazy and all other kinds of things.
Slayer End chapter 55 . 2/17
Well, it's been a while since your last chapter, and now that it's out I can firmly say that you do not disappoint. My comments on each section are as follows:

The first section- We got the backstory for the bloody princess, Mikoto more deeply goes into her relationship with Kushina, and a bet is made with a god. Also, Tenseigan? That roughly translates as Angel Eye, right? Nothing ominous about that at all...

Second- Obito being the good guy meant that nobody kept Zetsu in check, not really. Red Zetsu grew out of control and Obito became one of the few people with the capacity to stop him, swinging the exact opposite direction of the way he went in canon. Naruko, meanwhile, continues to train with Tobi and grows as a kunoichi. Nice! She's probably the happiest character you have in this story, right now.

Third- Kazama struggles in an existential crisis as it is revealed that, although the people in the world that he resides are all fake, their emotions and thoughts are real. There is something optimistic about this, but something tragic. It's basically saying that free will exists even in an illusion, but for an illusion to gain free will would mean that it is either becoming more real OR one is approaching a more fantastical state to comprehend these illusions... or something like that.

Fourth- Karasu and company discuss the formation of a hidden village of dimensions, the Feral Gale realizes that there's a very real likelihood the gods of his world are NOT nice, and Chibaku resolves to acquire a newer, better body. I'd count the Omake as a separate part, but since it stars the same characters, well: The Omake was funny. As someone who's suffered through FNAF and FNAF2 on every feasible difficulty, I feel Gale's pain. But the idea of Chibaku getting an army of robots is... terrifying to me. Not sure why. Maybe the flashbacks? Who knows.

And, yes, it's odd how you were able to predict so much of canon. We've talked before about how prophetic you were, but this is ridiculous! Anyway, let's continue our previous conversation in your reply to this review. Until then, later.

Forever Signed in Blood,
Slayer End
vikraal chapter 55 . 2/17
I was going to mention a Gamer Naruto, but then I saw the author notes.


Unless the Warlord is the Gamer?
CrispedSquash chapter 55 . 2/17
First, I love the fact that YAWALEH Naruto was added to this story and is so prominent in it. Second, I also love the fact you added Atlas Naruto to the mix, because I find that an interesting story. Third, welcome to the wonderful world of Pathfinder
Beacon21 chapter 55 . 2/17
I saw a couple of errors in the Izanami POV. Also, could you please start introducing your characters in the beginning like you used to? Its been quite a while since I read the last chapters and its getting tough remembering all of these characters. Thanks and Update soon!
Undying Soul98 chapter 55 . 2/17
Welp, you're back, and with an excellent chapter. Loved it. WHile you consider this idea blotched, I rather liked the way you've created this fic. Sure some things could have been executed better, but all round this has been an epic ride, and I can't wait to see where this fic crashes into in the future. Figuratively. Good luck writing.
Kaoupa chapter 55 . 2/17
Awesome chapter! But i think just six more chapters isn't really enough for a story this good. Great that you finally updated.
Abdullahsaurus chapter 55 . 2/17
llat-2 chapter 55 . 2/17
Atlus makes his appearance and it is glorious. Thanks for the update and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.
Fenikz chapter 1 . 2/17
Enfin de retour, j'attendais la suite avec impatience. Continue comme ├ža!
neogoki chapter 55 . 2/17
its HAN-TIME in echoes!
from what Fanfic is the scary-Hinata-dating!Naruto?
raziel44 chapter 55 . 2/17
Echos is great, from start to (semi) finish. It had only one flaw for me and that was the "universe gods...whatever" arc. I skip that shit every time.

Kazama better hurry up and save Izanagi already.
elmoryakhan chapter 1 . 2/17
Well I am eagerly waiting for this story to end and Narutos redemption.

How about granting Naruto Rinnegan and resurrecting the people he killed? Similar to what Pein did in canon. Just an idea.
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