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Notallergictodinosaurs chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
Oooh, looks interesting. Will there be any non-Ocs in this fic? Anyways, here's my OC. I hope you choose her!

Name: Addie, short for Adelaide

Age: 17

Camper or Counselor?: I'd like her to be a camper, but since I don't have a love interest in mind, probably a counselor. Is she old enough to be one?

Appearance: Short brown hair that's always messy, green eyes, glasses and very short.

Hometown/Region: She's from Solaceon Town in Sinnoh

History: Basically, she grew up alongside the pokemon daycare in Sinnoh, and made it her dream to become a pokemon breeder and open up one of her own in Johto. Her two pokemon were rejects from other trainers who no longer wanted the pokemon.

Personality: She's rather dense. She's sweet, and is uneasy lying-in fact, a terrible liar. She's actually quite smart and doesn't realise the implications of the things she says. She's also tends to dislike people obsessed with clothes, hates people who accesorise pokemon, eats ridiculous amounts of foods, and never wears any girly clothes like dresses or skirts because she finds it a hassle and impractical.

Family: Just her mum, Leanne and her father, Marcus. Her grandparents own the pokemon daycare.

Friends: Everyone. She just doesn't pick up on hostility.

Ocupation: Probably coordinator, though she really wants to be a breeder.

Crush: You choose.

Pokemon: Luxray: Bite, Thunder Fang, Iron tail, Flash

Ampharos: Signal beam, Strength, Fire punch, Electro ball.

She can catch any electric type you want, and if you like, can have a Cleffa who hatches from an egg that she tends to baby.

Partner: Her ampharos.

Nomal clothes: White shirt and jeans, with a belt she straps her pokeballs to and boots.

Winter clothes: Fluffy pink coat and boots.

Swim wear: Regular red one piece.

Sleep wear: Just pink flannel pajamas with Mareep.
CoffeeTarts chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
Oh yay, another camp story~ x) I'll submit an OC~

Name: Sammy Riverdale

Age (14-18): 15

Camper or Counselor?: Camper

Appearance: Brown, straight hair that reaches her shoulders and right side swept bangs. Some of her brown hair frames her face slightly, though. Sammy's caramel brown eyes are framed by black rimmed glasses.

Hometown/region: Mossdeep City, Hoenn.

History: Sammy's lived with her parents most of her life, until the age of 7. At the age of 7, her parents split up and her mother, Francine, took custody of her younger brother ( by 3 months ), Danny. Max, their father, took care of Sammy. She's lived with him in Mossdeep City, helping him at the Space Center until the age of 13, when she started her journey.

One day, on her way back (she's fifteen now~), she found a flyer for Camp Pokemon and decided to enroll.

Personality: Sammy's described as bubbly and energetic. Despite that, she's also playfully sarcastic and loves teasing people younger than her. In return, she gets teased for her shortness, being 5'1. She can become shy when comparing herself to other people, so don't be surprised when she's withdrawn after being so outgoing.

Family: Max Riverdale {35; father. A scientist working at the Mossdeep Space Center. Brown/blonde shaggy hair that reaches past his ears a bit and blue eyes.}

Francine Riverdale {34; mother. Short, brown hair and green eyes. She's a journalist and also works part time at the Poke Mart in Rustboro City. Hasn't seen Sammy since the divorce.}

Daniel "Danny" Riverdale {15; younger brother. Shaggy, brown/blonde hair and green/teal eyes. Taller than Sammy at 5'6 and always smiling. He's a trainer and doesn't see Sammy, but they often write letters to each other.}

Friends: Some of the other OC's..? xD

Occupation: Trainer.

Crush: I really have no choices right now, but if I had to describe an OC, then she'd probably fall for someone who's funny and sweet, but lightly teases her about her height. She'd want someone who'd help her with her self esteem. Heck, even a love-hate could work at first.


Ombra {Mightyena; Male} Energetic and jumpy, he loves knocking 'klutzy' Sammy over. Ombra was Sammy's first Pokemon. Moves: Shadow Ball, Iron Tail, Dig and Crunch.

Adeleid {Altaria; Female} Shy and not the greatest flyer ever, she's also a mother-like Pokemon on Sammy's team. She was Sammy's third Pokemon. Moves; Cotton Guard, Air Slash, Dragon Breath and Dragon Dance.

Zeref {Grovyle; Male} Calm, cool and collected, he's extremely over protective over Sammy. That means he and Ombra have a rivalry, due to the fact Ombra always knocks her over. Zeref was her starter Pokemon and her second.

