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Guest chapter 1 . 3/16/2014
Name: Diana Crosszeria .

Age : 10 years.

Race : Angel.

Specialty / Function: Member of the Straw Hats .

Reward: 10,000,000

Devil Fruit / Weapon / Attacks : It is very good at spying, search , tracking, tracking and tracing . Use a pendulum glass or mirror. You can make inanimate objects come to life. Good in cures.


* Explosive Snowman : Makes about stuffed animals (preferably soldiers appearance ) vallan to the enemies to cause an explosion .

* Mirror: With a circular mirror is able to see everything, no matter where you are or where the circumstances.

Nickname : The Angel Pirate - Dia ( Luffy ) .

Gender: Female .

Appearance : Diana is a girl of small stature and pale skin. Long white hair, red eyes crimson . Wearing a wedding Gotich Loli Style red and black color. Charging with a stuffed black cat which he calls honekoneko .

Personality : Diana is friendly , affectionate and quiet. Something mysterious , enigmatic and mischievous . She really cares about Luffy, and can tolerate all the follies of the team. Keeps most of the time a calm and serene character , treated with more respect Luffy , even when it acts impulsively , in fact , often laughs at that. Always supported the decisions of Luffy unconditionally.

Info: Diana was abandoned as a baby in the woods and was later found by Luffy . He grew the company only Luffy, but after Luffy out to be a pirate, Diana had to stay with Makino to take care of her . Few weeks later escapes to meet Luffy and his band.

Dream: Making Luffy is the Pirate King . Making the world's most powerful explosive.

Likes: Sweets . Explosive . Playing Poker.

Dislikes : That hurt Luffy . Blackbeard. Marine . The Nobles.

other :

* Know all the locations of the Ancient Weapons .

* Despite his young age, and the fact that she was raised by Luffy, has great knowledge in explosives and is very smart .

* Do not swim.

* Your name , Diana Crosszeria , was given by Luffy . Diana was the name of a dog while Crosszeria was the name of a character story .
Oxenstierna D. Yuki-Rin chapter 5 . 6/8/2011
Awww, it's Ace.

Name: Molly O'Flannigan

Age: 16

Race: Human

Specialty/ Position: First Mate of the Capricorn Pirates

Devil fruit/weapon/Attacks: Uses an Irish-styled sword

Gender: Female

Appearance: Has short, somewhat wavy, black, chin-length hair and blue eyes. For this appearance, she wears a black T-shirt with Scratchman Apoo's wanted poster on it, a black-and-white plaid miniskirt, and black-high-top sneakers.

Personality: Is usually quiet, but gets angry when Yuki-Rin is in danger.

History: Molly was born and raised to two, loving parents who owned a British/Irish-styled pub. When she was fourteen, her parents died when World Nobles set the family pub on fire (Molly was in town when it happened, so she escaped injury). After becoming an orphan, Molly was adopted into the Oxenstierna clan against her own will, and she met Yuki-Rin. The two became very close sisters in a short time. At age sixteen, the both of them ran away from home to become pirates.

Dream: To go back to her original home, which is the One Piece equivalent of Ireland.

Likes: Punk rock music, fish and chips, piracy, Yuki-Rin, and her old hometown.

Dislikes: World Nobles, pop music, and Big Margo (she almost killed her).

Others: Unlike Yuki-Rin, Molly has an Irish accent, due to the fact that she came from the OP equivalent of Ireland.
Macho-snowball chapter 5 . 6/5/2011
OMG! ITS ACE! nice chapter i found it very interesting
queenhellhound chapter 5 . 6/5/2011
Awhh! It's sweet how the spirit of Ace came to save them! *u*
Jac the Shadow chapter 3 . 6/4/2011
Well, Lucy's adventure has been going well! How many people can say 'I got eaten by a giant bird and lived'!
Macho-snowball chapter 3 . 6/4/2011
omg poor baby!
Oxenstierna D. Yuki-Rin chapter 3 . 6/4/2011
Kuina! Zoro defintely gave her the name in memory of the other Kuina!

Name: Kazuma Miyafuji

Age: 16

Race: Human

Specialty/ Position: Swordsman of the Capricorn Pirates

Devil fruit/weapon/Attacks: Uses a nodachi.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Has has short, blonde hair in dreadlocks and blue eyes. For this appearance, he wears a white, unbottoned, collared shirt and black swim trunks.

Personality: Manly and hot-blooded; In short, he acts like the sterotypical Shounen anime protagonist. It is also strongly implied that he is in love with Yuki-Rin.

