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Slight Negative chapter 2 . 5/29/2011
can i change a pokemon on my list. i put Gible as my partner but i don't catch him until later on.

can you put it so i already have him?
Silver Snow7 chapter 2 . 5/29/2011
sorry I forgot Nikki's lastname

is Nikki Miller
angelfromheaven26 chapter 1 . 5/29/2011
Name: Miki Lee Sunshine

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Occupation: Both

Crush: I can't decide, so I'll let you choose, as long as the character is a nice person

Camper or counselor: Camper

Hopes/Dreams: Miki's hopes and dreams are to become a Pokemon league champion. Not only that, but she would like to be the best coordinator, and also help save the Lapras from extinction.

Body type/fault: gracefully slim; she has a huge scar across her back from the time she was bitten by a wild Seviper while she was trying to protect her badly injured Raichu.

Hairstyle and color: Long royal purple hair, tied into a high ponytail (with flower hair clips similar to a Shaymin's flowers with one on each side of her head)

Eyes: Sky Blue

Skin: Fair skin


Normal Clothes: A lightweight cotton white dress, metallic gladiator sandals, green bangles, a red sarong-since the bottom of the dress is badly torn. She also wears a black coral necklace her Uncle Victor gave her for good luck.

Winter Clothes: a pink button-up coat, earmuffs, yellow Pikachu scarf, brown gloves, and black leggings, and beige boots that reach her knees. Since Miki grew up on a tropical climate on one of the Orange Islands, she rarely wears them.

Swim wear: A yellow two-piece string bikini with a Staryu top

Sleep wear: sea green sleeveless thin top with matching bottoms.

Family: Aunt Luanna, Father, Mother, two older sisters (Marina and Trinity), cousin Travis, Uncle Victor, grandfather, Uncle Aidan

Friends: Tracey Sketchit, Misty, Iris, Ash Ketchum, Dawn, May, Max



Ability: Static

Moves: Iron Tail, Dig, Thunderbolt, Agility

Item: Light Ball

Info: Raichu is Miki's most loyal Pokemon who is right by her side, no matter what!

(To Catch later on a field trip)

Mantyke/male (Ability: Swift Swim)

Farfetch'd/male (ability: inner focus)

Alomomola/female (ability: Regenerator)

Magby/female (ability: flame body)

Deerling/female (ability: Chlorophyll)

Partner: Raichu

Turn ons: Her Pokemon, surfing, Misty, dance, windsurfing, nature, swimming, beach volleyball, snorkeling, making Poffins, Pokemon, battles and contests, reading, singing, her childhood friend Tracey, her family.

Turn Offs: People who are not nice to their Pokemon, manipulative people, people who abuse or abandon their Pokemon, People who destroy a Pokemon's natural habitat, Lapras hunting, people who focus on outer beauty, people who bribe others to exterminate Pokemon

Strengths: Miki is a very determined, ambitious, and confident girl. She is very friendly, compassionate, and easy to get along with. Miki uses her head when it comes to Pokemon battles and contests, and she pays close attention

Weaknesses: However, she can be a bit reckless sometimes, especially when she puts her own life at risk for the sake of her Pokemon. As a determined Pokemon trainer/coordinator, she sometimes gets a little too focused on doing things her way.

Origin: Miki Sunshine was born and raised on Valencia Island with her parents and two older sisters. Miki met and befriended a young boy named Tracey Sketchit when she was in Nursery School and they spent their days getting to know each other. She had been traveling on her Pokemon journey since she had turned 10. Her first Pokemon was a male Pichu (which is now a Raichu), given by Professor Ivy. Pichu wasn't really fond of Miki at first. Pichu did not want to do anything but run away from her, despite Miki's pleading and begging to help her capture a wild Pokemon. However, after she risked her own life to protect him from a brutally raging typhoon, which destroyed her home when it hit Valencia Island, she had won his trust, and Pichu had been loyal to his trainer ever since.

As time rolled by like the waves of the ocean, Pichu had finally evolved into a Pikachu. When Pikachu sensed that Miki was in danger when she was being attacked by a ferocious swarm of Beedrill, he evolved into a Raichu to protect her.

Accomplishments: Winner of the Orange Grand Festival Cup. She had received all of the Official Orange League Badges, but she was defeated in the Orange League Tournament. Miki also had received all of the badges of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. She also made it in the Top 8 of the Kanto League, and Top 4 of the Silver Conference of the Johto League.