Cecil {Teddiursa; Male} The baby of the group and often clingy to Sammy. He has his moments when he's a prankster, though. Cecil's slightly resented by Sammy's team due to the fact he often catches her attention, clinging to her neck, shoulders, chest, etc., so she can carry him. Cecil was a gift to her from Danny and her fourth Pokemon. Moves; Fake Tears, Slash, Charm and Metal Claw

Thomas {Camerupt; Male} He's the sleepy Pokemon of the group and, of course, is often asleep. When he's awake, Thomas has quite a temper, so don't stand in his way! He has a soft spot for Sammy and loves it when she scratches him behind his ears. Moves: Earhtquake, Lava Plume, Earth Power and Yawn.

Guinevere {Lapras; Female} A gift to Sammy on her fifteenth birthday from her father as she was traveling back home to Mossdeep. Guinevere's a calm Lapras and loves cuddling with Sammy. She has a temper when somebody hurts Sammy, though, so her attitude is a mix of Cecil's and Zeref's. Moves; Ice Beam, Surf, Brine and Rain Dance.

Partner: Ombra, her Mightyena.

Normal Clothes:* Orange and black checkered hoodie, kept open to reveal her black tanktop, black shorts and yellow Converse. Sammy, almost 24/7, has her orange headphones around her neck (connected to her orange mp3). She listens to it most of the time, in battle, on a walk, etc.

Winter Clothes:* A beige button-up coat, black leggings, an orange Solrock scarf and brown boots that reach her knees.

Swim Wear:* A yellow two-piece bikini with a Lanturn on the right bikini bottom. Out of the water, she wears white flip flops and often has sunglasses on her head. She rarely wears them.

Sleep Wear:* An overly large, orange t-shirt that slips off her left shoulder {gift from Danny. He accidentally bought .. a bigger size than he intended to for his sister} and black shorts {they're covered by the shirt}.

Hope she gets in! If she doesn't, it's cool. x) I'll follow anyways.
ZxZ Fic Hunter chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
Sound interesting,Mind if i join ?

Name: Raven Balthazar

Age :16

Camper or Counselor?:Camper

Appearance: Stood 5'10 feet,black spiky hair,red and purple eyes and fair skin

Hometown/region:Celestial town,Unova

History:He is raised to be a nice caring man by his parent which is obviously grow to be a cold person who doesn't have a problem with father often wonder what is wrong with his parenting skill that raven grow up completely different from what he expected,but he still love him nonetheless.

Personality:Raven is a cold person who love not to smile,He is serious,rarely exhibiting humor,and when he does his humor is very dry,and on rare occasion black,he also really,REALLY pissed of if someone interrupt his nap which he do does however,delight in mocking his enemies,but he hate dirty fight saying that he prefer defeating opponent in their best condition so they can have no excuse

Family: Jack Castiel (Father/40) Karen Castiel (Mother/36) Claire Castiel (Sister/14)

Friends: Someone who didn't interupt his nap

Occupation: Trainer

Crush:You chose

Pokemon :


Surf,Dragon pulse,Dark pulse,Flamethrower


Slack off,Hyperbeam,Shadow Ball,Earthquake


Crunch,Giga impact,Ice punch,Rest


Dragon dance,Ice fang,Waterfall,Earthquake

Capture during Field Trip

Partner: Primero,His first pokemon that he got from his father as an egg

Normal Clothes:He wear a pair of dress shoes, dress slacks, unbuttoned white-stripped dress shirt, and loosened necktie accentuated by a beige trenchcoat.

Winter Clothes:He only add scarf to his normal clothes

Swim Wear:Red swimming trunks

Sleep Wear:White Shirt and Black short pants
Silver Snow7 chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
Name: Nikki

Age: 14

Camper or consuelor?: Camper

Appaerance: shoulder lenght black hair, purple eyes, frameless glasess.

Hometown/Region: Slateport city, Hoenn

History: She loves pokemon contests so she joined the camp to learn more about them and become a coordinator.

Personality: Pretty bashful at first but during contests she turns very competitive.

Family: Miriam(mother), Markus(father), Gaby(younger sister)

Friends: any random OC

Occupation(trainer, coordinator, both): coordinator

Crush: You choose


(male)moves: hail, blizzard, surf, charm.

(female)moves: spider web, toxic, shadow sneak, signal beam

(male)moves: psychich, ice punch, swagger, teleport.

