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ivanganev1992 chapter 16 . 7/3
Ch 16

Maybe that later.
ivanganev1992 chapter 14 . 7/3
Ch 14

At least 10000 and more versions to T with K and K .

And the rest plus alternative ripples in hundred was and directions . So far the diversity is very satisfying.

And that is great. But the Madara Uchihas are insane in everything.
ivanganev1992 chapter 13 . 7/2
Ch 13

Zuzuhi the dragoness potenual powerful ally half demonic summon?!

Great teacher against the Madaras .
ivanganev1992 chapter 9 . 7/2
C ! Meat grinder!
ivanganev1992 chapter 6 . 7/2
Ch 6

Song - Star Sky
...Na nana NaNa na
NA NAna na nana
Naa nana NANa nana
I will not afraid again
I will fight until ... the end
I can walk on water ...
I can fly
I will fight until I Die
...Na nana NaNa na
NA NAna na nana
Naa nana NANa nana
(...) "
ivanganev1992 chapter 3 . 7/2
Ch 3

Naruto in (" original me between Jonin and Chunin level fought Orochimaru and dying and teleported into alternative reality and Naruko who has the basic three skills and shushin . Left after Mizuki's revaluation and escaping explosion.)
Naruto 2 Sasory student left conoha . Unokwn level, unokwn puppets unokwn quantity.

Kabuto great regen and Jonin medic and Sasory Pupets 100-140 .

And Madara is chasing.
setokayba2n chapter 42 . 6/30
I was listening the legend of zelda 25 anniversary special orchestra CD when all of the allies have been summoned in chapter 42/39, and I think it was perfect to the background... Excellent chapter. Still reading the story.
Beastrider9 chapter 60 . 6/27
Kinda hoping that the Warlord finds a universe with a Cthulhu Mythos deity in it, preferably an Outer God like Azathoth or Nyarlathotep. Nothing like an eldritch abomination to show you just how insignificant you really are. Sure it's not going to happen, but I can dream a dream where things cannot die and eternal lie.
Gojin1990 chapter 9 . 6/19
maybe gate of babylon but the saying about collecting over a thousand blades sounds more like archer XD just lacking the CREATED instead of COLLECTED.
coronadomontes chapter 60 . 6/19
Matt chapter 8 . 6/16
Haku is a dude.
Michael Daniel chapter 60 . 6/12
Loving your story. I've already read through it twice would much rather this have been cannon than the mess that the manga became... Great work.
toxinvictoria chapter 1 . 6/11
And the Journey of the man who will reshape a multiverse begins with tragedy, death and harsh truths.
BleedItAndWeep chapter 60 . 6/10
Dramatic re-enactment of the night of May 31st:

Me: Oh boy, I do wish to spend this particular evening writing more RWBY fanfiction! But woe be to me, I should check my alerts *gasps* OH! My deary me! I do declare that Echoes has updated- I shall begin re-



Life: *defecation hits oscillator*

...In short, I wanted to read this the moment it came out but then I couldn't and I was busy for a few days, forgot about it and then read it.

The problem with reviewing a story this long is that you can't really talk about individual stuff. Like reviewing individual chapters of, well, Naruto or Bleach. The story is told through a series of arcs that are usually fairly lengthy, so reviewing one segment is a big... impractical. That said, I do love me some updates, and this kills update-hungry-thirsty dead. I like the choice to start wrapping things up about now, since we've gotten about as many characters in total as people could physically memorise or know about (GoT has like 100 of varying degrees of importance and this has like 60 so... it's getting there) and it's -just- before the exposition overstays its welcome. A chapter or two of resolution before some other stuff for a chapter or two and then final boss would make things perfect, methinks (though as a fellow ffdotnet connoisseur you are free to choose your own plot). Of course I have to get back to writing now, so...

CainOmega106 chapter 60 . 6/8
So the warlord is insane. I mean I knew that already but Jesus that guy is so far into the deep end that he cannot even see daylight anymore. Although, he did spare Hinata which goes against pretty much his entire complex so that's . . . interesting.

Also that awkward moment when you want Naruto x Kaguya to be a thing.
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