Other information: She had been earning badges and competing in Pokemon Leagues, but when she was introduced to Pokemon contests, she thought that she would give it a try. Her Aunt Luanna owns a Hotel and an official Pokemon Orange League gym on Kumquat Island. She also has an Uncle Aidan who is a firefighter, has a team of Wartortle that puts out the fires.
Storm Dryu chapter 1 . 5/29/2011
This certainly seems interesting, Sign me UP!

Name: Gaia Cehack "G"

Age: 17


Appearance: shoulder length red hair with 2 wavy bangs flowing in front of the ear,

Hometown: Ecruteak city, Johto

History: Mother died giving birth,given a psyduck egg by his father(pokemon breeder) at the age of 5), father died when he was 7, vowed to become one of the best trainers in the world.

Personality: Very kind, gentle and cool, yet can be incredibly cruel, cold and dangerous when angry

Family: Brothers

Aegis Cehack (19 y/o)

Clyde Cehack (22 y/o)

Friends: Your choice

Occupation: trainer



Golduck , Water pulse/Psychic/Slash/Calm mind

Absol, Night slash/Razor wind/Swords dance/Dark Pulse

Gallade, Psywave, Psychic, close combat, double team

Partner: Golduck

Normal Clothes: White T-shirt with a yellow collar and line running down the middle, Elbow length Black Gloves with Yellow outline rings, Black shorts with Yellow stripes running down the sides, Black shoes

winter clothes: White T shirt, Black Jacket, Violet biker gloves, Violet Trousers, Silver Boots

swim wear: Green trunks

Sleep wear: One-piece Ultra long brown robe.

I'm lookin forward to what you will come up with. c ya!
Sparky Pokemon chapter 2 . 5/29/2011
SORRY! My computer's spazzy and I couldn't give you the rest of Mel's info, so I don't know if you accepted her... :( Well, here's the rest, anyway:

Love Interest:Whoever you think is a good match for her


Houndoom/M/Flame/Flash Fire/Impish/Inferno, Faint Attack, Thunder Fang Iron, Tail

Exploud/M/Stereo/Soundproof/Rash/Uproar, Hyper Voice, Hyper Beam, Supersonic

Zoroark/F/Lala/Illusion/Relaxed/Night Daze, Low Sweep, Shadow Claw, Agility

Flygon/F/Alex/Levitate/Quirky/Fly, Earth Power, Dragon Breathe, Silver Wind

Gallade/M/Jona/Steadfast/Serious/Psycho Cut, Leaf Blade, Brick Break, X-Scissor

Luxray/F/Roxie/Intimidat/Adament/Discharge, Crunch, Night Slash, Double Kick

Partner:Flame the Houndoom

Normal:Purple tank top, navy blue hoodie left open, ripped jeans, tattered shoes(left is orange with purple laces, right is purple with orange laces)

Winter:Same, just zips up her hoodie and adds a black scarf, fuzzy red hat, and one red glove and one black glove

Swim:Purple bikini top and red-orange boys' swim trunks with blue fire patterns

Sleep:Yellow oversized T-shirt that reaches her knees and gray shorts

So, I understand if you didn't pick Mel(stupid computer), but no matter what you did, I'll still be reading this because it looks cool and I wanna see what you write! CAMP POKEMON!:D
Mato Rin chapter 2 . 5/29/2011
As I am not sure if you selected Rin and Katsuya, I'll provide you with their last names. Rin's is Ficus (as in the tree) and Katsuya's is Nagatani. (Meaning "eternal valley")
Notallergictodinosaurs chapter 2 . 5/29/2011
Oooh, I forgot a last name for my character! It's Cooper. And if you still need a counsellor (and my OC is in this story) then you're welcome to make her one. (Just to remind you, my character was Adie)
Username Requested chapter 1 . 5/29/2011
-Vincent Sanders.



-Vincent has black, shaggy hair that sticks out everywhere, deep brown eyes with gold flecks, and a muscular build.

-Driftviel city, Unova

-Vincent is an only child living with his single mum, that recently was diagnosed with cancer. After his father died, -Vincent wanted to become a great trainer just like him, and travelled across the world, winning eight badges in every region, but didn't go up to battle the pokemon league.

-Vincent takes sarcastic to a whole new level, as it practically rolls of his tongue like a second language and uses it every chance he gets. He is very loyal to his friends and comes up with brilliant revenge tactics. He is very stubborn and strong willed, he can also be a little mischievous.

-Valerie Sanders is a kind woman, that was diagnosed with cancer (Ovarian) not so long ago, she is very social and nearly everyone she meets likes her.