Rest to capture during the field trip:




Partner: Cubchoo

Normal clothes: Black sleeveless shirt, Blue miniskirt, black knee-lenght socks, blue shoes.

Winter clothes: black jeans, purple hoodie, gray boots.

Swim wear: icy blue entire bathsuit with white seashell patterns.

Sleep wear: green shirt, gray shorts.
Mato Rin chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
Well, this is problematic... My two main OCs are siblings, and the other two I use are female... this gives me a chance to use Rin's secret love~ 3

Okay! I'll help you out with Rin and Katsuya!

Name: Rin. Older sister calls her Rinny, so does the younger.

Age (14-18): 14/15, you pick.

Camper or Counselor?: Camper. Never trust Rin to be a Counselor.

Appearance: Short, unevenly cut brown hair and brown eyes. She is five foot three and wears a white beanie with Lugia wings hanging off the sides. Her sister made it for her. She normally wears a jacket with one half white, the other black, blue shorts, and black and white running shoes with white socks. She never tells anyone her weight, but she weighs 101 lbs.

Hometown/region: Solaceon Town, Sinnoh

History: Rin started her journey in her home region of Sinnoh with an Eevee she hatched herself. Every Pokémon she caught she traded for more Eevee (mainly because of pushing from her parents to be an Eevee trainer, as Mato failed to do that properly.). She evolved all of them and then went on to challenge the Sinnoh League, getting into the top sixteen. She traveled to Johto next and discovered Contests, which suited her female Pokémon much better than battling did. She began to participate in both and found herself quite liking it, even if she didn't win every time.

Personality: She's generally a nice girl, but she has her sarcastic moments. For more reference see Pokémon: Premium. She's in chapter 3, and in the upcoming 4. She likes to put expression into her speeches and also will jump on the table if she's sitting at one and getting into a speech of some sort. She fears Ghost types, but can't for the love of Arceus explain why...

Family: She lives with her Eevee-loving parents, older sister Mato (they normally are civil to each other, but for some reason Mato manages to drive Rin up the wall with just a "Hi, Rin!") and younger sister Eri. Mato has a Glaceon while Eri has an Eevee.

Friends: Naminé, Leaf, Cilan, Iris, Katsuya... She has more, too, mostly OCs.

Occupation: Trainer/Coordinator

Crush: Katsuya


- Leafeon (Female) (always outside her Pokéball) (Ability: Leaf Guard)

1. Magical Leaf

2. GrassWhistle

3. Sunny Day

4. Leaf Blade

- Glaceon (Female) (Ability: Snow Cloak)

1. Hail

2. Ice Fang

3. Ice Shard

4. Blizzard

- Umbreon (Male) (Ability: Synchronize)

1. Pursuit

2. Dark Pulse

3. Bite

4. Moonlight

- Espeon (Female) (Ability: Synchronize)

1. Role Play

2. Morning Sun

3. Psybeam

4. Psychic

- Vaporeon (Female) (Ability: Water Absorb)

1. Water Gun

2. Aqua Ring

3. Hydro Pump

4. Water Pulse

- Flareon (Male) (Ability: Flash Fire)

1. Flamethrower

2. Heat Wave

3. Fire Blast

4. Fire Spin

Partner: Leafeon, of course!

Normal Clothes: See "Appearance".

Winter Clothes: She switches her regular jacket for a long black jacket with white sleeves, and her blue shorts for longer blue pants. She wears black gloves and white boots, with a white scarf. She still wears her beanie.

Swim Wear: She wears a black bathing suit with white lining.

Sleep Wear: A white t-shirt with black mini-shorts.

Name: Katsuya. Rin calls him Ninja on occasion.

Age (14-18): 14/15, you pick.

Camper or Counselor?: Camper. He's too laid back.

Appearance: He has black hair that is mildly untamed and obviously he's not very good at combing it. His eyes are blue. He's taller than Rin at five foot seven and is heavier than her at 110 lbs. He is a bit thin-muscled but he is agile and can be stealthy. He mostly wears thick, warm black clothing.

Hometown/region: Celestic Town, Sinnoh. However, as a child, he later moved to Unova, to live in Striaton City. His family then later moved to Oplucid City.