History: Kazuma was born to a couple who owned a fighting dojo. When his mom ran out on the family at age four, Kazuma's dad was left to raise him. His dad taught him how to use swords, how to fight, and "a man's way of life". Shortly before he joined the Capricorn Pirates, Kazuma's house and the family dojo burned down, almost killing his father. After a week of trying to survive in the forest, Yuki-Rin found Kazuma and he joined the crew.

Dream: To become the World's Greatest Swordsman, to confess his love for Yuki-Rin after they find One Piece, and "to keep a man's dreams alive".

Likes: Japanese swords, Mihawk, Yuki-Rin, fighting, Japanese food, and a man's spirit

Dislikes: Anybody who harms the crew, Zoro, and anybody who disses a man's spirit
queenhellhound chapter 3 . 6/3/2011
Uhm, I just wanted to let you know that Chapter 3 is the same as Chapter 2.

I don't know if you noticed that or not.

If you didn't, of course, that's okay. xDD
rc 1121 chapter 1 . 6/1/2011
Ok, I have an OC for you, He is a Marine but I was wondering if he could join the crew.

Good luck with the fanfic.

Full Name: Specter Carambole

Aliases (or nicknames): Spam Shot, Mr. Dakka, Mr. Kamikaze(he is not proud of this one)

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Specialty/Position: Chief Petty Officer/ Gunnery( Cannons, Research and Artillery)

Race: Human

Devil Fruit/Weapon: I’ll add more weapons as the story goes on.

-Pop Grenades- Spherical grenades that are small, bright green and have a repeating hexagon pattern and a band circling the middle. The Grenades have a special fusion of powers and chemical’s, along with a weak casing, cause an explosion when they hit the ground with enough force. The grenades lack a fuse because of this.

-Pop Grenade Launcher- Essentially a crossbow that launches his grenades instead of arrows. To operate the weapon, one must first bull back the drawstring and lock it. They must then load a grenade into the ammo slot and pull the trigger to launch the grenade. Repeat over and over again to cause mayhem.

-A basic issue Marine pistol.

-Pop Cannons- A 12 foot long metal cannon weighing in at roughly a ton that operates on a spring mechanism similar to his crossbow that fire Pop Cannonballs at high speeds with good accuracy. The cannon has pictures of an beautiful explosion ripping apart the heavens. The cannon balls come in three flavors.

Green- Frag explosion

Red- Incendiary Explosion

Blue- Smoke/ Gas Cover Explosion

Physical Appearance: He is roughly 6 foot 7 and weighs roughly 230 pounds. His body frame is average with a strong physique and lanky arms and it is covered in burn marks and scars. His hair is midnight black but looks grey because of the soot covering it and is styled with five spikes pointing downward in his face and coming down to his ears in the back. His eye’s are brown and he has bushy eyebrows(the left one is almost singed off) and stubble.

Clothing: He wears a standardized Marine hat and jacket, but with the sleeves cut off. He wears a camo colored ammo jacket over the jacket which has many pockets that hold his grenades and has a picture of a lit bomb on the back. He wears a black belt that holds his crossbow and pistol and a pair of long white pants and sandals. He wears a pair of goggles over his head that he uses when he is dealing with a explosives.

History: Stephen was born to a family of artillery makers on a remote island. Stephen learned from both his father and grandfather the art of making explosives from cannonballs, to grenades to gunpowder. His mother thought he should go to school and focus on being a scholar, but Stephen was happy working for the family and making explosions. When he was roughly 10 years old, Stephen saw Marine battleships fire at pirates who were trying to raid his home. This event caused him to join the Marines to do two things, protect his family/Island and to create explosions.

When he was 20, Stephen was stationed as part of a garrison on Blue Tuna Island and worked as part RnD part Artillery user. He would always be locked in a workshop trying to create a bigger explosion that he would show of to his fellow friends. One day the island was attack by a group known as The Suns of Blackbeard(they mis-spelled it) who preceded to wipe out the entire garrison and the majority of the citizens with the exception of Steph who was working on his new grenades in solitude. When he came out of the work shop, he was quickly surrounded by the pirates who were ready to kill him when he brandished his new created Pop Grenades boasting that one would kill all of the pirates. But when he tossed a grenade, it didn’t explode and the pirates just inched forward and prepared to kill him when one of the pirates stomped on his grenade by accident causing it to explode.