-Vincent's friends are Lori Grayson, Adelaide ?, (I don't know who else to put.)


-Counselor he dosen't have a love interest

1. Dusknoir- Shadow Ball, Will-o-Wisp, Shadow Claw and Shadow Punch. Male

2. Scizor- Metal Claw, Wing Attack, Fury Cutter and Steel Wing. Male

3. Swanna- Water Pulse, Sky Attack, Air Slash and Ice beam. Female

4. Crustle- Earthquake, Struggle Bug, Magnitude and X-Scissor. Male

5. Darmanitan- Fire Punch, Pschic, Flamethrower and Fire Fang. Male

6. Maractus- Pin Missle, Needle Arm, Mega Drain, Attract. Female


- Plain gray shirt, black pants, black converse.

- Plain gray shirt, black pants, black converse, red jacket.

- White and Black square board shorts

- Black boxers

(About my other OC Lori Grayson, I forgot the pokemon genders. so here they are

Gardevoir- Female

Medicham- Male

Mismagius- Female

Roserade- Female

Snover- Male

Azumarill- Female

Sorry about that by the way.)
LegendaryPokemonMew chapter 1 . 5/29/2011
Name: Maia Andrews

Age: 15

Camper or councillor; I don't really mind, whichever is more convenient

Appearance: Waist length brown hair and pale skin, she has a few freckles over her nose and on her cheeks and Hazel eyes. she wears a black T-shirt with neon peace signs and a White jacket with brightly coloured skull and crossbones, she wears torn jeans and black trainers with neon patterns on the back (Swirls and lines and stuff like that)

Hometown/region: Sinnoh, Jubilife city

History: The normal life of a trainer, she travelled the Kanto region and is half way through travelling the Hoenn region when she heard of the Camp Pokemon, she thought it was a good idea to bond with her Pokemon so she went there.

Personality: She is kindhearted and will fight for what she thinks is right, she has a paralysing fear of needles for no reason other than they hurt if they prod you. Although she is usually kindhearted if you hurt her friends or Pokemon then she will show no mercy, she gets hyper easily and her Grovyle often spikes her drinks with sugar to make her hyper. She has an annoying love of the song 'Its a small world' and sings it repetitivly.

Family: Mother Susan Carol Andrews (Has short black hair and wears glasses)

Father: Sean Patric Andrews (Has short, curly blonde hair and blue eyes)

Brother: Eoin Castell Kenith Andrews (Short brown hair and brown eyes)

Sister: Erin Rosa Gwyneth Andrews (Long strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes)

Friends: You choose

Crush: You choose

pokemon: Grovyle (Nickname KiKi)

moves: Leaf blade, quick attack, absorb and Solarbeam

Personality: Is very playful and enjoys playing pranks, he isn't easily intimidated

Gender: Male

Growlithe (Nickname Hira)

gender: Female

Moves: helping hand, flame wheel, reversal and Agility

Personality: Is very protective over Maia, if she thinks Maia is hurt no matter how much her trainer says she isn't. She finds Kiki very annoying.

Minum: Hiku

Gender: Male

Moves: Thunder wave, quick attack, thunder and swift

Personality: Is determined to get stronger and often sneaks off to train during the night, he looks up to the other members of the party because their so much stronger then him.

Glaceon: Yuki

Gender: Female

Moves: ice fang, blizzard, Bite and last resort

Personality: is rather vain, she's the strongest member of the team but her defense is rather low, she thinks that she's the best member of the team, her personality has drastically changed since she was an Eevee.

Pokemon to be caught:

Riolu: Reiki

Gender: Male

Moves: Force palm, Counter, Reversal and copy cat

Personality: will be the youngest member of the team, he will try to impress Yuki but not really succeed that well.

Oshawott: Kaiyou

Gender: Female

Moves: Water gun, razor shell, tackle and Focus energy

Personality: Doesn't like humans since she was abandoned by her old trainer, although she seems to admire Maia she tries to hide it, she later becomes friends with Reiki.

Occupation: Trainer

Partner: KiKi (Grovyle)

Normal clothes: In appearance

Winter clothes: Mainly the same, but instead of her White jacket she warts a big, White Eskimo coat and wears warm boots instead of trainers.

Swim wear: Light blue bikini with darker blue spots

Sleep wear: Pyjamas that appear to be made out of silk, their light blue and have leopard print on them.

Hope I get chosen! sorry if there aren't gaps, I can't be sure because I'm on my iPod, can't wait to read this!