History: He trained at a young age to be a Ghost type trainer. He never knew why, but they fascinated him. His parents were mostly busy and left him in the care of a nanny, whom disliked Ghost type because she believed they were evil. When his father gained a job opportunity in Unova, the family moved there. He brought with him, in secret, the first Pokémon he had ever befriended, his beloved Banette. He started his journey early when he ran away from home. He has since gained the agility that has gained him the nickname of "ninja" and is skilled with training the Ghost-type.

Personality: He can be cold and dark at times, preferring to keep to himself and remain to be stubborn. However, he opens up a little to people that he gets to know. He's stubborn, as said before, and refuses to ever acknowledge if he's sick or wounded (both of which happens often, due to his inability to take care of himself, as he puts others before himself very often). Rin is usually the only one who can get through to him at these times.

Family: He has a father and a mother, however, he ran away from home at a young age. Rin's family took him in as a castaway.

Friends: Rin's friends, Sakura (another ninja-freak), Rin

Occupation: Trainer

Crush: Rin

Pokemon (As I've yet to decide on his whole team, I'll give you two to start and three to catch later. I've yet to decide on a sixth for him.)

- Banette (Male) (Ability: Insomnia)

1. Shadow Ball

2. Shadow Sneak

3. Curse

4. Sucker Punch

- Misdreavus (Female) (Ability: Levitate)

1. Shadow Ball

2. Psybeam

3. Confuse Ray

4. Perish Song

(To Catch Later)

- Duskull (Male) (Ability: Levitate)

1. Curse

2. Astonish

3. Future Sight

4. Disable

- Froslass (Female) (Ability: Snow Cloak)

1. Blizzard

2. Ominous Wind

3. Icy Wind

4. Destiny Bond

- Yamask (Male) (Ability: Mummy)

1. Will-O-Wisp

2. Shadow Ball

3. Astonish

4. Ominous Wind

Partner: Banette or Misdreavus... he tends to switch who follows him around...

Normal Clothes: Heavy black sweater with light black pants. The sweater usually has a hood and he sometimes wears it to block his face when he's performing ninja stalker moves on Rin. There's usually no shirt underneath his sweater.

Winter Clothes: His sweater is switched with a thick black coat that protects him from the weather.

Swim Wear: He doesn't usually go swimming, but he does have black swim trunks for these occasions.

Sleep Wear: His pajamas consist of a light black sweater, and black jogging pants.
Slight Negative chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
Name: Adam Melendez

Age 15

Camper or Counselor?: Camper

Appearance: I have a deviant art with a picture on my profile (Name on deviant art: PKMNtrainerMelendez)

Hometown/region: Petalburg city, Hoenn

History: Grew up in hoenn. His dad taught him to fix electronics (ipods, game consoles, TVs) and how to play guitar. Was convinced to like gym battles when was little. But when he went to his first contest when he was 8, he wanted to be a coordinator

Personality: calm, caring, but when he loses his temper, you might not want to be near him. very protective of his friends, family, and especially of his pokemon. Would sacrifice himself for them.

Family: Ryan (dad) Lori (mom) Eli (sister; real name Elizabeth) John-Franco (Brohter)

Friends: May (Real Character)

Barry (Real Character)

other OC's after they join

Occupation: Coordinator

Crush: May; if it can't be a main character, PM me to change it to an OC)


Buizel/ Male/ Aqua jet, surf, swift, sonic boom

Glaceon/female/ ice shard, quick attack, iron tail, blizzard

(Next 4 captured during the trip)

Serperior/female/ Leaf tornado, tackle, quick attack, vine whip

Samurott/male/ razor shell, aqua jet, tackle, surf

Gible/male/ draco meteor, dragon rush, dig, take down

Munchlax/male/ tackle, body slam, rollout, fling

Partner: Gible/likes to bite on Adam's friends heads

Normal Clothes:

Winter Clothes: same closed vest, but long sleeved white shirt, black knit gloves, black boots, NY yankees baseball cap, green scarf

Swim Wear: jet black swim trunks

Sleep Wear: white t shirt and black sweat pants, blue stripes on the sides (Gible usually sleeps on Adam's forehead
Unbiased Abyss chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
Name: Mark Raynor(High fives to people that know this last name!)

Age (14-18): 17

Camper or Counselor?: Camper

Appearance: http : files/oTnEM1MiEFxmNYJnSJ9*KZR9YFPr3FIYIp-DofhIso1GvET/AnimeGothGuy . jpg

Hometown/region: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh

History: Mark had a mostly normal childhood. The only remarkable thing that happened to him(12 years old) was when he rescued a drown Ralts(Rare to be in the area) that broke through some ice. That Ralts is now a Gardevoir and his partner pokemon.