The citizens flanderized the story to the point it seemed that Steph had tried to commit a kamikaze earning him his nick name when Steph barley survived thanks to his flak jacket. His superior thought it was a brilliant move and promoted him to First Class Seamen” for being willing to sacrifice your life for the greater good.” He felt guiltily for being so obsessed with explosions, he didn’t save his friends and comrades. He realized that he could use his work to help people. He eventually made a resolve to make a weapon so great, it would stop all conflict and give to a person so moral, he would use it fairly and wisely.

Over the next three years, Steph had created better weapons and grenades and earned the rank of Chief Petty Officer because of his advances. He eventually earned a transfer back to his home town and is the current the leader of a garrison there. Right now, the town is under attack by small leftover group of the Sons(now spelled correctly, dumbass’s) of Blackbeard.

Family: Papa Carambole- Loving father but hampered by living in a wheelchair due to old age catching up to him.

Nono Carambole- Somewhat senile, but manages to be wise when needed and is a former captain of the Marines

Mama Carambole- loves her son, but feels that what he is doing is to dangerous and should just stick to school.

Personality: Spam Shot is loud, crude and always quick to judge and is a huge slacker. He virtually shouts everything he says and disrespects authority of all types and only listens to people who are “strong, smart and badass enough” . He loves explosions of all types and so much, people think he is a homicidal maniac and he is so abrasive, most people hate him the first time he meets them. Despite these faults, Steph is very kind to the people he knows and goes through hell to help them. He is very kind to woman and children and despite his love for explosions, he wants to the world peaceful and when he does something, he does it with shocking efficiency when he wants to. He is always ready to make a sacrifice when needed, but he will complain every step of the way doing it.

Likes: Explosion, Teriyaki Steak, Fireworks, Sleeping, Peace, The Divine Comedies, Poker, Wheeling and Dealing, Low Odds(he likes to keep things interesting.)

Dislikes: Authority, Death, The Su(o)ns of Blackbeard and pirates in general, Sappy romance novels, Vegetables, Authority figures, Complete assholes

Goals (Or Dreams if you prefer): To create a weapon so powerful, it will end all conflict.

Other: (Anything else you can think to add such as catch phrases)

“This is gonna suck!”

“Dumb broads gonna kill me one of these days.”

“When do I get to blow something up?”

“Oh, Oh! This is the part where plan A goes to hell and we switch to plan B right? Because I got to be honest with ya captain, I liked plan B alot better then plan A.”

“Your going to lead us straight into hell aren’t ya captain? Well then, I’ll be right by your side every step of the way, but your still going first.”

Miyu Hinamori chapter 2 . 6/1/2011
Your english is kinda bad, but if it improves I would like to read it.
KuroYume chapter 2 . 5/31/2011
Character sheet

Name : Alice Kir

Age : 19

Race: Human

Specialty/ Position: Thief/Cook

Bounty: BLACK CAT Alice, starts off at 50,000,000 beries.

Devil fruit/weapon/Attacks: A frying pan she chucks at people, a few knives, and her bones. She has the Katsu Katsu no Mi, which restructures her bone into anything. Weapon, animal, etc. Thats how she came to be known as the BLACK CAT.

Gender: Female

Appearance: Short black hair, up to her chin. Her bangs are longer. She has eerie green cat-ish eyes, and a tan complexion. She is tall and lean, and wears loose shirts and shorts.

Personality: She is smug, sly, and confident. Alice is also lazy, and can be very sarcastic. Alice is NOT shy, and will speak her mind. If she doesn't like you, she'll say so, and proceed with listng your flaws. She respects people who fight for their dreams.

History: Alice was abandoned in the sea as a child. She floated a drift for a few days when she saw a ship, which she robbed of the gold and food. Alice hid until the next island, where she sold the gold for food and a bigger boat, and she fled. Ever since then, she never wasted money/food.

Dream: To steal everything the world has to offer.

Likes: Money. Cats. Money. Fruit. Money. Food. Money.

Dislikes: The cold, needles, marines, being disturbed.

Others: If you leave anything valuable behind without telling her the reason why not to take it, she will and will sell it. She absolutely hates loud noises, and is scared of thunder. Heat and poison doesn't affect her, but the cold does.
Hotspot the 626th chapter 2 . 5/31/2011
Yo! Cool opening. Short, but cool. Here's an OC if you need it.

Name: Drake

Age: 26

Position: He's the navigator in my story, but you can decide what position he has.

Appearance: He's 6'2'', has dark brown hair with a blonde patch of hair on the right side of his head. Skin color tan, eyes sky blue

Species: human

Skills: You can add on, but his main skills are Ryui Thai, Dragon Fighting, and ate the Draco Draco Fruit model: fire.

