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Pyrophoricity chapter 57 . 7/8
Impressionnant ! Meme plutot desesperant, je ne vois absolument pas comment tout ce bordel va finir. Ca a vraiment l'air sans espoir. Mais tu as deja reussis a faire des saltos et autres contorsions acrobatique de plots alors j'arrive encore a croire a un denoument pour les personnages principaux de ton histoire

Merci pour le chap et a la prochaine !
thelonelyjinchuuriki chapter 57 . 7/7
Beautiful. I am eager to see what would become of Kazama and Tsukuyomi. Earlier you said Gaara would play a major part in this story. did you change your mind? I look forward to your next update.
Abdullahsaurus chapter 57 . 7/6
Badam tish
moneyj25 chapter 57 . 7/5
One of the best stories of all time. Definitely in my Top 5 all time fave stories on fanfiction. I did miss the hints you left of the Warlord's and it's probably right in my face. Just not getting it but I will eventually as Echoes progresses further. I'm assuming Konan discovered something. Anyways awesome story and I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
Slayer End chapter 57 . 7/5
Red Zetsu has been defeated... sort of... but the world he's on is going to be destroyed! Sasuke will never be able to clap his hands again, Naruko is possessed, and things are getting bleaker for everyone in every world! Madara announces he will sacrifice himself and pulls away from Mikaboshi while Orochimaru steals Karasu's eye.

Remember from before where I mentioned you've gone so far off the deep end that Nightmare Fuel will never work? That still applies. It should be the running gag of this story, that you get everything except the Nightmare Fuel page you always wanted.

PM me back, we'll continue our talks.

Forever Signed in Blood,
Slayer End
docfrodo2 chapter 57 . 7/5
Awesome chapter. you just keep surprising me
Alex Mercer chapter 57 . 7/5
Shiva : The Destroyer
My favorite becouse in hindu religion Shiva is actuelly God of distruction. And haveing hindu word made it really powerful. Refreshing to haveing reference of other cultures. And Damn what a chapter. Update soon
vikraal chapter 57 . 7/4

Its nice for quick Updates, I would have replied on the previous chapter but my PC was down.

This has surely turned into a great Arc, even If I would have preferred slower and gradual deaths rather than this slaughter.

Its a horrible shame when Bijuu are nothing more than tools that are powerless in every Naruto ficition, or atleast 98-99% of them. So I will have my fingers-crossed and hope for a glorious eruption of Kyuubi of Naruko, or something suicidal.

A Part of me just wants this story to continue without the existence of Gods, but its understandable that the story would be too long and the protagonist had a powerful tool called dimension hopping.

I have forgotten which chapter Izanami died? or what happened to her, I know she was captured and tortured but what else?

I kept feeling that Alpha needs to return, and was I promised a Happy ending? Rinanigans?
CainOmega106 chapter 57 . 7/4
You know, after reading this chapter I have no idea who is winning any more though if I had to place a bet I would say it is the Teikoku.

Also, I knew someone was going to die and, I will not lie, Konan was my second choice after Tobi so it seems my hunch was correct though I have to say that the warlord needs to think of better puns when he is brutally killing and/or permanently maiming people because those were just bad.

And finally, Tsukiyomi you GLORIOUS BASTARD! Why?! Why could Canon Madara not have been like him?! It would have made the final battle against Madara better if he was not such a complete douchebag. So bravo for making a Madara I actually love.
Ming the Panda chapter 57 . 7/4
Stop playing with my heart damn you. I want to read the next chapter but I don't want the magic to end.

Please have mercy.
the Zogg chapter 57 . 7/4
Well, there is much to love about this chapter. Time to recap.

I very much liked Red Zetsu's point of view, one of my main fears of your fast paced final arc was that the Teikoku worlds, the worlds that have completely destroyed canon, wouldn't be completely fleshed out. I liked Red Zetsu recall his past campaigns and plans, it drives home that its his world and he's destroyed the Fated Families plot with his own.

