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AbyssalStarlight chapter 18 . 5/29
Can't wait for next chapter!
Mjkat chapter 2 . 5/23
This is an interesting turn, so Snape never made the magical swear with Draco's mother in the movie? I never saw it, so I'm not too sure.
Guest chapter 18 . 5/17
I made this really long speech only to realize that I didn't have Wi-Fi . . .

So I will make this short.

Your plot was so steady and slowly building but entertaining nonetheless. I love that Harry is slowly but surely breaking, falling into the snares of the Dark Lord's manipulation. I can't wait for your next update.

Your faithful Supporter,
RaMMYz chapter 18 . 5/17
Please please write another chapter!
radioactive-spacemen chapter 18 . 5/13
Well this was certainly interesting, it's been an absolute delight reading your take on how Voldemort would respond to discovering the truth of the hollows; can very easily see him responding exactly like you've written here. Find it amusing how Harry almost managed to one up Voldemort yet again, with a trick voldemort taught him nonetheless! but alas, hoping Harry manages to survive the torture session with at least some sense of his self.

Also found it interesting in an earlier chapter how Voldemort commented that he believes Harry's soul shard has been affected by Harry's morals rather than the other way around, so i'm rather curious to see if that will eventually play a deeper part in the story.

Overall, really loving how you've managed to keep them in character despite the circumstances (especially Harry, poor guy can't catch a break lol) and Voldemort's amusing dialogue with his death eaters was an unexpected treasure. Thanks for this wonderfully dark fic couldn't put it down once i came across it!
Snowfire218 chapter 1 . 5/11
Please update soon? Lol:) I absolutely adore this fic! Cannot wait for more of your epic plot:)
silver screen icon chapter 18 . 5/9
i have been hooked since chapter one and may have lost sleep over this but its just so amazing!

i really cant even begin to explain without just fangirling all over the place! so brilliantly written! and eeerrg! the tension, the horror , the humour! just how do you do it!? I dont know!

gosh! i hope you will be continuing! otherwise i might die from wighdrawl! its been a long time since a fic has captivated me so much! love it!

silver screen icon
EriEka127 chapter 18 . 5/8
I love this fic! Well done. How often do you typically update? It looks like it's been a while since the last update.
G.Potter93 chapter 18 . 5/7
I really would love an update!
Such a good story.
The way Harry has crumbled this chapter is very jarring and Disturbing. But very true to form. He has fought every step of the way like Harry potter really would. But even the strongest can only last so long. And especially a teenage boy. He's done well not breaking.
Hayashi Aki chapter 18 . 5/4
I've only recently discovered your fanfictions, or to be more specific, your Harry Potter ones and god I love them already. Even Sneaky Familiar which you have abandoned :(. All the concepts and plots behind the stories are simply so interesting! Not to mention that you can write all the characters quite well! I look forward to whatever else you might update
anon chapter 18 . 5/1
y u no update?! :(
GreggoGeek22 chapter 7 . 5/1
This story is legitimately perfect! * inset perfect emoji here*! I love it, and cannot wait for the next update!
Purple-Vixen-Flames chapter 18 . 5/1
Hey this is great please continue! :) I really like the relation you are putting Harry though with them and can't wait for more. Farewell,

DevilsDarkKitsune chapter 18 . 4/26
Just read this whole story through! Not. For the first time might I add! Truly amazing piece of writing! Can't wait to see what happens next! X
Q3APo chapter 18 . 4/18
oh, i love the tortured harry. i love the dark romance. and i want more.
great fic. i cant wait till harry confront tom and grow up.
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