Dream: To find the Dragon's Nest at the end of the "World" and gain the title "Dragon-" by defeating a real dragon.

Personality: Causal, but can be serious when needed. He is very relaxing and often sees the brighter side of life. He often smiles and is very loyal and supportive to his crew. However, he does have a bit of an anger problem when provoked enough.

History: Born on Ryui Island in the South Blue, Drake heard tales of the dragons and the titled Dragons. Inspired by these stories, Drake trained to be the best Ryui Thai fighter on the island. At the age of 16, he was kidnapped by the Celestial Dragons and forced into slavery and fighting. During this time he was forced to eat the Draco Draco Fruit, thinking it was a different fruit (think of a comical fruit). Some years later he escaped, but drifted off into the East Blue and landed at Roguetown.


Regular: Scale Breaker- Opened palm strike said to be able to crush dragon scales.

Dragon Rush- Rams elbow into opponent at high speeds.

Dragon knee- jumps and rams knee into jaw.

Dragon might- simple punch

Dragon Feint- goes into a punch, but swings around into a kick.

Full/Half-Dragon/when using powers:

Pyro shot- shoots a small ball of flame at opponent.

Dragon Gale- uses his mighty wings to blow opponents, attacks, and ammunition fire is added it becomes Dragon's Hellstorm.

Dragon whip- use of tail as a whip somewhat.

Dragon Shield- defensive move that can take most hits.

Dragon Slash- use of claws

That's it for me! If you need any more info look me up! Ja Ne!
Macho-snowball chapter 2 . 5/31/2011
short but AWESOME!
Mikan22 chapter 1 . 5/31/2011
One Piece OC Daiki

Name(Last,First):Nakayama Daiki



Race: Human

Position: Archeologist

Devil Fruit: Energy Energy Fruit. It gives him control over kinetic energy, potential energy and thermal energy. Some attacks cannot be used often and he must rest before he can use them again. He moves faster then normal people due to his devil fruit (Not Gear Second fast just faster than average).

Other weapons: An O Wazamono katana named Hakurai and whatever is available at the moment.

Attacks: See below.

Devil Fruit-

Energy Blast: Daiki gathers thermal energy and releases is an explosion around him. This attack can be used as often as he likes.

Energy Spear: Daiki gathers thermal energy in his hand and releases it in the form of the tip of a spear. This attack can be used as often as he wants.

Energy Blade: Daiki surrounds his sword with energy. Any sword attacks used in this form has the word Energy added to the beginning of the attack name. Ex. Energy Hurricane Dance. The effect disappears when he sheathes his sword or 10 minutes pass. This attack can be used 3 times before resting and cannot be used twice in 15 minutes.

Energy Burst: Daiki makes a small ball of thermal energy and throws it. It explodes upon either contact or detonation. This attack can be used as often as he wants.

Speed Step: Daiki gathers kinetic energy and releases it giving him a huge burst of speed for 5 seconds. This attack can be used as often as he likes but he can't use the move twice within 3 minutes.

Time Step: Daiki uses kinetic energy to slow people down around him for 10 seconds while he moves at normal speed. This attack can only be used twice before resting and cannot be used twice in 30 minutes.

Sonic Step: It's basically Daiki's version of Gear Second and it lasts for 10 minutes. Can be used once before resting.

Hyper Step: Daiki uses a massive amount of kinetic energy to make himself extremely fast to the point where it's impossible to see him and he can run on air. This move lasts for 5 minutes and he passes out afterwards.


Hurricane Dance: Daiki weaves through fists/swords/bullets/etc. while slashing at anyone nearby.(Kinda like Zoro's Streaming Wolf Swords but Daiki is attacking while dodging.)

Twister Strike: Daiki spins in a circle slashing anyone standing next to him. Useful for deflecting multiple swords or bullets.

Hail Storm: While falling, Daiki slashes downward multiple times while cutting the air sending cutting waves downward and hitting anyone below him.

Cyclone Dash: Daiki quickly runs past the enemy and slashes anyone in front of him while appearing on the other side.

Physical Appearance: Shaggy black hair and brown eyes.

Family: His sister Hikari.

History: Daiki and his sister Hikari were orphaned when his parents were killed by corrupt marines who stated that, "It was in the name of Justice." when he was 12 and Hikari was 9. He ran from the Marines and stole their ship in order to get away. Upon the ship he found a Devil Fruit which he ate in order to protect his sister from any danger. When they are attacked by pirates, they take one of the lifeboats and abandon ship. They arrive at Orange Town and live there. When Daiki was 20 and Hikari was 17 she left to go join the marines.

