Reviews for Italian Swans and Irish Guns
nora.dbf chapter 22 . 7/30
fucking awsome plot twist! realy exited to read on just thought you should know your story is great
nora.dbf chapter 16 . 7/27
Hi I live in the town where the kilrudery house is and the house is off linmits. I've been there countless times the gardens are beautiful, they open the orengery sometimes and there's a market on the weekends. They have a farm with animals and fruitveg but I've never been in the house the owners live there. Oh and it closes from early November untill March. Your story is great I'm not criticising I just thought you'ld want the info for the future if needs be... anyway I'm gonna go back to reading :D
winterfae22 chapter 32 . 4/8
Loved it! Poor Bella and Jasper!
winterfae22 chapter 31 . 4/8
Loved it!
Kera Atchley chapter 30 . 2/22
Amazingly awesome!
Kera Atchley chapter 29 . 2/22
Kera Atchley chapter 28 . 2/22
Is Bella going to be alright?
Kera Atchley chapter 27 . 2/22
Excellent! Go Jasper!
Kera Atchley chapter 26 . 2/22
Amazing! Poor Bella!
Kera Atchley chapter 25 . 2/22
Loved it! How will Aro react?
Kera Atchley chapter 24 . 2/22
Fantastic! Poor Jasper!
Kera Atchley chapter 23 . 2/22
I really hate Tanya!
Kera Atchley chapter 22 . 2/22
Kera Atchley chapter 21 . 2/22
Loved it!
Kera Atchley chapter 20 . 2/22
Uh-oh! Tanya is going to be in so much trouble when they find out what she did!
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