Personality: Mark is an outgoing guy and will talk to anyone but he isn’t overly talkative. He is hard to anger and is usually level headed in all situations. He will do anything to help friends but a strange thing about him is that he doesn’t like it when people help him. He sometimes has trouble sleeping and can be found looking at the stars during those nights.

Family: Jimmy Raynor(38)(:D)

Sophie Raynor(37)

Magi Raynor(12)

Friends: Umm... Your go here

Occupation: Trainer

Crush: Your go here


Mist-(Female Gardevoir)- She is shy and will only go around people that Mark trusts.

BigD-(Male Magmortar)- He is very over protective of Mark and Mist and is Marks main battler.

Partner: Mist(Gardevoir)(Did I fill this one out right?)

Normal Clothes: in the picture, pants are black jeans and black leather shoes

Winter Clothes: Normal cloths with a black leather jacket

Swim Wear: Black swim shortsh

Sleep Wear: Black sweat pants

Hope this works for you and I can’t wait to see the first chapter! If you have any questions just PM me.
Sparky Pokemon chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
Name:Mel Bryant


Camper or Counselor? Camper

Appearance:5'6,straight,shoulder length black hair with purple streaks,messy uneven bangs,dark blue eyes,slightly tanned skin,a few freckles,left arm completely wrapped in bandages,birthmark on left heel that resembles a small flame

Hometown/Region:Blackthorn City,Johto

History:Mel was raised by her 3 older brothers because her parents were always too busy to stay at did everything together,such as play in their band,skateboard,and do stupid her tenth birthday,Mel's brother took her to Route 45 to perform the Bryant Birthday Tradition-catch the first Pokémon you see,no matter what it is and whether or not you like her case,it was a absolutely despised each other at first.(They even got into hand-in-hand combat when Mel was trying to catch him!)But over time,they grew on each other and are now loyal and inseperable best friends.

Personality:Mel is a complete and total tomboy and hates anything girly and would rather hang with the 's also very eccentric and will say/do the wierdest,randomest likes to sing,play guitar,and write is also a bit of a troublemaker.(Not a big one,though)She is a great friend and will stick up for 's funny,witty,and can always put a smile on other's faces,but she can be snarky and sarcastic towards the few people she doesn't ,her and her partner Pokémon will challeng a random kid to a spontaneous ,and Mel's a great skateboarder,but she's a bit clumsy when she's not riding one.

Family:Mom Tina and Dad Patrick(But they're usually too busy at work to come to anything),23 year old Matt(has an Azumarill named Skipper),19 year old Mitch(has an Electivire named Buzz),and 16 year old Mikey(has a Meganium named Beau)

Friends:2 other OCs of mine,Sparky Mizugoruo and Nicole 's usually cool with just about everyone,although she hangs with guys more than girls
awesomeness127 chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
Name: Isabella nickname: Bella

Age: 14


Appearance: Light red hair and green eyes, has freckles all over her face and has her hair up in a pony tail most of the time. Shes around five four feet tall and rather large breast, though she hates them.

Hometown: Heart home city, sinnoh

History: Beeing in a up tight family is hard. So she choses to be a reblious teenager. Only wearing a dress when made too. She doesn't like beeing at tea party's or anything like that but her mother makes her. She is the youngest of three and is always geting picked on by her older sisters. So she begged her mother to let her go to pokemon camp.

Personilty: She's a dare girl. She'll almost always question something, and when some body says to do something she does the opiste. She seems to always get introuble at camp, but she just loves the rush likes to fight and will beat up anybody who picks on her. But shes mostly a loner, dealing with her self, and her sisters. But once she has a friend she'll be more open. Loves playing pranks on the consulers.

Family: Kelly (Mother), Janessa(Sister), Lilly (Sister)

Friends: Ill Pm you once you get the story started and i met the other charaters.

Occupation: Trainer

Crush: You choose

Pokemon: Ninetales (Her mother gave it to her when she was ten)

Kilria(Catches at a field trip)

Piegy (Trip)

Phyduck (Trip)

Pichu (Follows her around when it fell off a tree at camp and she caught it wit her hands)

Partner: A little gray Eevee name Storm, shes never in her pokeball.

Normal cloths: A orange tank top with ripped up jeans

Winter cloths: A big black coat and red jeans

Swim wear: A green two piece

Sleep wear: A silk lavendar night gown and her hair down, smoothly brushed.
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