Personality: Usually laid-back and fun loving.

Likes: Fresh air, naps.

Dislikes: Most marines and people who treat others like they're trash.

Goals/Dreams: To find the origin of the Devil Fruits.

One Piece OC Hikari

Name(Last,First): Nakayama Hikari

Age: 21

Race: Human

Position/Rank: Navigator (Used to be a Lieutenant Commander)

Devil Fruit: Snow Snow Fruit, Paramecia. It allows her to create ice but it has to come from her body(Aokoji's ice comes from thin air).

Other weapons: Soru, Geppo


Devil Fruit-

Snow Weapon: Hikari creates a weapon out of ice. She can make pretty much any weapon she wants. She can make throwing weapons too.

Snow Clone: Hikari makes a clone out of ice. She can make a maximum of 3 clones. These clones can be controlled by her and are able to move. They are broken easily however and she can't make these often.

Snow Sculpture: Hikari makes a clone out of ice. These clones are stationary.

Snow Freeze: Hikari grabs onto a person and covers them in ice (Aokoji completely freezes the person, Hikari puts them in ice.)

Physical Appearance: Long black hair in a ponytail. Brown eyes

Family:Her older brother Daiki

History: Hikari and her older brother Daiki were orphaned when her parents were killed by corrupt marines who stated that, "It was in the name of Justice." when she was 9 and Daiki was 12. They ran from the Marines and stole their ship in order to get away. Upon the ship Daiki found a Devil Fruit which he ate in order to protect Hikari from any danger. When they are attacked by pirates, they take one of the lifeboats and abandoned the ship. They arrived at Orange Town and lived there. When she turned 17 she left to go join the marines. When she was 19 she found a Devil Fruit on one of her missions and ate it. When she was 20 she left the marines and stayed with her brother Daiki.

Personality: She hates being restricted and prefers open spaces where she can be free but she follows orders when needed.

Likes: Reading, music.

Dislikes: Corrupt marines, being confined.

Goals: To take down any corrupt marines she comes across.
Jac the Shadow chapter 2 . 5/31/2011
Nice opening! I think I'll like this story! I hope you'll consider my OC.

Name : Zen Hanma

Age : 19

Race: Human

Specialty/ Position: Guard of the ship

Bounty: 20,000,000

Devil fruit/weapon: No Devil Fruit, but he does have superhuman arm strength. His hammer is a large sludge hammer with a red handle and a black hammer part with green lines going around it. It also has a Heat Dial in it, which is activated for five minutes when he twists the handle.

Attacks: Thor's Strike-He jumps into the air and slams his hammer on enemy's heads.

Ground Shaker: He hits the ground with his hammer, causing a small tremor that knocks enemies off balance.

Hammer Shot: He throws his hammer like a projectile.

Scorn of the Gods: Very powerful attack that's similar to Thor's Strike, but he uses both hands during the descend and can create a crater.

Hammer Punch: When he doesn't have his hammer, he basically punches someone with almost the same force.

Thunder Bolts: He smashes the ground with enough force to send three shock waves through the ground to hit enemies.

Mallet Twist: He activates his hammer's heat dial. But can only use it for five minutes because it burns his hands.

Fire Balls: He hits the ground and causes flaming rocks to fly at enemies.

Flaming Mallet Throw: Same as Hammer Shot, just with heat dial.

Scorch of the Gods: Same as Scorn, only with heat dial and creates a ring of fire.

Nickname :

Gender: Male

Appearance: Is a big guy (fa, but don't tell him that) who's about 6'0, has a dark tan, black spiky hair, green eyes, and has bandages on his hands and feet. Wears a red open jacket with a dark blue shirt on it with his personal Jolly Rodger: a skull with two hammers instead of bones, and brown pants.

Personality: Surprisingly, very cheerful and upbeat. He has a sunny look on life and is quick to try and make friends. But when he's angry (someone fighting someone weaker just for the fun of it or being insulted about his weight) he goes berserk.

History: Zen was born on a pirate ship with his mother being the captain. When he was eight, his mom was captured by the marines ans executed. Being only a child, he was forced into the Marine Cor, but he ran away at age 12. He traveled the world with his mom's signature weapon: a mallet.

Dream: To travel the Grand Line like his mother.

Likes: His hammer, smashing stuff, destruction

Dislikes: People insulting his mother, being called fat, Giants

Others: Is gullible. Laughs like 'keh he he he he he he'
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