Reviews for Iron Hammer of Justice
Key and Lock chapter 159 . 7/26
Nice chapter, it is strange having Alexander as the reasonable one and Rina breaking the rules,but it is interesting to see this side of their characters. I really enjoyed the ending with Specter blaming Alexander for the buildings that he blew up. I can't wait to see the next chapter and see gets resolved first, the Taka attack or the division in the marines.
Key and Lock chapter 158 . 7/9
Nice chapter, I'm starting to wonder if Alexander and Gaia will ever fight, but I guess they could fight over the Zabrina issue. Speaking of which I'm really curious to see how many marines are going to help protect her and how many will side with Rybeck. Good luck.
Key and Lock chapter 157 . 6/23
Nice chapter, I could tell that Rybeck wasn't going to be an ally to Alexander, but I liked seeing a bit more of his real personality. I'm looking forward to seeing which marines side with Alexander and Zabrina, and which ones stay with Rybeck, and of course how Taka will take advantage of this. Good luck.
Key and Lock chapter 156 . 6/9
Nice chapter, Specter had a tough fight and it was very interesting. I'm really glad that Reggie and Specter got a chance to show off what they learned from their training and took down two strong assassins. I can't wait to see the aftermath of the fight. Good luck.
Key and Lock chapter 155 . 6/2
Nice chapter, I really liked how Reggie's fight concluded and I'm looking forward to seeing how Specter will fair against Ezmerelda with a broken weapon and being in water. I can't wait to see the conclusion to these great fights, good luck.
Labyrinth-Designer chapter 154 . 5/24
Typical that Specter's attempt to actually get her out of the sticky situation they were in would get him labeled an asshole... Oh well haha. This battle has certainly been an interesting one, and it's really starting to show Specter and Reggie's skill. Like they said, they honestly aren't even close to being the strongest, but that's part of what makes them good characters. Despite their lack of strength, they always find a way to use the skills they do have to win. Keep up the good work!
Guest chapter 154 . 5/20
Awesome story keep it up don't give up hope you are the best around
TheLostSpade chapter 154 . 5/19
this chapter was particularly good! I always enjoy reading your fight scenes. they really give off the anime vibe, like i can picture it ya'know? its totally alright to feel a bit unmotivated from time to tim, it happens to the best of us. soon enough you'll have a burst of motivation and then so on. good luck my friend! can't wait for the next chapter (ゝω・)

from ace!
Key and Lock chapter 154 . 5/18
Great chapter, blowing up a teammate to booster them out of the water was not what I was expecting, but considering it came from Specter I guess I really shouldn't be that surprised. I'm really enjoying the fight so far, and I like how it has swapped around with Reggie fighting Red now, I can't wait to see the next part, good luck.
Key and Lock chapter 152 . 5/1
Nice chapter. Red and Ezmerelda are a really strong team, and I like how Specter and Reggie are the ones teaming up to fight them. I thought the idea of them both feeling at least a little inferior to Alexander and Rina was well done. I can't wait to see how their fight goes, and what Delrado will do when he shows up.
Shadow40000 chapter 132 . 3/22
Alexander picking up his pace!

This guy surely is turning into GrandLine Material huh...

Can't wait for another Boss fight already xD
Alex's fights are always the best :P
Shadow40000 chapter 131 . 3/22
Shadow40000 chapter 130 . 3/22
a green haired rebel...
now who does that remind you of ? :P
a mohawk maybe? XD
Jackhem chapter 3 . 3/22
I have only just started reading this story. But so far I'm thoroughly enjoying it, Iam glad that you made a marine oc as not many writers are willing to do that. I'm looking forward to you finishing this story and i will enjoy reading it. I will post comments when I feel it is necessary.
Zinc2100 chapter 1 . 3/12
This chapter made me want to read more so I gotta say nice job! I definitely am curious to read how he was able to tank those gun shots.
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