Reviews for Turncoat
Cindyrainyday chapter 101 . 9/19
How could you wrote so well? It's fantastic! I usually couldn't stand the first person writing, but you described it just well. And I can't believe you made me kind of liked Bella, even sorrowed for her.
Thank you for sharing.
Millicent chapter 11 . 9/6
I love this series! Some of the best writing I've read in any fanfics so far. I love love love the plot! I can't wait to keep reading!
linadjahat chapter 1 . 8/28
thank's amazing! you are wonderful writer
Avarizia chapter 101 . 8/26
Thank you for this truly amazing story!
petrynronlover chapter 101 . 8/23
Very good story. I don’t normally read Draco and Hermione ,but I’ve run out of good stories to read of my other favorite pairing. So I thought I’d venture off into something new. Glad I did.
Moibeal chapter 101 . 8/21
I waited until I finished the story to review. I absolutely love it!

I thought it was interesting the way you developed Bellatrix’s and Voldemort’s relationship with Draco. I actually liked how you humanized Bella. And her relationship with Frank Longbottom was a great part of that also.

I lived Draco’s character. It was nice to see him start to open up to Hermione in the end. Him holding back from her made for a more interesting storyline. Hermione being patient and showing him she was willing to sacrifice for him made a big difference.

Ron’s an arse. Harry’s matured. Hope Voldie stays dead. I really hope Theo would of found someone and Blaise and Daphne could make a go at a healthy relationship.

I know you said no sequel, but what about a Blaise/Daphne story from this plot. I’d read it. :D

Thanks for such a wonderful story.
vacantvagrant chapter 1 . 8/14
Ahhh, I'm *so* happy I found this fic! I read it last summer, before I had an account, so I didn't have it favorited (now I certainly do). As my summer break draws to a close, I'm re-reading my favorites, and I had such a hard time finding this one. Several Google searches and Dramione-themed blogs later, I'm so thrilled to be rereading Turncoat! Thank you so much for this story
Guest chapter 19 . 8/10
I like knowing both of their perspectives of the same events. Great story!
Guest chapter 17 . 8/4
It is too repetitive. Draco's scene was better though. But really repeating each scene from two POVs is redudant.
VeelaGio chapter 9 . 8/4
This is a weak point. They stunned him to take him to Grimmault Place and yet they all let him leave through the front door and from the sky? Nope. This doesn't work
swotHermy chapter 1 . 7/31

i loved your story. so far, i loved how u put draco in your story. good plot and i loved the scene of interaction between voldemortdraco. and the strategy and all, some of it exceed my guess!
thanks for your effort and everyone that makes this story possible!
quidditchwithdragons chapter 1 . 7/23
just finished reading and must say I genuinely enjoyed this, very well written and great plot. like I said before, this is my favorite portrait of Draco so far and I know for sure it's going to be stay my favorite for a while. thanks for sharing. xx
lilha chapter 101 . 7/22
Hi, I love the whole story, i spend the past three day reading it

Thank you, thank you for this incredible masterpiece
quidditchwithdragons chapter 78 . 7/19
wow, this is one of the best smut I have ever read and it's just lovely how the whole scene turned out. I love their relationship so far and the Draco you created is currently my favorite one among the (too) many Dramiones I've read so far. well done, really, you're amazingly talented and made me read 78 chapters in a day, which doesn't happen that often. keep it up. xx
TheStormsFury chapter 101 . 7/10
But! What about Alicia and Lee! Let me know if they survived!

Also, this is my favorite dramoine fanfic! FANTASTIC writing and the story line was grand! Amazing job!
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