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raxacalco chapter 20 . 5/23
Please oh god please finish this
I need at least one good harrymort fic to be finished /I need closure/
Guest chapter 20 . 4/21
Oh god, this was beautiful. Is there any chance you'll finish it...? I've never enjoyed a fic like this as much as I did this one, with the interactions between Harry and Voldemort so perfectly executed...and the horcrux...I'm in awe.
Skye chapter 20 . 4/12
Oh gosh I'm so sorry about your computer, that really sucks. This chapter was brilliant though so I'm glad you got your motivation to write this back. I really hope you continue this, that ending -Gah!- I can't wait to see the sort of effects Harry accepting the horcrux has on him. Also I can only imagine the sorts of reactions the death eaters would have to his tinged eyes *cackles* it'd be amusing to read, I think.
Mirage chapter 20 . 4/10
interesting story
so Harry accepted his other me...and the sould part atleast to some parts him too...but what of voldi...did he feel this...what will now Change with this...will Tom be a good ruler of wizarding he kill Ron hermione and Neville or use them to get stroger poorebloods that are intelligent...i mean it would be sad to simple kill them, they dont have so many intelligent People like hermione, and the weasley are not so inbreed that Shows that they can get more than one child per it would be more clever to put them under watch and Special Magic binding and let them work and life and breed in there new get Magic stroger and ,more childeren...
would be great when you write one day an end to end this Story and to know where this all goes!
Limedina chapter 20 . 4/7
I want more, I'm dying to read what happens next
Tatsuya chapter 20 . 3/29
Sorry but this is just sick twisted and i must ask if u are mad? baah sick and Trash Story. bye!
TORA chapter 6 . 3/29
Wrong Harrys Parselability is not from the Horcrux it seems. So it sees Harry is a Gaubt/Slytherin also. Potter become darker and darker :D
cztelnik chapter 20 . 3/19
There's a lot to recommend this for a good angst. The hallucinations and interactions with Remus and friends really keep the suspense high. I feel for Narcissa, it isn't logical for her to trust Voldemort not to kill or irreparably maim her son. Historically that's not been an issue for him at all but who will be his healer in the inner circle now? Severus I suppose.
Carottal chapter 20 . 3/12
So I think this story is awesome! And the great thing is, I really didn't expect it to be.

I usually don't enjoy these kind of stories from beginning to the end. In fact, when I clicked on the link to read this, I thought I'd read the first few chapters, see how Harry would lose his will to Voldemort or how Voldemort would start melting down for Harry, and then drop this. And I think you may understand this kind of thoughts given one of your first AN. The one that made me think, along with the first few chapters, that maybe I could hope more from this story. The maybe has long turned into an of course since then.

I like the pace of it all. I like how you showed Tom's obsession. I loved that pun about treasures meant to shine. I like the strange link, relation, bond (call it whatever you want, it's too hard for me to find the right word. Dynamic maybe?), dynamic you created between Harry and Tom. I also loved Hedwidg and her somehow rivalry with Tom. I'm mourning her right now and can't help hoping she's not dead. Poor Harry. Oh! And I love that although it will have some semblance of romance, it is not among the main genre given for this story. First it lessens the expectations for the kissing scene to come (and that sweet, sweet tension is too good to let go off so easily. The release will be all the sweeter). Second, if some kind of love may come in this story, it is not romantic in the least, and romance is not its focus, which is something I love because paradoxically, it makes the change in feelings look smoother.

In fact, I like how you show the focus of your characters. You don't hesitate to elude some elements and describe others in great length. It works so well with writing obsession and rivalry!

And there's this strange, eery way you show us things that seem not to be made for us to understand completely. At least not at the moment we read it. I love that because I feel you're clear about it, but want us to share the character's (mostly Harry's) extreme confusion.
So yep, the chapter with all the nightmares was confusing but I didn't mind it at all because it was normal to question what was reality and what wasn't. If Harry didn't know, why would we? So yep, I didn't get all Voldemort's words to his death eaters or Harry but who cares when the ones hearing them didn't understand either?
As a result, I read this and I trust in you to give me all the elements I would need to understand when I need to understand. And I love this feeling. This mix of going with the flow but with extreme focus and attention to everything that is happening.

I don't know if you're still trying to finish this story. I know losing chapters can be extremely frustrating, all the more when you try to write the story again and feel the lost chapters were better (when in reality they may not have been but as they're lost, you can't know). I know getting back to a story after years can be extremely awkward because you grew up, your style changed, the people reading you may not be there any longer,... I just hope that's not how you felt after publishing this chapter, because I have to say I want to know what will happen next, I want to read more of this story and see how it will all end!

So yeah, thank you very very much for this story :)
witchlips chapter 20 . 1/21
I adore this fic! you have a really fantastic writing style and I can't wait until you update this one again. I am thoroughly invested.
bluevip chapter 1 . 1/9
this easily became one of my favorite TR/HP fan fics. I loved harry and Voldemorts characters. Good job
holy moly chapter 20 . 1/4
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wow
Guest chapter 20 . 1/3
This fic is awesome. I just read the entire thing in one go. It's 2 am. I should probably sleep.
Guest chapter 14 . 12/28/2016
Plz update, pretty please
Malevolent Mind chapter 8 . 12/22/2016
hands down the best chapter so far
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