Reviews for Starpower!
Squall.Is.The.Best chapter 2 . 6/3/2011
Wonder how will things turn out for Aertih?

And Zack getting drunk is just too cute for words!

Kepp up the good work and update soon!
aichioluv chapter 2 . 6/3/2011
oh dear, extreme review :P don't take my words like the gospel k? remember it's your story :P the interaction between zack and aerith remained as good as the previous chapter, i like :)

also, it's nice to point out that your story isn't full of dialogue. i mean, it IS full of dialogue but you did add in many actions in between so that it is easier to imagine a scene unfolding. that's something i need to learn from you too.

oh yeah, i was wondering if your story is AU? also, i love reno, so you can keep him in your story as long as you like :P

keep going and i laughed at McMoogles too :3
Squall.Is.The.Best chapter 1 . 5/29/2011
This is just so darn CUTE!

Update soon, ya? Can't wait for the next chap! DDD
aichioluv chapter 1 . 5/29/2011
why is it that all my favourite stories barely have reviews :(

i like your egg and movie date scene. i don't know... i think everyone around are on a 'they can never be together' or a 'fluffiness overload' streak. this is one of my favourite zXa scenes now. i like how innocent and simple this scene was. no excessive excessive fluff and the interaction between zack and aerith was realistic. ALTHOUGH aerith calling zack 'zacky' didn't sit well with me (i can totally imagine zack calling aerith 'bunny' though :P)

i prefer the street performance scene over the egg and movie date to be honest. i... i guess it's because i'm a reno fangirl. XD it's really sweet that aeris recognised the impostor :P the line 'For the love of Shiva, I'm against the light post…' just made me warm and fuzzy inside. your words are very yummy too, i laughed at the image of reno's hair being a startled porcupine :)

but anyway, it's not hard to recognise that it's reno and not zack... if the scene were to be played out. reno is far too lanky (perhaps shorter) for zack. zack really has a nice looking body :) ... okay, fangirl mode is kicking in, i better go before i freak others out :P

sorry for the long review, but i think you deserve to know at least half of why i like this story :) i'm suscribing cos it seems that it's not complete?