Growlithe (Nickname
Username Requested chapter 2 . 5/29/2011
Name: Lori Grayson

Age: 17

Camper or Counselor: Counselor

Appearance: Lori has mid-back honey blonde hair, with dark green eyes. She is considered really pretty.

Hometown/region: Dewford town, Hoenn

History: Lori first started out by challenging gyms when she was 10, but turned to coordination because she couldn't beat gym leaders. After she placed 3rd in the Hoenn Grand festival, she started travelling to other regions for contests. She lives with her Grandmother in Dewford since her parents are always out of the region. (I hope that helps)

Personality: Lori takes matters seriously, making her a little intimidating but she has an unhealthy obsession with Jelly even though she pigs out on jelly she's always skinny that people thinks she is belemic. She is a caring girl and keeps campers in line and even cracks jokes time to time, though when she is seriously angry she is like a rampaging Gyrarados.

Family: Her parents are always away, so she doesn't know them that much. Her Gran is a sweet old lady, and a former pokemon doctor.

Friends: She gets along great with counsellors and students though her main friends are; Adelaide ?, Vincent Sanders and some other OC's (I don't know who else there is)

Occupation: Coordinator

Crush: She's a Counselor so no crush


1. Gardevoir- Pyschic, Thunder Punch, Magical Leaf and Healing Wish.

2. Medicham- Force Palm, Confusin, Hi Jump Kick and Detect.

3. Mismagius- Perish Song, Shadow Ball, Pain Split and Attract

4. Roserade- Giga Drain, Petal Dance, Weather Ball and Toxic

5. Snover- Icy Wind, Sheer Cold, Wood Hammer and Ice Punch

6. Azumarill- Hydro Pump, Aqua Ring, Double Edge and Protect

Partner Pokemon- Gardevoir

Normal Clothes: Lori wears a camp shirt, denim short shorts and white trainers. Her blonde hair is usually in a high ponytail.

Winter Clothes: A black shirt, purple jacket, long black pants. Her blonde hair is in a high ponytail.

Swim wear: Lori wears a black two-piece. Her hair is loose down her back.

Sleep wear: A light blue tank top, yellow shorts. Her hair is in a braid.
Happy-the-Nekomander chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
Name: Ren

Age: 14

Camper or Counselor?: camper

Appearance: black long hair up to her elbows, brown hair with the hint of silver.

Hometown/region: Nuvema town, Unova

History: parents drowned while on a cruize to Unova. lost all memory of what happened before that. Raised by Professor Juniper.

Personality: Ren is a quiet, cold and harsh girl who won't smile because the last time she smiles her parents drownd. she'll later on open up to people..only her friends though

Family: dead

Friends: Red, Blue and Yellow (from poke-spe), the rest you choose

Occupation: Trainer

Crush: you choose


Partner: Serperior/Storm

frenzy plant, solar beam, leaf pledge, leaf blade


Fire fang, fire pledge, flame wheel, flare blitz

capture during trip


thunder, electro ball, discharge, wild charge


Flare blitz, over heat, fire blast, fly


shadow ball, shadow claw, dig, bite

Normal Clothes:*black t-shirt, purple hooded jumper ontop, black shorts with silvr belt holding poke-balls. she has a grey waist bag and matching figrless gloves. has a crystal tear-drop neclace her parents gave

Winter Clothes:*only an additional white scarf with the normal clothes

Swim Wear:* hates to swim

Sleep Wear:*white pjs with cat prints (Arcanin usually sleeps near her bed-side)
KingOfStories01 chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
Name: Jun Kirman (nickname: Red Bishounen Brother)

Age: 15

Camper or Counselor?: Camper

Appearance: He is about 5'8" tall and his skin is slightly pinkish. He is slightly toned, but not overly-muscled. His light-brown hair descends to his shoulders, and is often tied into a ponytail. He has light blue eyes, and wears round-framed glasses.

Hometown/region: Icirrus City, Unova

History: He was born originally in Undella Town, but when it was discovered he was allergic to the ocean water, his family moved to Icirrus City. He, at first, had few friends, so he made friends with Pokemon he could find. One day, he became friends with Kai Arcan, and the two have been inseparable best friends since then. They soon began to call themselves the Bishounen Brothers, due to their close bond and extreme popularity among females.

Personality: Jun is a hot-blooded and happy-go-lucky guy, most of them time. He is a good guy, and tried often to make friends, something he was bad at doing early on. He tends to get along great with Pokemon, and can befriend almost any Pokemon he meets. He and Kai are close friends, and have been as such since the day they met. He is often oblivious to crushes, and seem to be a bit of a weirdo by his peers.

