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Ni'Rala vas Qwib Qwib chapter 4 . 3/11
An interesting variety of Narutos have been gathered. My mind was instantly comparing their varied personalities to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, at least the song (Kazama leads, Chibaku does machines, Kitsune's (sometimes) cool, but rue, and Naruko is a party...girl. that doesn't rhyme)

I'm intrigued by Kazama's shifting mentality. Naruto has always been a character seeking acceptance and bonds with others, but now he's focused on creating bonds and helping...himself. Alternate versions, but still people who share a fundamental link to him that he has no control over. Kind of like family. Whether such focused care is a good thing, is another topic for debate.

I'm enjoying your take on leadership. Sarutobi was presented as an ideal of a man, at least early in the manga, but I like to believe that's because it was through Naruto's idealistic eyes. A leader, especially a military one, must put on a confident and inspiring face for his people, but they need to be hard and decisive, making decisions that will lead to the death of people on all sides, allies and enemies, military and civilians. Looking forward to more with him.

I know you tried to showcase the weight of death in your story, but I find killing Kabuto to not quite have the effect you desired. If only because we didn't have enough time to get to know THIS Kabuto. I haven't gone back and counted his lines, but he received far less development than Sasori or any Naruto, and that's why I don't care about him as much. I think with a little more of an introduction and interaction with others, it could have been more powerful to kill him so early. I'm aware death is far heavier later on...and I'm looking forward to that again.
Ni'Rala vas Qwib Qwib chapter 3 . 3/9
I remembered one inconsistency in your first two chapters. In chapter 1 you point out that the rookie 9 are Konohamaru's age. Meanwhile Naruko is near graduating. This age disparity doesn't conflict, until she beat Sakura in the next chapter. Therefore, she fought a nine year old? I'm assuming this is a simple error.

Now, onto this chapter. This is the chapter that sold me on two things: characters and dialogue. First the dialogue. In the opening scene you're able to properly convey the new characters' situations logically, naturally and with well-crafted dialogue. That is something I look for in a story, because it's hard to find.

It's so important because it provides us a needed insight into who these alternate versions of the characters are. We immediately see that Sasori is operating under some sort of moral code by only using criminals as puppets, or at least he's telling Naruto that. It's still incredibly abhorrent and morally questionable, but it paints him in a different light from the original Sasori. I wonder if he does it due to a personal moral code, or if he's doing it because they're easier to catch. Or maybe he is just lying to Naruto and he's taking who he can get.

And now Naruto has an initial goal. Something to drive him. New precious people to protect. Mind you they are essentially himself. Does that make him selfish? I'd like to hear some philosophy professors argue that point.
Ni'Rala vas Qwib Qwib chapter 2 . 3/9
I noticed a couple of inconsistencies in this chapter. First, it is noted that Kakashi and his fellow observers see Naruto using the rasengan. This implies that they spotted his rasengan training group. However, they make no comment on his dismal practice with the kusanagi, merely that he has it. Therefore they somehow missed an entire group. Was the kusanagi group more covert? The other oddity I noted was Naruto's sudden expanded vocabulary. 'Felicitations' is not a word Naruto would feel so comfortable using in a short time, even if he sent several clones to the library a day. I'm also feeling stretched seeing Naruto defeat multiple ANBU so early when he himself feels he's only solidly at chunin level. I'm nitpicky about these things.

With that said, I enjoy how this began further delving into the hints of conspiracy at the higher levels and building the sense of mystery. And it's especially satisfying to see Naruto speaking to a younger version of himself and imparting his hard-learned lessons earlier in her life.

I started this chapter thinking this would be a simple alternate reality focused on Naruto mentoring his younger self in this world, and that it wouldn't go beyond it. But then you take it further and set the tone: they're going to keep hopping, they're going to be running, and devastation is going to follow them wherever they go. I wasn't hooked at this point, but I was surprised and fervently intrigued.
Guest chapter 8 . 3/6
This is one of the best I've ever read. Mixed with hints of originality and a few glimpses of old... Gets a bit confusing at times with so many characters but it is manageable. Good prose and an excellent habit of staying as far away from common fics as possible...keep going!
Ni'Rala vas Qwib Qwib chapter 1 . 3/7
I discovered this story over four years ago and have been reading it on and off for years. I got as far as chapter 42, I believe, before I stopped for a time. But this has remained my favorite story on the entire site. So I want to go back and re-read it, this time making it to the end. And to show my appreciation I'd like to share my thoughts and thanks for putting all the time into this story.

I enjoyed all the points you had Orochimaru make for Naruto, and I do find it a bit out of character that he accepts it all seemingly so quickly. Maybe it was there, but that's a lot of illusion to be undone in a few minutes. Regardless, I was sold by the time Naruko said "YOU'RE THE BEST HOBO EVER!" Absolutely sold. Looking forward to more.
illkyum chapter 11 . 2/26
Au début j'avais peur que ça devienne un peu n'importe quoi mais au final tu arrives à bien faire marcher tout ça. Les Narutos sont tous différents et ça c'est cool. Quelque chose aussi que j'adore dans l'univers de Naruto et que tu arrives bien à faire ressortir c'est la complexité et l'exhaustivité du monde. Pour l'instant très bo'nne fic.
illkyum chapter 10 . 2/26
Damn, Kakashi's past is fucked up
brutusjr chapter 6 . 2/22
I like the concept, but this story is a bit too "busy" for me. I would have been ecstatic if you had just remained on the first story line with Naruko & Naruto.

Thanks for sharing though...
ChiefOutlaw chapter 64 . 2/18
When i started reading this. i didn't expect much. like i do most stories i read. But I loved it, from start to finish. didn't expect such an outcome. Plus your story was quite different. I have trouble's find good stories. since most either copy or have the same outline in plot.
And you don't really add the "anime sweatdrop" or "anime fall". I've seen too many of those. it's quite refreshing. none of the auther notes and "play this music" nonsense either.
Kidd Inertia chapter 31 . 2/12
Alpha disturbingly reminds me of far-left extremists. You had Sasori describe them perfectly almost word for word.
Kidd Inertia chapter 31 . 2/12
Alpha disturbingly reminds me of far-left extremists. You had Sasori describe them perfectly almost word for word.
jtawh chapter 64 . 2/4
Holy Crap. I read this story about a year ago when it had just gotten to chapter 50. I followed until you mentioned that there'd only be 10-15 chapters left until the end. At that point I decided not to read anymore and just wait until the end. Then, a week ago, I came back to this story and saw it finished. I recalled the basic plot line but I felt just starting where I left off would be disrespectful. So I restarted. Doing so really helped show the evolution of your writing and the characters themselves. I realize that you had to prioritize what to focus on, but I can't help but feel that Kitsune's adventures were kinda snubbed on. Some aspects of the story seemed untouched, like how Atlas came in. And like someone else said, the final battle didn't feel very final. Yes, we had Kitsune, Karasu, and Yugito die, but it didn't feel very deep. Karasu never really went through any character development. Also, the Warlord seemed a bit too weak. Like this is the man that terrified all the other members of Teikoku. And the Arashi family beat him with only a few losses. The final visual of the Prime world was a nice touch, but it lacked closure. Overall, there was just so much potential in the Multiverse aspect of the story that wasn't achieved. But still a great story!
coronadomontes chapter 64 . 2/3
gracias por escribir este maravilloso fanfic, recuerda que me diste permiso para usar tus ideas, pronto volveré a escribir
coronadomontes chapter 63 . 2/3
maravilloso, maravilloso,-wonderful, wonderful
coronadomontes chapter 62 . 2/3
perdóname por tardar tanto en leer tu capitulo.
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