Reviews for Echoes
Kid Eternity chapter 58 . 10/4
I cannot emphasize enough how fucked up Kishimoto's ending was. He just wants to screw his fans over because he doesn't care anymore. Yours is so much better.
Element-OverLord chapter 58 . 10/4

Kamen Rider Ebon chapter 57 . 9/17
I expect Madara's slow but eventual change
It's interested how he would go from teacher to father
Googlemo chapter 57 . 9/16
And another chapter with almost NONE of Kazama screentime, and you killed sweet Konan and left facking Sasuke alive?! Also why the fck Sasuke had Kusanagi, its in Kazama's hand!
I was sure Warlord will kill all 3-4 of them...

Eh... waiting for ending, this is such a long ride)
Googlemo chapter 56 . 9/16
Ok, I have to leave review to say what I think about this fanfic.
First of all this story is pretty good, it has its problems and its not the best one on this site(by the long shot!) but its still good.

Now on to critique, whats BAD in this story:
1)Too much screentime for secondary characters, the whole game of thrones way of putting story with tons of main characters - is PURE CRAP! This story started with Kazama, he is the protagonist, his character changed the most, and in the last 15-20chapters he has so little screentime it ain't funny! at least HALF of each chapter should be about him, also the fact that this whole story happened in like 3-4months is ridiculous, you could easily made it 3-10 years, and that would have added much more depth to it, considering Warlord is main villain, making him like 3 times older than Kazama is just BAD.

2)Romance is terrible, no other way to put it. You had so much potential with Yugito x Kazama x Izanami x Mei, I would mind even adding there Naruko, but you made Kaza x Iza in like 3 senteces WITHOUT any work, and just disregarded Yugito with whom you been building relationship... WEAK!

3)Characters from Yet again... this is the worst part of this story, it was mentioned HUNDREDs of times in reviews don't use those characters, stop this force advertising of that CRAPFIC! Cause its SHIT! Compared to your story, and the heavy atmosphere Echoes have, characters from Yet again, are like retards from gag-comedy, seriously, STOP USING THEM!

On the last note one good part I have to mention:
Villains - ARE GOOD! You made tons of them and they all really hardcore bastards, and of course most awesome of them is Warlord, I see him as character in the book, who suddenly became aware what he is, and wants to burn the whole book and if he can take author with him... thats just BADASS!
Googlemo chapter 14 . 9/13
I like this story, but last chapters were PURE crap. You can try to make them reasonable, but it won't work, because Yet again... is a crap fic with MC characters so grossly overpowered it ain't funny, that fic isn't serious or even interesting. And when I your story with all that drama and trauma around your characters, constant problems and character development of Kazama, you drop this great piece of shit on us, by showing some overpowered Retards, that doesn't overshadow character but make their struggle look useless, it actually looks like if 8years old children transported into the world of Romeo * Juliet and LAUGH at the last scene! Its disgusting!
Guest chapter 57 . 9/7
Update soon please! I can only reread this so many times!
Cor the Wolf chapter 7 . 8/31
I really like your story so far, you plot has nice concept of variation ans thanks vor using the aliases on the Naruto's now, it makes it easier, but still with 15 of them it will ne kind of confusing (if not some of them die or have to be abandoned at the progress).

I really like your creativity with the werefox
Guest chapter 57 . 8/28
Your writing is excellent! Any idea when you might update? Hope you're doing well.
willam and jack and jake chapter 57 . 7/31
epic can't wait to read more
willam and jack and jake chapter 56 . 7/31
epic very epic
deathwing316 chapter 57 . 7/27
is sasuke gonna get the rennegan here or are u just make him go blind!?
Guest chapter 57 . 7/25
Nice work man!
Axis chapter 57 . 7/25
Wait... Isn't the Sage of Six Paths weaker than Kaguya? And the Warlord has killed Kaguya... So... Isn't the Warlord the strongest human character?
TheHybrid02 chapter 3 . 7/26
So is there an end game?
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