Reviews for Turncoat
gryffgirl09 chapter 65 . 7/22
Thoroughly annoyed I'm 64 chapters in and losing interest quickly. No real Dramione action, it's taking way to damn long for the length of this story for any action to have yet occur. Starting to just quick skim the chapters to get the meat and hopefully and good part that I fell can be there but never surfaces.
coffee-addicted chapter 44 . 7/20
I love this story, but Ron is so damn annoying!
crissy chapter 49 . 7/15
i really love bellatrix in this, you see a more human approach a kinda motherly/sisterly feel for draco she has and its quiet refreshing shes still sick cruel and demented but you see a side of her you never imagine exists to her and its good because she loves him as family and it just an eye opener. I still love the original bella of course she has always been such an amazing badguy shes bad for no reason no tragic backstory shes just bad because she wants to be and i love her for it even old voldy has a tragic backstory
Kathryn chapter 1 . 7/10
Great so far and I can tell it will get way better
SuYuChen chapter 101 . 7/12
Wow I finished this story finally! It took me almost two years! :D I started first in my native language (Czech) and because I was so desperate to read this story, I started to learn English more and more to understand :D so thanks to you and your story, I started to learn and understand more! & I really do love Dramione and this story is one of my favorite! It's not vague, it's not simple, it's complicated story and that's what I like! & thank you very much again! Love from Czech :D &
Guest chapter 101 . 7/9
Reading this the second time and got to the end this time. Really like all the characters. Draco was really hot;-) thanks for this
stefanie1955 chapter 91 . 7/5
I am confused *sighs* The thing is that it was very interesting, but I honestly think that the story is being stretched too much. I like your writing, and IT IS a great story, there were just chapters that were fillers and really not necessary. They took away from the excitement, I was beginning to be excited and very keen on keep reading and then there were some chapters I simply skipped.
stefanie1955 chapter 75 . 7/5
Nope, it was not too forward at all. It was perfect.
stefanie1955 chapter 74 . 7/5
Finally! I want Hermione to jinx Ron. What he did was as cruel and as disgusting as what those death eaters were going to do when Hermione was in the camp. The only difference is that Hermione would think she was doing things willingly.
stefanie1955 chapter 72 . 7/5
Still no one is the wiser about the love potion? Hermione is acting like a puppet!
stefanie1955 chapter 71 . 7/5
Neville is an idiot, if Voldemort wins they will all be dead.
stefanie1955 chapter 67 . 7/5
Sighs* When would it be discovered that Ron slipped her love potion? How many more Horcruxss are there?
stefanie1955 chapter 62 . 7/5
Love potion... The asshole gave her a love potion!
stefanie1955 chapter 56 . 7/5
Can Ginny slap Hermione? Can she? Hermione is really getting on my nerves. She's being whiny and weak.
stefanie1955 chapter 52 . 7/5
Sighs* Hermione is again getting on my nerves. The only twilight book I ever read was that blasted New Moon one, and only half of it because I simply hated Bella. Hermione is trying to sound like her here. sighs*
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