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SneakyDorcas chapter 1 . 11/1/2016
An OC request:
Name: Eruin Foucault (EE-roo-in fo-CALL) (aliases include Marcia Smith, Vague, Hanon Alvennan, Gharnef, Vakaria Docene)
Age: 27 years, 3 months
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual (Eruin greatly enjoys the art of storytelling, and holds some level of attraction to individuals who tell what she considers 'good stories'; however, only these individuals hold her apparent interest.)
Ally/Enemy: Generally Ally (she picks fights with DWMA students and staff when under severe stress)
Physical Appearance: Standing only 5'1", Eruin is startlingly short for her age. She has a wideset frame, though she is currently quite thin, as if she was once chubby a long while back and has been starving. Her face is thin, with thick lips and a narrow aquiline nose. Her hair has a dark tan shade, and is kept cropped close (to avoid being grabbed by the hair); a few strands hang down belted to her back, and stretch to her waist. Her limbs are long and wiry, almost unnaturally so. Eruin often wears colored contact lenses in an effort to confuse people; her natural eye color is chocolate brown. She has a tendency to look aimlessly around at her surroundings when bored; in contrast, she stares with startling intensity at times.
Trademark Clothing: Eruin always wears a vividly-colored, non-waterproof heavy cloak which contains several hidden pockets in its lining. Her standard outfit includes a pair of Arabic sirwal, a women's size 7 t-shirt or vest, and a pair of cheap sneakers without socks.
Animal: Prairie Warbler Songbird
Abilities: According to Eruin herself, she "can just pull thoughts right out of your head". Whether this is true or not, she has a very compelling voice, and has an uncanny tendency to say the exact thing that pushes a person's buttons. What she says sticks in the mind, coming back and picking at her victims for weeks. In both cases, this has ended poorly for her as often as it helped. The resultant fights have led the owners of her favorite haunts to joke about getting "Eruin insurance". She has also demonstrated some moderate talent at archery and hand-to-hand combat, though her boxing isn't exactly up to the standards of a prizefighter.
Personality: Eruin displays a friendly, even servile persona to those she first meets. This persona often drops quickly if her object of interest loses her interest (usually at the point she decides she isn't going to find out anything interesting about the other person). This, obviously, has led to her gaining a reputation as somewhat of a bitch. Her honest personality is brash, very verbose and (often) rude. This comes from her tendency to look at most people as puzzles waiting to be solved, and her difficulty in acting otherwise. She has a tendency to jump from topic to topic in conversation as her own level of interest dictates. In contrast to her dismissal of "boring" people, however, Eruin hangs on every word of an individual she finds interesting, even to her detriment. She would sit and listen to the music playing on the Titanic as it went down. If something distracts her at such times, she usually responds with a flash of her signature cruelty and vitriol.
History: Eruin Foucault was born Marcia Smith, an average Nebraskan girl, to Edward Smith, an average Nebraskan average, and Makoto Tetsuko, an average Witch. Her neighbor's daughter, Heather Marston, soon became her first friend. From the start of kindergarten to the end of primary school, Heather and Marcia were inseparable; this uncanny closeness only grew closer after Heather's father died in a car crash, and her mother took to alcoholism and violence to cope. Through it all, Marcia supported her best friend, even when Heather lashed out at her in grief. However, at the end of 6th grade, just after her last Math class of the year, it grew too much. After one of Marcia's sarcastic quips hit a little too close to home, Heather lashed out for the last time and punched Marcia in the nose, breaking it. Under the emotional weight of her pain, fear, confusion, and Heather's perceived betrayal after sinking to her mother's depths, Marcia first dipped into her magical talents and screamed, "That's why your mom doesn't love you!" Heather recoiled from her in horror; the one thing that kept her in her house was the hoping knowledge that Marcia had just shattered. After an agonizing visit to the family doctor, Marcia's mother let her in on a secret; she was a witch. She had always been a witch, just as Makoto herself was, and the pulse of magic she'd sent out at the end of class time proved it. And so, at 11 years old, Marcia abruptly withdrew from her life to cultivate her magical talents. It was a full year later when her father Edward found her mother in the middle of demonstrating one of her spells. This marked another milestone in Marcia's magical education, as she told her father, "Mom's not a witch. She's just doing magic tricks." Despite the ludicrousness of her statement, Edward believed her, and never bothered them during their lessons again. As the years went by, and Marcia (now calling herself Eruin) grew more powerful, Makoto started to worry. Her daughter was showing tremendous talent at charms and glamours, far outstripping her own meager talents at such, and she threw them out as easy as breathing. Lying was her greatest talent. It was bound to get them both caught. One night, her fears were justified, as Eruin told her that her greatest fear had come true: "The reapers are coming." So they fled, leaving Edward behind. The chase went on for four years, as they fled from place to place, every time hoping they could just stop and settle down. Then, on her 16th birthday, her mother was cut down in a crossfire between the Witch Corvusa and two pairs of DWMA students when Corvusa panicked and threw a spray of sharpened feathers in the wrong direction. After the DWMA students brought Corvusa down, they heard Eruin scream-crying over the bleeding body of her mother: "Don't die! Don't die! I ORDER YOU TO NOT DIE, MAKOTO!" From the sheer level of magic pouring out of her, the DWMA kids identified her as a witch almost immediately (though Makoto . Against their better judgement (and possibly a command from Eruin), they decided to bring Makoto to the nearest hospital and Eruin to the Academy for interrogation. Upon finding out about her lack of knowledge and prejudice about the Academy, her investigators deemed her useful and nonthreatening to DWMA. She and her mother were thereafter installed in a house within Death City, under the watchful eye of Lord Death. Eruin now acts as a low-profile informant for the Academy, as thanks for their care during her mother's recovery.
Soul Appearance: A dark purple sphere, stippled on the back with lemon yellow spots. A light tan line trails down the back, curling off into a short curlicue. A pained face silently mouths words as Eruin's soul tears free, quickening and growing desperate when hands come near.
PhilosophicalSociopath chapter 6 . 5/20/2015
Hmm, a weapon that can attack without contact. It's either wind or sound. Sound would be cool since wind is overdone.
PhilosophicalSociopath chapter 5 . 5/20/2015
So this story is following a timeline similar to the original Soul Eater? At least I know how it will go.

