Reviews for Colors
YordleBro chapter 1 . 9/10/2016
Bit of a late review here, obviously, but this is very well done, I appreciate how well you took each characters own personality and kept it feeling canon, but with some lighter changes for interest, and made it work as a pretty original/outstanding piece.
ribby77 chapter 1 . 1/11/2013
Running Commentary:

The description of light in the opening paragraph was BRILLIANT! Truly wonderful stuff.

The line after it: "Mewtwo noticed the pleasant amount of light with a slight smile" seemed a little bit clunkier, not up to par with the beginning.

Hmm, these legendary pokemon seem a lot more casual than they are normally portrayed, I liked the idea of Mewtwo levitating the cup.

ooh, and then it got kinda cool! Are these legendary pokemon secret agents or something?

Oh wow! And then it gets really, really interesting. Before I didn't understand what the "tan" bit was about, I thought you were saying he had a tan, but the whole colours thing is awesome! A really great and original idea.

So Lucario can see auras, and Metwo can enter minds. The way you showed the difference in their powers was excellent. So these two are working together to do what I wonder? Better carry on :)

aw that's really nice! It's quite heartwarming really, to see these two legendaries just getting a kick out of looking at people's emotions. I also liked the interaction between Mewtwo and Lucario.

The way they showed their love for eachother, whilst talking about their emotions was soooo nice!

Overall a truly fab first chapter, brilliant ideas and superb execution. It was an odd decision to centre everything but it didn't bug me as much as I assumed it would at first.
Souldin chapter 1 . 10/9/2011
Now for the last of your non-SSB fanfics to review, 'Colours (again, I refuse to say colour without a 'u')', which I will comment when the pain from my eyes cease. Said pain is likely a result of seeing the joy and wonder of this high spirited and brilliantly written story or the struggle I had in reading the centre structured writing.

I will go from that last point to do my cons of this fanfic first; change the writing format, reading long centre placed lines is hard on my eyes and doesn't make any significant contribution to the fanfic. Such a thing works brilliantly for poems or quotes, not so much for changing lines of dialogue and detail. It's also hard to critique as changes from dialogue to detail or the reverse (the reverse being a particular annoyance as I can't tell whether the line should carry onto the line of dialogue un-interrupted by a full stop or not) making it harder to spot the end of one moment to the next. My only other critique is that I'm left with too many questions regarding Mewtwo and Lucario's prior relationship or at least their relationship in the beginning. I can sum it up as "where are they, why are they there, and why are they reading peoples thoughts (is that a job of theirs or simple enjoyment)?"

Your previous fanfic I did not enjoy so much; this one I adore as it is adorable. It's (no pun intended) colourful and vibrant, both the protagonists are fleshed out in amazing detail in a short space of time, their relationship feels as if its developed because, even though you've only written a small amount, you thoroughly explore their relationship as it's changing in this fanfic. Details are wonderful and your English skills were stupendous. In the course of its development nothing dramatic happens and yet the blossoming of romance makes me grin greatly. I also loved the use/exploration/concept of colours and how they were utilised to full effect within this fanfic.

Colours (the British in me refuses to type it any other way) is short and eventless, yet it's colourful, cheerful, and creative, with smashing writing, in technique, characterisation, and development of relationships. Fantastic job, keep up the amazing work!
Araceli L chapter 1 . 5/30/2011
Ha, I had to go all the way back to sign out so I could remember to add what I forgot, so if you randomly get like five hits but one visitor it was me.

Anyway! I TOTALLY forgot to request! And...dang...what else was I gonna say...oh yea. So you're not going to work with other characters if you already have? I think you should. I get you want to cover everybody which I think is great (and I should probably follow your example:/ ) but you should do a few more, mostly because I'm going to be spamming this thing with requests. C'mon, you've read my stories, how did you not see this coming? :P ;)

So I call for a one-shot of IkexSamus! I can't resist my favorite couple in the Smash universe, and I know you want to do WolfxSamus (VERY interesting. Just don't treat us to beastiality. I'd probably have to stop reading) but can you please do both?:D Gratzi!

And as far as becoming a legend goes, I think we all want to be, including (and especially) me. But I think you're well on your way, MoD.

~Araceli L
Mystical chapter 1 . 5/30/2011
Okay, how should I start this?

First of all, I was quite interested how you worked with a MewtwoXLucario fic, because there aren't too many of them existing. Also, the way you put in the colours and related them to certain feelings, such as red meaning anger, was a very good interpretation. Lucario can use aura (in the movie 'Lucario and the Mystery of Mew' it was blue). You used this to a great advantage in this, and since Mewtwo can also look into people's minds (he IS a psychic after all), this was a really good combination of characters, all for the right reasons. For that, I salute you. Good luck with the next fic.
Araceli L chapter 1 . 5/29/2011
omg this is so great!

please. you knew that was coming.

So, got a heck of a lota announcements, but its nice to keep us caught up. i just have to try to remember that FF isnt my Facebook :P

You live(d) in Portland? that sounds beautiful. Id love to be anywhere away from my boring state, but i must admit the sunset is breathtaking right now.

This was a fabulous one-shot, very very cute in a very sophisticated way. overall it showed me the different types of love. There's passionate and romantic or sweet and bonding on an almost profound/incomparable level. And I think the way you showcased it was brilliant.

You flatter me so much! seriously, i think youre the one blowing up my head on this site. (not that i mind.;) I cant wait for the contest! ooohh, a new oneshot! im excited to read it.

Sorry for this terribly grammared/worded review. Im on my phone walking barefoot to my friends house. Keep It Up!

~Araceli L