Reviews for A Really Special Bond, Or Whatever
the-lovely-anomaly chapter 1 . 9/24/2011
I must confess, I stopped watching the Saw films after the fourth installment, and therefore did not know who Mallick was. However, after doing a little research online, I am convinced that he and Adam would make a cute couple. ;)

As for the fic itself, it was brilliant. I love how you showed Adam's anger at having been a survivor, and his resentment towards Bobby Dagen. His feelings rang so true. I think if I were in his shoes, I would be feeling those same emotions.

The bonding between Adam and Mallick was well-executed. It makes sense that they would discuss Jigsaw's games, and that doing so would bring them closer together. They have that in common, after all. It connects them. As does alcohol-induced honesty. :P
nicoleb chapter 1 . 6/5/2011
HOLY-CRAP! THIS WAS SO FREAKING AWESOME, FELLOW GODDESS! THANK YOU! OMG! *Spazzes.* XD I don't even know where to start! First off... AWWW! Adam and Mallick are so ALIKE! They both think Bobby is full of sh*t! And they both think Jigsaw is an idiot! Well, to be fair, I think everyone with two brain cells to rub together thinks that, but still. XD And when Adam tapped Mallick's shoulder and asked him if he wanted to ditch... AWWW! They're like a couple of little school kids! _ The idea of him and Mallick drinking together for hours is hot as hell, too. Hot guys are even hotter when they're groggy and out-of-it, and when they complain about how much Jigsaw sucks, that just ups the cuteness by, like, 50%! XD Jigsaw SHOULD pay for therapy. With America's lack of a health care system, Adam and Mallick have to pay for their own therapy, and that's not fair at all! It's not their fault Jigsaw targeted them because of penis-envy! And I laughed SO hard ("hard...") when Adam called Jigsaw "Factsaw." It almost made Jigsaw sound cute! XD And then Mallick pointed out that "Factsaw" sounds like "F*cksaw!" AW! But damn it, guys, that's OUR word! How dare you steal it from us? Oooh, you're so going to pay for this when we get you home! XD And AW! When Adam admitted he found Lawrence hot... AW! I don't know if Lawrence is meant to be alive or dead in this fic, but I'm glad you kept it ambiguous. It means Adam can still have sex with Mallick without being too much of a two-timer, AND we won't get too sad for Lawrence dying. Win-win. _ And it's so adorable how Adam and Mallick keep insisting that they're not gay, even when they start making out! I love the way they talk. "Dude... Totally." The title of this chapter is just so appropriate for that. XD And, of course, as it's implied at the end of the fic, Adam and Mallick aren't going to be able to let each other go after this! Once you've had sex that good, you can never ditch the guy, especially if you have such a special bond with him. _ So... AW! Thank you SO much for this, Stella! This is the best late-birthday present I could've asked for! Better than anything my damn family got for me. Although, to be fair, it'd be very creepy to read slashfics my family wrote. XD
Sammy07 chapter 1 . 6/5/2011
OMG! Another Adam/Mallick fic! This pairing's getting really popular now, isn't it? And rightfully so! It's HAWT! XD AW! Adam and Mallick, all drunk and cursing Jigsaw... I mean "F!cksaw." That's actually a really good name for him. XD I know it's your and nicoleb's special thing, but I think everyone should start using it. It suits him so well! _ Adam and Mallick are kidding themselves if they think they're not gay. Maybe when they sober up, they'll come to their senses. Denial is adorable, though. Especially DRUNK denial! AW! XD And of course you had to slip in a ChainShipping hint, too! Even AngryShipping fics need those, because, as awesome as Adam/Mallick is, Adam/Lawrence will always be the original hot Saw slash pairing! _ I wonder how many more times Adam and Mallick will have sex off-screen before they die of old age (or alcohol poisoning XD)? I'd say well-over a million. God, that's so hot... *Drifts.* XD
GodGudKami chapter 1 . 6/5/2011
LOL! As much as I love Bobby (he's hot XD), I have to say that I really enjoyed Adam and Mallick calling him out on his BS and leaving. I bet that didn't make a very good promotional DVD. And I LOVE the image of a drunk Adam and Mallick denying their gayness, then promptly screwing each other later. XD And their insulting of Jigsaw, or F*cksaw as they (rightly) call him, is awesome, too. That guy really was a fruitloop. XD God bless Hoffman for killing him. Or Jeff. Well, we'll give credit to Hoffman because he's hot. _ But damn it, Adam and Mallick are so stingy, not having sex outside the house! Maybe their neighbors WANT to watch them have sex! Hell, ANY sane person would want to watch those two have sex! XD I wonder how Lawrence felt about all this? If he's alive in this fic, of course. I know you left that unclear for a reason. I like to think that Lawrence came up as soon as the fic ended and joined Adam and Mallick in a really hot orgy, though. And he brought Hoffman and Bobby for good measure! XD Not that this fic wasn't perfect, of course. I'm just spoiled and want every hot guy in Saw together, so don't let that bother you. XD
Ready Or Notxx chapter 1 . 6/5/2011
I am so proud of the fact that I'm an AngerShipper AND an AngryShipper. Hey, if Adam, Evan, and Mallick ever decide to have a three-way, we could call it F*ckShipping, since that's their golden word and that's what they want to do to each other.

Oh, Christ... XD Can't stop laughing... Adam/Mallick is always a good time. They're idiots, but they're our idiots...

Hey, Stella-ness, you should totally write an Adam/Evan thingy. Ya know. It's a suggestion. Because you loooooove me. BECAUSE I'M SUCH AN AWESOME PERSON-ahem. Never mind...

By the way, if you're going to reply to this review, can you do it through text pweeeeaaase? My f*cking e-mail is messed up...
Mistress Of The Macabre chapter 1 . 5/30/2011
Another AngryShipping fic! -

Wow, that was awesome. And hot! Ah, so damn hot! XD

I love the term 'F*ckSaw', it seems so fitting for Jigsaw :D

Aha, I love the whole thing -
ScaryElwes chapter 1 . 5/29/2011
Ohh, I just know that I'm going to be chuckling all day in memory of this. Adam, my sweet, blubbering Adam... XD

This is amazing.