But man, what a cruel way for Kushina to go. How dis Minato react too his wife dying like that? He must have viewed his life as a complete and total failure. Wife eaten, had to seal the Kyuubi into his daughter, while Red Zetso basically won and walked away. I feel sorry for the poor guy and his name wasn't even mentioned.

I was surprised that Naruko's ace was just wind armor, I thought it was Hiraishin given our past discussions.

I also think that fight also showed some of Naruko's complexities. She could have used Nine-Tails Chakra Mode to flee better or fight but choose not too, she really wants to prove that people like Susanoo and Neji if she met him are wrong,even at the cost of her own life, so she shuns Kurama's power, which is part of her Child of the Prophecy birthright. Though I admit this could all be overthinking things.

For the Orochimaru fight, all I could really think was how cool Orochimaru was. It's hard to remember that Orochimaru was once more than a speedbump and had all of Konoha in fear of him, reading Lightning Orochimaru power and cunning and The Secret Songs of the Ninja makes me remember that he used to be badass and verged on being a Magnificant Bastard at times before his Uchiha obssession overtook him.

The Warlord was very powerful, and he provided many curve balls to my predictions. I didn't expect a Hindu theme, given his Dr. Weil Devil Complex I expected a demon theme, I also expected him to be a Rinnegan Naruto deconstruction, I also expect he was holding back besides the clone thing, given that he's Naruto he still most likely has Sage Mode and Kyuubi Chakra Mode as well, and if he's mastered every element he might also have Truth Seeking Balls.

As for Konan dying...I don't mind, there have been a lack of female deaths and I didn't see much of a future for her submissive character outside of being Kazama's regent or Izanami's bedwarmer. I pity Konan, doomed to be a Satellite Character to the very end, I very much pity her.

Now for Sasuke, because the Warlord fight took place from his point of view it at times seemed like a dark parody of some type. He supported his more powerful allies that had Rinnegan, almost died from a lightning attack named *Indra*, lost his arm, and his main contribution was sucker punching a god like foe. Was that an accident or intentional?

Of course this leads into my "Sasuke is the new Naruto theory" because he was sort of like Part 1 Naruto in this fight. He was armed with his failing Mangykyo Sharingan and mid-Shippuden arsenal against an end of series level thtreat and only made a meangful contribution through pure determination, sort of ike the Naruto-Gaara fight.

Though I don't see how Sasuke will be able to fight Teikoku without an arm. I'm guessing he's finally due for a power-up.

Sakura having the Hiraishin and being secretly badass was a big surprise. Given how quickly she was shelved or killed off in this fic and Atlas I got the feeling you couldn't find a use for her. Though after Gaiden I'm glad that at least one version of her was thrown a bone.

Next, this might be a contrevesial question but what is the Sage from Red Zetsu's world doing? I figure that there being a Darkseid/Superboy-Prime level evil Asura around and the world ending will get him off his not-so-wise butt.

Naruto training would be scary. The Warlords efforts come off as another dark parody because Naruto hasn't beein training in canon despite there somehow being a bigger than Kaguya villain that's supposed to be out there.

A question. How is the Warlord the second most powerful villain in Echoes when Teikoku has a Hamura working for him? Just having a Tenseigan makes you adsurdly powerful as Toneri proved despite his inexperiance and your Hamura has been implied to know how to fight.

Finally, is this a good review? Our previous talk made me realize I had lost myself as a reviewer and I needed to find myself again so I decided to go for a character analysis review. Did it work?
maxridelover chapter 57 . 7/4
geez a whole lot happened here, poor sasuke!
falciatore1669 chapter 57 . 7/4
tatewaki2000 chapter 1 . 7/4
Woah I am glad I ignored your story's summary.
This story looks leagues more exciting. Yay!
Kaoupa chapter 57 . 7/4
Awesome chapter. Also, did I spy an Order of the Stick reference from the Warlord there? Naruko/Zetsu vs the Dark Wolf... hoo boy.
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