Family: Yuki Kirman (mother, age 46); Albert Kirman (father, age 48)

Friends: Kai Arcan

Occupation: Trainer

Crush: You choose.


* Herdier (male, nicknamed Sonar. It is a kind Pokemon, and diligently works to help Jun. It knows Bite, Slam, Pump Up, and Strength. It doesn't evolve)

* Litwick (female, nicknamed Candle. It is a relaxed Pokemon, and it loves to eat. It knows Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball, and Return. It later evolves into a Lampent)

* Petilil (Female, nicknamed Petal. It is a very joyful Pokemon, yet it is also a very timid Pokemon. It is found during a camp trip, but Jun befriends it instead of catching it. It knows Magical Leaf, Synthesis, Sunny Day, and Giga Drain. It is later evolved into a Lilligant)

* Blitzle (Male, nicknamed Storm. It is a very timid Pokemon, but is fiercely dedicated to Jun. It is found and caught during a camp trip. It knows Charge Beam, Flame Charge, Stomp, and Rainy Day. It evolves into a Zebstrika at some point)

Partner: Initially Herdier, later changed to Petilil.

Normal Clothes: green t-shirt, white shorts, white socks, black shoes. He often wears a black belt.

Winter Clothes: Green shirt, blue jeans, black boots, red coat, white scarf.

Swim Wear: blue swim trunks

Sleep Wear: black pjs


Name: Kaisei "Kai" Arcan (nickname: Blue Bishounen Brother)

Age: 16 (about 2 months older then Jun)

Camper or Counselor?: Camp

Appearance: Kai is tall, standing at nearly 5'11" feet in height. His skin is dark brown in color. He has short, white hair, which often hangs straight down. He has emerald green eyes. He, like Jun, is toned, yet not too muscular.

Hometown/region: Icirrus City, Unova

History: He was born in and lived in Icirrus for most of his life. When Jun moved to Icirrus City, he didn't pay himmuch heed. After 3 weeks, he noticed how lonely Jun seemed to be, and he befriended Jun, to help him out. He helped Jun befriend other kids, and they soon began to call themselves the Bishounen Brothers, due to their close bond and extreme popularity among females.

Personality: Kai, despite his insistence that he is the "Blue Bishounen Brother", is often just as excitable as Jun. However, he tends to be to be a lot calmer then Jun overall, and is often Jun's voice of reason. He is a bit sarcastic at times, but is a genuinely good guy. He is less oblivious in love then Jun is, and often tells Jun about whoever is likely crushing on them at that particular moment.

Family: Lars Arcan (father, 44); Flora Arcan (mother, 46)

Friends: Jun Kirman

Occupation: Trainer

Crush: You Choose, although he tends to aim for a girl who would genuinely care for him.


* Munna (nicknamed Dream. It is male. It is a bit modest, but likes to pull pranks. It knows Dream Eater, Psybeam, Zen Headbutt, and Hypnosis. It later evolves into Musharna)

* Mienfoo (Nicknamed Chop. It is female. It is very brave, and it is proud of it's strength. It knows Jump Kick, Pump Up, Brick Break, and Force Palm. It later evolves into Mienshao)

* Purrloin (Nicknamed Swipe. It is female. It is very playful yet is also very timid. It knows Return, Shadow Ball, Attract, and Foul Play. It never evolves)

* Cofagrigus (Nicknamed Dusk. It is male. It is very gentle, and enjoys relaxing. It knows Will-O-Wisp, Ominous wind, Scary Face, and Shadow Ball)

Partner: Purrloin

Normal Clothes: Red vest, black shirt, white shorts, white shoes. Sometimes wears a black cap.

Winter Clothes: Red coat, white pants, all else remains.

Swim Wear: red swim trunks

Sleep Wear: Haunter-style pjs (purple-colored, purple t-shirt and purple pj-shorts)
Annabell23 chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
Name: Annabell Dia

Nickname: Anna

Age (14-18): 14

Camper or Counselor?: camper

Appearance: Long blonde hair with side bangs Tall Brown eyes and freckles

Hometown/region: Castelia City, Unova

History: Traveled around the Unova Region then traveled around the Sinnoh Region. Almost Won the Unova Pokemon League.

Personality: in battle: very serious. gets angrily very easily. Out of battle: happy go-lucky person. Loud. But mostly a happy bubbly person. And very strange

Family: Has an older Brother named Ryan.

