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Guest chapter 1 . 14h
This is fucking garbage. What kind of lazy trash is this? Write a fucking story if you want to post something, not this pile of nothing.

I'm not surprised you're a female. Your profile page is full of tumblr-esque bullshit. You must truly be an idiot.
hervissa chapter 101 . 7/26
This was an interesting change from the usual Hogwarts-Chat-Window chapter style, but I like it all the same. Minerva is a force of nature when something adds the proverbial last drop to the bottle of anger inside...
And Scrimgeour got what he should had seen coming.
Lovely, lovely, lovely.
(A bit of Severus would be nice, but he's probably too busy arguing with Trixie and discussing shampoos with Lucius.. :))

Keep writing!
And don't worry, we don't mind waiting. It only means that the final product of your brilliant mind won't only be spectacular, but also properly thought-out.

Have a glorious week!

~hervisssa :)
Morgan Lovegood chapter 101 . 7/24
RhodaBush chapter 101 . 7/22
More please
NaraTemariS2 chapter 101 . 7/22
McGonagall is the best character ever and I LOVE the way you write her XD huahauhau
Looking forward for more!
JenMorgan27 chapter 101 . 7/21
Yay! I love your updates! McGonagall is such a boss. :)
star-eye chapter 101 . 7/21
More than worth the wait. McGonagall is a queen for saying all of that! I'm surprised she didn't have more to say!
boekenworm chapter 101 . 7/21
Hello Alittleinsane963,

Glad to have you back, or rather an working computer.

The chapter is nice, and it got me thinking. how does McGonagall going to deal with Dumbledore looking for more memories/horcruxces? If he being gone for 2 days is already so much trouble. Hopes it settles down there a bit soon enough, that we can she the teachers dairies again.

Oh by the way, good job with that confrontation with Rufus Scrimgour. Looking forward to see more of your story soon enough

With Kind Regards
a boekenworm
yellow 14 chapter 101 . 7/21
At least you pulled out of your dive. My sympathies about your computer. They can be real *censored* Nice chapter, keep updating
onimiyuu chapter 101 . 7/20
Ohh, you update the story 3... thank you! I'm not really looking forward about Dumbledore's death/Snape fate :'(, knowing what happened in the books through Harry's point of view... but you update! That's make my day happier ;)...
Idril of Gondolin chapter 101 . 7/20
You know every time you update I do a little happy dance, while simultaneously feeling dread at the thought that we're getting closer and closer to Snape killing Dumbledore and I really don't want to see Minerva and the others hating him and thinking he's a traitor... And then he'll come back to a school that hates him... ARGH! Fuck, Albus just tell Minerva about everything, please? Poor Severus, all alone, I don't even want to imagine it.

So take your time getting to that point. But also hurry up. I love this story. God, I can't do this.
katiek121 chapter 101 . 7/20
Great chapter! I'm sorry to hear about your computer, I had a computer crash for me as well a few years ago.
EmptySurface chapter 101 . 7/20
I love this chapter! It shows us a whole new side to the sixth book! And it also shows all the different difficulties the Order is facing... I feel bad for them. :/ (And Remus is panicking about Tonks! XD)

This is incredibly well written! You're amazing~

And I'm so sorry to hear about your computer! That always SUCKS when it happens. :( Have lots of hugs and hot cocoa. It'll make you feel better. Thank you for the chapter and the effort you put into writing it again. :)
purpleradiance chapter 98 . 7/20
the plot thickens!
KingdomHeartsNerd chapter 101 . 7/20
I shall be blunt.
Now please!
Loved it!
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