I hope there are going to be differences though.
PhilosophicalSociopath chapter 4 . 5/19/2015
This chapter was pretty funny.

Ash and Xander seem to fit like a glove( I can't believe I did that).
PhilosophicalSociopath chapter 3 . 5/19/2015
Shi and Melody huh? They seem like a pretty good Tsukommi and Boke duo to me.

I have a question. What is it with anime and androgynous people? Am I missing something?
PhilosophicalSociopath chapter 2 . 5/19/2015
A interesting start.

Your main character being in a metallic body... is that a Fullmetal Alchemist reference?

So the Shinigami has a squeaky voice huh? I read the Manga so I didn't know that.
OrionLatro chapter 93 . 5/12/2014
well crap, i enjoyed the series, and i just might have to start my own up here soon. if you have a igpx idea, drop me a line. and that goes to anyone who see this. TFTS, TFTR.
Key and Lock chapter 93 . 4/24/2014
So its really over? The ending seemed...abrupt. Still it was an enjoyable story while it lasted and the last fight was pretty good, I would have liked to have seen an epilogue or something, but with all you have been working on I understand. Good luck with your other stories.
OrionLatro chapter 1 . 4/24/2014
gotta say, this is by far the best layout i have seen.. i just might have to input my OC, give me a few weeks to find him and ill fill out the form for ya.
Key and Lock chapter 92 . 4/3/2014
So, we finally find out a little more about Cham and his plans, and why Michael was able to make that demon arrow. I just wonder if he'll have to use it again, or if he'll find a way that doesn't involve almost killing May. Great job overall.
Key and Lock chapter 91 . 3/13/2014
So the big fight finally starts, and we even got to learn a little about the guy from Pluto. Limos is going to be a tough opponent, but I can't wait to see if the group can handle him or if they'll need those extra souls.
Key and Lock chapter 90 . 2/24/2014
Well, I don't know who that guy with the gloves is, but he seems very interesting. I really liked his trick of storing his Soul Wavelength in his gloves and changing them out, at first I wondered if he might be related to Ash due to his constant switching. Still, I wonder if he'll be able to last until Michael and the others get there? I can't wait to find out.
Key and Lock chapter 89 . 2/10/2014
Wow, that guy from Pluto is no pushover, hopefully the group won't have to fight him any time soon. The fight was very good, and everyone had a good role in it. I'm interested to see what other enemies they'll run into next.
Key and Lock chapter 88 . 1/27/2014
Good chapter, so Marburg is after Vigrid, it makes sense, but I wonder if he'll be able to make it past Lord Death, and whoever else is still there? I also liked the flashback with Cham it was interesting to see how he got involved with everything.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/14/2014
Staff Member:

Name: Katerina Smith.

Age: 27.

Gender: Female.

Sexual Orientation: Either.

Position (teachers, nurse, Death Scythes): Teacher.

Weapon or Meister (For Weapons please include their form): Meister.

Partner Preferences: Long range weapons or swords like katanas. As for the partners themselves someone who will not hesitate and will do the best to their abilities.

Physical Appearance: She has straight shoulder length strawberry blond hair, magenta eyes, light tanned skin, is 5'6", and is physically pretty.

Trademark Clothing: 2" neon green high heeled peep toe shoes.

Formal: Knee length, 3" thick shoulder strap bright orange dress with multicolored pastel tulle ruffled underskirt that goes to her calves. The dress has triangular cuts in the front and back to show the underskirt. Hair in a messy bun with bright blue scrunchie. Her neon green shoes.

Personality: She's a nice person in general, however she's really self doubting. She likes the kids she teaches and helps them anyway she can. She loves hot chocolate.

History: She grew up a normal life, but her mom was a Meister so she went to DWMA for school. She graduated and decided to work there. Her life isn't a sob story.

Soul Appearance: Smiley magenta soul with small neon green shoes.
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