Friends: you can pick but if there is anyone who is strange please make them my friend.

Occupation: Both

Crush: You choose


Oshawott(boy) Dive, Waterfall, Razor Shell, Hydro Pump. Unfezant(girl) Roost, Sky attack, Fly, air Slash. Luxray(girl) Crunch, Discharge, ThunderFang, Bite

Druddigon(girl) Outradge, Surf, Superpower, Dragon Claw.

Flareon(girl) Fire Fang, Ember, Flamethrower, Fire spin.

Bellossom(girl) Absorb, Sweet Scent, Acid, Mega Drain

Partner: Oshawott

Normal Clothes:a green ball cap with the pokeball symbol on it. A plain green shirt with a half jacket that's blue, it has a pokeball on each side and one on the back. A plain blue skirt with short leggings. Black fingerless gloves and black ballet flats.

Winter Clothes: a Blue fake fur winter jacket with the same color fuzzy boots. White ski pants and a hat like Dawns, instead of a pink pokeball its blue.

Swim Wear: a rainbow tie-dye 2 piece bathing suit. But it's one of those tops that covers your belly.

Sleep Wear:wears a blue plaid pj bottoms with a short sleeve blue top. And fuzzy socks! One is light blue and one is pink because she can't ever find the matching socks.
cavaner chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
Name: Daniel King

Age (14-18): 16

Camper or Counselor?: Camper

Appearance: Tall for his age, just over six foot and he had short, messy brown hair. Handsome and bright blue eyes and muscular body.

Hometown/region: Nuvema Town, Unova Region

History: Lived in Nuvema Town all his life until he left to become a Pokemon Trainer. His mother died giving birth to his thirteen year old brother (Kieran), very protective of Kieran

Personality: Determined, very friendly, but his determination can border on stubborn. Well travelled and cares for his pokemon who he sees as good friends, not just pokemon. He is never shy around both boys and girls and is rarely lost for words. He likes a joke and sometimes takes jokes too far. Daniel rarely likes to be alone and likes the company of others, people or pokemon. He has a talent for befriending both pokemon and humans easily, but people can be annoyed with Daniel as he has a short attention span and will sometimes daydream and wonder off whilst people are talking to him.

Family: Katherine King (Deceased) (Mother)

Christopher King (Father)

Kieran King-13 (Brother)

Friends: I'll let you decide.

Occupation: Trainer

Crush: Again, it's your fanfic so I think you should be able to choose as I would justbe happy if Daniel is included, but hopefully a girl!

Pokemon: Shiny Pawniard-Shiny Bisharp

Blastoise-Male-Hydro Cannon, Ice Beam, Flash Cannon, Skull Bash

Charizard-Male-Blast Burn, Inferno, Wing Attack, Sky Drop

Serperior-Female-Frenzy Plant, Leaf Storm, Wring Out, Giga Drain

Dragonite-Female-Hurricane, Hyper Beam, Draco Meteor, Dragon Rush

Galvantula-Female-Electroweb, Electro Ball, Bug Buzz, Signal Beam

Partner: Shiny Bisharp

Normal Clothes:* Dressed in a red and white chequered shirt with a blue hooded top, dark blue jeans and white trainers.

Winter Clothes:* A large baggy red football top with a thick hoodie, joggers and white trainers

Swim Wear:* Red and white shorts and no top to show off his muscular body

Sleep Wear:* Black bottoms and no top to show off his muscular body.
The Silver Magician of Chaos chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
(I hope you like her and not too late)

Name: Iris Rose

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Appearance: long wavy red hair, sapphire blue eyes, and looks like Misty

Hometown/Region: Hearthome, Sinnoh

History: her family when she was very young, the only thing that she have left was a purple stone necklace, she never took it off since

Personality: maybe a angel but acts like the devil, but can be a tomboy

Family: no family

Friends: random people

Occupation: both

Crush: anyone will do


Kirlia/Rose, Moves: shadow ball, dark pulse, psychic, confusion


Moves: night shade, psychic, pys beam, shadow ball


Moves: shadow claw, shadow ball, night shade, dark pulse


Moves: ice beam, ice fang, ice beam, iron tail

Partner: Kirlia

Normal clothes: white hat, white shirt with three black roses and long black sleeves, black and white plated skirt, black leggins, black boots with black and white fingerless gloves and a purple stone necklace

Winter clothes: a long white snow dress with four black roses and black snow boots

Swim wear: white two piece with three black roses

Sleep wear: black nightgown with six white roses
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