Reviews for The Professors' Point of View
Enigmaticrose4 chapter 1 . 11h
LOL, this is awesome!
13Sarah94 chapter 97 . 11/24
That awkward moment when you read a 97 chapter story in about a much for homework! Love the story; and hope you can update soon!
Amarenima Redwood chapter 97 . 11/22
Yes! Update soon! Brilliant chapter!
Amarenima Redwood chapter 90 . 11/22
I loved the smiling comment!
Becklii chapter 97 . 11/21
Very happy with the Snape part. Brilliant and Witty as always can't wait for the next instalment
toothiana123 chapter 2 . 11/18
Hahaha hah - can't - hahahah- stop- laughing! Hahahahha!
You, my friend, are a genius.
See you on the other side-TA
Mell0n chapter 97 . 11/17
Yay... Minerva-related angst!
I kinda feel bad about liking it. Also, yes! Yes! You mentioned her brothers! They never get a mention.
Good Lord, I hate Snape.
Oh well, that was gripping.
It's funny - in another tab I have open a headcanon about hufflepuffs with anger management problems. I rather think that applies to Pomona.
Xanoka chapter 97 . 11/17
Oh my goodness, exciting chapter! So happy you updated. Can't wait to read more!
hervissa chapter 97 . 11/14
Are we happy?

Snape Snape Snape-y Snape.

Not an easy life, that one.

Brilliant as always - and bonus points for Sprout and Flitwick :3

Keep writing, please! :)

~hervissa :)
bubblecloudz chapter 97 . 11/14
For God sake, Potter. Stop being a teen.

As usual, a late update is fab! Brilliant chapter, it made me like Snape just a little more than I usually do.
hervissa chapter 96 . 11/14
Marchbanks, you are my hero.
Dolores, you deserve an hour with Bellatrix.
Make it two.
And Minerva, you are the badassest of all badasses.

...this is actually more fun than reading the books :D

~hervissa :)
hervissa chapter 95 . 11/14
Finally I have the time to read-and-review.
And oh, what a splendid chapter this was! What a ride!
Minerva's got my vote no matter what position she's running for :3

Umbridge is cutting the branch under herself...and we all know how it ends.

Stay strong, Hogwarts.
Stay strong.

~hervisssa :)
katiek121 chapter 97 . 11/13
Brilliant chapter!
star-eye chapter 97 . 11/13
Excellent new chapter, I'm so glad that you updated although truthfully I'm dreading what's coming next. Not your fault, I just hate what happens to Sirius! I can't wait to read how you portray the teachers' reactions!
Nutmeg Loves Books chapter 97 . 11/13
Nice way of making it fit with the book! It will be interesting to see what you do with the teacher's perspective's of Harry's grief. Poor Harry! I can't wait for McGonagal to get back though. Four words: Peeves chasing out Umbridge. Give JK Rowling a prize for that one! Please update faster this time, but really I'll take it whenever! Keep writing! :)
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