Reviews for Turncoat
Guest chapter 64 . 11/5
This is messed up but I guess they gotta have some problems before they have a happy ending
Itzrenaynay chapter 55 . 10/5
See this gets me heated because she can’t compare Blaise to Draco. Draco became a death eater when he was a teenager. He was a child. Draco only knew what his parents were telling him to do right and then Blaise he could switch sides, and it wouldn’t even matter because one he don’t really have a dad and two he doesn’t even talk to his mom. His mom
Itzrenaynay chapter 50 . 10/5
I really feel bad for Blaise because he knows there isnt a chance, but still continues to feel the way you feels I guess
Itzrenaynay chapter 4 . 10/1
I’ve recently read another fanfiction that had like a similar vibe to this, so I came back to reread
riosdesire16 chapter 101 . 3/19
I really enjoyed this story so much and I’ve been glued to it every moment I could be. Thank you for writing such an enjoyable fanfic!
riosdesire16 chapter 92 . 3/19
I have been glued to this story for days. This is a top-tier dramione story, I love how you wrote the characters and it feels right- I hate the ones that make Harry into a villain, because they feel so wrong. So I love your version of Harry in this. And Draco, he is just such a big grey area, I adore him. So badass. 3
EndlessRdr2022 chapter 56 . 3/16
Not Ron then…is it? This is long and I’m quite tempted to skip ahead for the end. lol. Yea, I am one of *those* people.
Charly19 chapter 44 . 2/28
I do wish they would all stop giving Ron a free pass for his appalling behaviour. Honestly, he has no right to be so possessive and controlling around Hermione. If I were Hermione I could not stay friends with him when he is behaving like this. He needs to grow up and accept she is her own person who can make her own decisions or he needs to be kicked out because his current behaviour is completely unacceptable.
Charly19 chapter 26 . 2/28
So I know the story was completed a long time ago, but for what it’s worth, my opinion would be to not repeat the chapters from the others POV. It’s very rarely done in fiction and there is a reason for it as it interrupts the flow of the story and makes it very repetitive. I’ve found that I am quickly skimming the second POV of the same scene as I want to see the story progress rather than it seemingly “rewinding”. I think it would have been better to choose whose POV you feel is more important to see for each scene, or whose you prefer and share just that one instead. So still alternating between the two POV’s, but not rehashing the same conversations and scenes over and over again. I am still enjoying the story though and would really like to know how Draco developed such strong feelings for Hermione so I hope that question is eventually answered.
Slytherinferret0506 chapter 92 . 2/27
Is Ron still stuck to the wall?
Slytherinferret0506 chapter 70 . 2/27
No, no, no. Neville can't be the traitor. Just, no! Never!
Slytherinferret0506 chapter 59 . 2/27
Yes, I did pick up on the fact that Hermione was standing in the same spot Draco had been. Also noticed there was no sign of Moaning Myrtle in her bathroom where the entrance to the chamber is located.
Slytherinferret0506 chapter 42 . 2/25
How did Harry get in to Malfoy's when Malfoy hadn't given him the address?
Slytherinferret0506 chapter 36 . 2/25
Only started reading this today and have not been able to put it down. Always astounds me how some fanfiction truly feels like an actual novelas in if it were published I would buy without hesitationand this is one of those stories. I would buy this if it was released on DVD as a sequel to the original HP series! That's how good I feel this is, I have read a lot of Dramione and I can count on one hand the number of times I have said this to the author. Anyhow, on with the story ...
The Soup Review chapter 101 . 2/6
Good Soup
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